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Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by Cyclonewriter, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Cyclonewriter

    Cyclonewriter New Member

    I've just purchased my first domain name and am working on some background stuff to get my blog setup. Although excited about this new venture, I am concerned about ways to get activity to my blog. I have a good friend that has a very successful blog and they have told me they will guide me step by step. One thing they have suggested is to make sure the content I write is not simply fluff and instead is filled with real information. They also said eventually I should find some 'guest' writers in order to change things up from time to time.

    Do you have other suggestions for being a successful blog writer?
  2. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    I have been blogging since 2015. I have four domains, I have really made much money. You really need to make sure you are writing good quality content. If you want to make money you need to drive a lot of high-quality traffic to your blogs. I think if you keep at it and don't give up you'll make out fine blogging.
  3. Danabby

    Danabby New Member

    I’m new to this life also, and I’ve been doing some research. It turns out, not only you need high quality content, but also strategies like doing round-up posts, for which you have to contact other influencing people and write about what they do, that way, when you post and let them know it’s out, they can share it. Also backlinks are important for your SEO, but that is still on my to-do list in researching this topic. Good luck to us!
  4. Edward Costa

    Edward Costa New Member

    Congratulations on starting!

    I know you're worried about getting traffic, that is what it's all about after all. But I would suggest that for now, you not worry about traffic and instead focus on your content. As your friend said, it's all about quality content. If you have quality content, your blog will hit and it will be a success.

    The problem with focusing on traffic too soon is that you only have 1 chance to make a first impression. If your first impression doesn't stand out in a good way, it's unlikely that they will come back. If you do make a good first impression, those that do stop by will not only return, they will share your content with their circle of friends and you will grow naturally. Great content equals great traffic.

    At least that's the way I think of it, but I don't have a successful blog so be sure to listen to your friend.
  5. ek27

    ek27 New Member

    I have planned on blogging since 2015 but I have not really started it since last week. I've written my first content but have not publish it yet. Also, I am still in the process of learning the ways and how things work in blogging such buying a domain, good content writing and the likes.

    My first content is a niche type and I find it easier to write and at the same time, learn more about the topic I choose. I know I still have to go a long process to monetize on it but I would like to pursue. I hope to have a lot of readers one day.

    I would love to read successful stories about blogging in this forum especially those who will give tips on effective blogging.
  6. ralphesan

    ralphesan New Member

    It can be very rewarding to write own blogs but it also requires dedication and patience.
  7. EthuGamer

    EthuGamer New Member

    I have just replied in another forum post "HOW TO EARN MONEY BLOGGING" about a part of my journey with blogging. You can take a quick look at that post for some more information.

    For your concerns, I would say start off with the below:

    • Focus on your audience first, then crafting your content to that needs. This will make sure your content has high quality and stick with the readers.

    • You don't need to be technical savvy to become a good blogger, but knowing or learning technical stuff like uploading files to your host, integrating google analytic, or sometimes modify a .css file or two is a welcome addition to your skillset.

    • With that said, knowing about SEO, basic backlink strategic, is a good way to start increasing the traffic to your blog.

    • Keep your expectation in check. If you want to make money blogging, remember that you may have a chance of not earning a penny in the first year or two. However, you can use that time to understand all the stuff that can help you monetize and come up with a strategy on that.

    • It takes time, much more than you can imagine. Unless you are already a professor or an expert in an area, to come up with a decent original ~3k words post, you need to spend hours researching, practicing on that particular field, either be a movie, book, fitness...In the end, good content is your best bet to growing traffic and attracts new audiences.

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