Obligatory "What are you listening to?" thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by timestandstill, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Roy Kim
    For all the Kpop Fans out there
  2. Sweetdays

    Sweetdays New Member

  3. necrotic

    necrotic New Member

    A Spotify commercial for McDonalds :/

    But before that it was Tous Les Memes by Stromae. I love that guy.
  4. Zachary Hadley

    Zachary Hadley New Member

    I am at work at my desk and listening to the John Scofield "A Go Go" album. This is such an amazing blend of nasty funk, soul, boogaloo and jazz, featuring Scofield's signature down and dirty guitar playing. I can't get enough of this album, and have listened to it so many, many times!

    One of my favorite things about this recording are the keyboard contributions of John Medeski, especially on the Fender Rhodes electric piano, Clavinet, and Hammond B3 organ. Everything has such a tight and funky groove. It's down home and nasty, but with the harmonic sophistication of jazz. I encourage anyone to listen to this if it sounds like you would enjoy it!
  5. Stephanny pacheco

    Stephanny pacheco New Member

    I'm in work mood so I'm listening to Calvin Harris's newest singles.
    Currently listening to: Calvin Harris - Feel ft Pharrell, Katy Perry and Big Sean

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