No phone for 3 days

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by lucrezacasa, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. lucrezacasa

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    I've made this experiment recently and I can tell you that only when you actually try it you understand how dependent you are to it.
  2. donald78

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    Why not! In fact, I ignored my phone of not using it for 3 months. It's very difficult but I have to do it. Even my boss is confused about why I am not using it. He hardly can't contact me anytime, and he keeps on telling me that I have to use it. But, honestly the truth about why I didn't use it? I felt the frustration of my life at that time. I was broken-hearted and I felt the guilt of having a communication with a woman. I decided not to use it so that she will stop contacting me. And, that's the only reason I will forget her immediately. After moving on and keeping that strategy for 3 months, then I'm back for my business of using my mobile phone again. It's weird, right? But, I did it!
  3. Rexway4

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    I have tried it for a day and I feel very re-leif from the stress of looking at my cell phone screen for 30days in a month,
    thou if you are a business type you won't be able to go for a day without your cell phone what you need to ask your self is will my customer and client need my service or attention today?
    This question need to come in to your memory before making such decission to abandon your mobile phone for a day .

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