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Discussion in 'Television' started by edcel, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. edcel

    edcel Member

    Cartoon always cartoon is may favorite even i am to old
  2. VanessaIsabelle

    VanessaIsabelle New Member

    Watching cartoon was my favorite when I was a child. It never failed to amaze me and makes me happy. Cartoon is one of my favorite feel good type of movie. Even until now that I am an adult, I still watch cartoon.

    Graphics in cartoon is very interesting which tends viewers to take a look at it much longer. It is much easy to convey and persuade an idea through it. If you want to teach kid a lesson, try letting him or her watch an education cartoon, it wont fail you.

    However, as an adult, I would prefer news over cartoon. Maybe for an advertisement, a political cartoon or comic journalism will do for me from time to time but on a daily basis, I'd rather have the news as my source of information as to what is happening in my country and the whole world as well. For me, news is much broader and informative with a huge scope of facts and details. I don't need much graphics for daily news be it on newspaper, television or cellphone.
  3. Plantgal

    Plantgal New Member

    I usually have the news on my television all day long and cartoons when I babysit my grandchildren. The news keeps me updated on what's going on in the world and the cartoons help me to escape the world.
  4. dannycash

    dannycash New Member

    Ich schau heute noch Cartoons und Nachrichten sowieso!
  5. imjlord

    imjlord New Member

    Cartoon of course!

    If I have more time to spend then I preferably watching cartoons.
    I'm 20 but still a fan of cartoons, especially anime.

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