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Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by mikeytrge88, May 18, 2018.

  1. mikeytrge88

    mikeytrge88 New Member

    I personally think nonfiction writing is the best. Many of my days do I spend indulging myself in a nonfiction book which gives me the insight or viewpoint of something new. Every nonfiction book you read gives more empowerment. The more you know the more you can do and accomplish. Plus the smarter you will get. Whether it is from some ones Biography or A Science textbook. You can learn just about anything from nonfiction.
    I mean don't get me wrong fiction is okay too, just once in awhile for some fun. But nonfiction is the king. But that is only according to me. People probably wouldn't be able to function without nonfiction because it contains such knowledge. Their wouldn't even be school books or class without nonfiction.
    So what do you think which is better, truthful fact or just lazy in paradise that might be true or not true of a real place?
  2. mw238

    mw238 New Member

    I don't think one is better than the other, but I do believe your nonfiction-to-fiction ratio should be pretty high. That is to say, read mostly nonfiction and occasionally pick up a novel. Nonfiction is more likely to help you practically, while fiction may help you gain insight.

    To say one is best really diminishes the value both have. Sometimes they complement each other. Fiction books often contain elements of nonfiction. Reading a fiction book can often teach us nonfiction things, with the fun element of following along with a story.
  3. umbraaa

    umbraaa New Member

    I find nonfiction to be better if you're looking for something informative, but if you're looking for pure entertainment, fiction seems to be the better choice. Not to say that those factors are mutually exclusive to one another, but typically, this seems to be the case.
  4. LJ17

    LJ17 New Member

    Information wise, I'll go for non fiction books because you can get all the best info in reading it that can help you build your better future and lead a successful life. Thus, now a days some fictional books has a moral lessons and some writers wrote an informative books as well that can help us imagine the best pathway for our life.
  5. Cheskajem

    Cheskajem New Member

    Nonfiction is the best because it is base on the real life story of a certain person that have been written on a book. It brings more inspiration to the one reading it.
  6. alexgonzi

    alexgonzi New Member

    Yes, I enjoy non-fiction as well because it deals with reality and what humanity and the world is all about. It can certainly give everyone insights to life in this world and is very educational.
  7. zenzof

    zenzof New Member

    I tend to disagree. Yes, nonfiction is great: it gives real world insight and education. In other words, non fiction makes you more factually knowledgeable (e.g. reading articles on Wikipedia). However, fiction can develop more emotional knowledge since it develops themes and ideas for becoming a better person. I think of nonfiction as IQ and fiction as EQ. Both are important, but EQ will make you a better person. Authors can exaggerate certain points to develop more powerful moral meanings than nonfiction ever could. Fiction is also more attractive to younger people and will encourage new generations of readers.

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