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    I am one of those types of people who are unable to watch anything scary.
    This includes commercials, movies, trailers; i just cant do it.
    Even though I try and shield myself from anything that I consider scary, I still tend to have terrifying nightmares from time to time. My over active imagination takes a mind of its own, whenever it wants.
    Many of my friends and family believe that I should write them down and turn them into a book, however, rereading them repeatedly does not sound like a good time.

    One of my most vivid nightmares that I had many years ago, still stays fresh in my mind:

    I am watching this scene play out in my dream, looking down at the landscape below; it is night time.
    Unaware of the time, it looks like a large field with really tall grass. I can see flashlights in the grass, there is a woman and a man searching for something. No, they are lost. As I watch them try and find their way through the tall grass that goes well above their heads, I see another flashlight, this time it is moving towards them.
    My view goes in a little closer and I can hear the stranger scream out to the couple asking if they are okay.
    They tell the man that they are lost, and I feel my heart drop into my stomach as I watch this couple go with the man. It fades out.
    I am back in the original viewing point as I started in the dream. Watching another couple and their dog try to find their way through this grassy field. Again the man approaches, asking them if they are okay; and again, this couple also tells them that they are lost. He asks the couple to come with him and he will help them. At this point I know something is wrong and I begin to scream. I scream louder and louder, as loud as I can to "Stop" and not go with him, but they an not hear me.
    I find myself in a log cabin and again I am viewing from above what looks to be around the ceiling of the cabin.
    The cabin is dark with nothing but a fire going in the old stove. I do not see the couple or the dog, however the man appears to be standing at a wooden table or counter. He is chopping up meat and the blood is dripping from the sides. Some thing on the ceiling catches my eye. It appear to be a sack of some sort.
    I move in to take a look and it is a bag made out of human skin. It is turned inside out, I can see the blue veins that would under the skin covering the outside of the bag. It begins to move, I watch it, frozen with fear. I watch, until all of a sudden right by my face a woman head pops out, her face is pail and her long sweaty and black. She stares directly into my eyes for a quick moment and lets out the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard.
    That is when I woke up.

    If anyone knows with that means, let me know.
    It would also be interesting to know, if you have a particular dream or nightmare that you just cant shake.

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