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    What actually do you mean by notification writing? Who are the ones that provide/require notification writing jobs.


    Hardest part. You start with a question. "How should a 25-year-old spend his time?", "Computer Science in Wars", or "Martial Arts for Women". If you don't have a question, you have a long way to go. If you do, start collecting and reading books, research papers, blog posts and read them. Conduct research. Travel. Meet people. Ask questions. Think. Many people get stuck in this part till their life ends.

    Once you've done task-1, write it down. Don't worry about how you will arrange the text. Don't worry about writing style. Just write. Once done, get someone to help you arrange the text in a format that people would love to read. Check other books in your area. History books simply contain chronologically arranged chapters. Books that discuss some philosophy start from a very basic idea and level up time to time. Self-help books discuss the cause of problem in one part, and provide practical solutions in the other. Hire an editor to clean your writing. Rewrite

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