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  1. wiganath10

    wiganath10 New Member

    I'm looking to start a new business. I don't have much money, so I need to start small. I don't know where to start though. Can anybody help me?
  2. Final

    Final New Member

    No offence, but i have doubt that someone is going to give away their great business idea :( one of the most rewarding parts of building a good business is the fact that you conceived it all.
  3. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    If you already have an idea for a business and need to start small, decide what are the things you need to get in place first and start working towards those one at a time.

    I ran an independent massage service for awhile, but worked for spas for a year or so first before branching out on my own full-time. To do that I needed a massage table and chair, linens, lotions, oils, business cards, a website, and working at the spa gave me an opportunity to refine my sessions and test things that worked for repeat clientele. All of this came overtime so that when I was ready to work for myself and only private clients I could sustain myself.
  4. justcrafttalk

    justcrafttalk New Member

    Start with something you really like to do.
    Get a few small business magazines or check online for some ideas.
  5. Rube

    Rube New Member

    It depends on what type of business you want to run. If you want to run an e-commerce business you will need to pay for website hosting and an online payment service, but you could start your own affiliate marketing business just with a blog.

    There are some good affiliate networks and programs that will supply you with banners, links and marketing material for you to promote their products. Then they will pay you commission for the sales that you generate.
  6. Parkergolf

    Parkergolf Member

    Think about random ideas in the shower or in bed. Thats how I came up with my idea. Check it out :
  7. Martin B

    Martin B New Member

    Starting a small home business doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Just use what skills and resources you have to fill a need.

    It can be as simple as providing a home cleaning or auto detailing service. The only resources you would need for that are some cleaning supplies and a few bucks to have business cards printed out. If you are an artistic type, you could always sell your creations at craft shows or online through eBay or Etsy. If you are good with troubleshooting computers, sell your services as a repair technician.

    These are just a few examples. It's easy to find more with a simple web search, and there is no shortage of online resources to help get that business started.
  8. Lilley1

    Lilley1 New Member

    Start sorting things out by asking yourself questions. Do you want an online only business? Would you rather have a company that services others, ex) car detailing, lawn maintenance? Are your hours flexible? Locksmiths can run out of your home and have emergency calls. Do you have an interest in a certain area? What are you really good at? I am the opposite of you. I have a lot of really good ideas but I cannot generate them into a business. We are all good at something.
  9. Sampy

    Sampy New Member

    Thinking about running your own business? In that case, careful planning is the key. It is even more important than startup funding, which is only meant to assist you implementing your ideas into life. Make sure you've learned everything you can about the chosen niche, find out about possible pitfalls, and make up a thorough business plan.
  10. Tiemi

    Tiemi New Member

    Start thinking of something you really like, because it will take much of your day and if you work just for money will soon get bored and will not have a good result. Some sectors are good and easy to work with if you like these branches, for example: good food, snacks, products and / or automotive services, services for homes or business (gardening, cleaning, etc.)., Product sales by internet, finally you have many alternatives, will depend on the capital that you have and skills. And the good will, of course!
  11. Raouls

    Raouls New Member

    It depends on what you want... You can start with PTC sites like neobux, but if you don't invest, you will earn less money...
    I suggest you to make a website and write good articles, and put on the site Googe Adsense (to earn money).
    Metters a lot to write on site about you know. The site must be something inovative to gain good traffic.
  12. Tessa

    Tessa New Member

    Make sure you really know what running a business involves. I have been looking into it and decided it is not for me, too many legalities.
  13. Kate Richards

    Kate Richards New Member

    If you know about biological farming, or have any interest in it, I can assure you it has the potential to be one of the most profitable businesses in the next couple of decades.
    I'm starting a hemp production business, and so far I like my chances.

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