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  1. Imcorbo95

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    It may sound ancient like pyramids of Egypt but Nokia phone was famous and one of the best phone in early 2000's. You might had this phone or your mom but clearly this phone was top of the line and everywhere you go someone has this phone.

    Do you have a nokie phone before?
  2. nikolasombor

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    My first phone was a Nokia. That phone is still running after 10 years, I mean that is simply brilliant. The bad thing is Nokia moved to an unpopular operating system and it was the companies downfall. That is such a shame and they are trying to move back into the game with the adoption of the Android operating system. But it is going to take a lot of time to go head to head with the giants like Apple and Samsung.
  3. Shaun55

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    I have no problem with buying a Nokia phone, only if its on the Android operating system then I would definitely buy one. I saw a few Nokia phones in a advertisement the other day and they look quite decent and very well priced too. Like I said it would have to be on a Android operating system. Nokia has always been associated with quality but they have dropped out market since smartphones have arrived.
  4. iamalwaysthankful

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    Nokia, the strongest phone ever. Drop it, break it, it won't break!
    I have enjoyed my first Nokia phone a lot and always remind me of a much simpler (or boring?) life before the smartphones. Nokia phones are basic. You may use it to call and text and play some classic games. Some later versions had photo and video taking capabilities already.
    How I miss my Nokia phone. It still is here with me but no longer works. :)
  5. jmb1531

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  6. markdelamen

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    You're right! Nokia have been popular for decades back then. Recently, I purchased the new 3310 which and really some of the feature have been modified. Nokia has been outsource by today's Android Phone and iOS. Thinking of this, Nokia did not compete nor did not follow the trend and basically stick on their platforms - which it did not help them to gain more customers. Now a days, Nokia is doing it's best to get back on track, as they released a Nokia Android Phone. Hope they can get back on the race of today's technology.
  7. jovenclar007

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    Nokia is one of the best phone in the market before and until today. I'm one of Nokia's phone user since year 2002 until today. I already have Android phone of other brand but I'm still using the non Android Nokia phone as backup phone. I really like the battery performance, designs and the simple interface used. Even though some of their units are using Android OS but you can still see the quality materials and good designs. Hoping Nokia will release more new Smart Phones on both Android and Windows Operating System.
  8. Little Ace

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    The Nokia brand is one of the biggest names in the phone industry back then. Despite the big fall that it took recently during the emergence of Apple and Android, the new Nokia brand headed by HMD Global is now making a bounce back in the phone industry.

    Nokia was one of my first phone and it was rock solid. Nokia is a phone that is built to last and they have proved it in the market for years. Its appearance again in the market with the android powering it is a good opportunity again to prove that they still have a place in the industry.

    I would be willing to buy a new Nokia phone because I have faith that they will produce good quality phones for the upcoming years to come. I do hope that this brand will make a successful bounce back in the industry.

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