Offline or online games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Isaac mwewa, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Isaac mwewa

    Isaac mwewa Member

    What do you prefer the most, between offline and online video games?, Most people like both but are just not able to play the others because of the availiability or unavailability of resources especially an internet connection.
  2. escoval9d

    escoval9d New Member

    i like them both
    but i prefer a single player campaign i'm playing marvel spider-man and i love that game
  3. Darticus

    Darticus New Member

    I enjoy them both but I prefer online due to the multi-player aspect of it. For me gaming is more of a social activity rather than solitary. Though I can enjoy an RPG with a good storyline, something like Dragon Age or The Witcher comes to mind.
  4. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    I enjoy online games more because of system specifications which are standard for most of the online games and do not require high end graphic cards for certain offline games. Online games connect more people and create various tournaments around the world whereas offline games are mostly designed for a solo play.
  5. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    I prefer Online Games, because i can make friends, and you can work together.
  6. Teey

    Teey New Member

    I love off line games because I don't need to face any challenges like no my bundles have finished , or there is a problem connection with the Wi-Fi error this error that meaning I will not finish the game with such errors . But with off line games I will finish playing with no difficulties.
  7. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    Whatever that makes you happy may do. As long as it doesn't cause you stress. Games are created for entertainment and fun. Every game developer wants its users to enjoy and have fun. So either your game is offline or online, it doesn't matter as long as your happy and enjoying it.
  8. enesibra0702

    enesibra0702 New Member

    I prefer online because you always have new content every time the opponents are different,and you get the feeling of competition for like 7/10 online games you like but as for singe player games U can finish them in up most 5 days and no mater how much you like them u can finish the campaign up to most 5 to 10 times even then its all the same only u can get smarter AI and AI is still AI you can predict AI always on lover difficulties they make intentionally mistakes and on higher difficulties they do the best possible move so they are predictable.
  9. arthenian19

    arthenian19 New Member

    I prefer online games because it is always been good to play with unknown players all over the world. It's is so much fun when you can trust your teammates to win the game. Offline games is sometimes boring because it's not making any updates in a year.
  10. rolanda

    rolanda New Member

    Personally, offline because, I feel more save. Todays world the Internet can easily leads out your information and the idea of thinking nowadays they can track you with a location is scarier. The world today is curled ! If you can have a little bit of privacy you take it with two hands!!!
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  11. mstrgps

    mstrgps New Member

    I like playing online games with my friends specially if they're from other country or they're miles miles away from me. stay connected bro HAHAHAHA
  12. MnMLRadu

    MnMLRadu New Member

    I prefer online games because I rarely play videogames without my friends. Another plus to online is that you can also make new friends.
  13. iamwil101

    iamwil101 New Member

    Offline. It is because you could play without internet. You could entertained yourself and possibly free from lagging.
  14. keeshiabels

    keeshiabels New Member

    i enjoy offline coz theres no use for an internet connection and there is no lag
  15. gomeznick

    gomeznick New Member

    I prefer offline games in a way that I can save data as well as my money. Too many online games right now needs you to pay in order to win. One of my best offline game is Sims. Sims has always been a great game for me.
  16. Eeeee6

    Eeeee6 New Member

    There is something to be said about not playing a game alone. For that I say I enjoy both online and offline as long as I'm playing with or against another.
  17. Joelstx

    Joelstx New Member

    I much rather offline gaming. However, todays gaming platforms such as origin and requires game installation verification every time you start playing your game in order to control the theft of their products. An added benefit, especially for the gamer, from a mix of online and offline gaming is having your saved games automatically uploaded to the games platforms site servers which backs up your in game progress in case your system crashes to the point that you'll need to reinstall your game from scratch. Every time you start your game it will verify and load the latest saved game from the server if connected to the internet. If not, it will allow you to play your game in offline mode which is allowed in origin and steam for a period of time until it requires you to verify the installations of your games online.
  18. memalist01

    memalist01 New Member

    Both, as long as its free to play or selling less than $20. I like playing Minecraft, League of Legend and Warframe. These are my go to games.

    Minecraft have these amazing game play where you can build and farm your resources to achieve your goal. You can also construct your own house, mine gems and slay zombies during night. It also has a nice community and a vast of tutorial online so you won't be frustrated if you encounter some problems. LOL's more repetitive and has a lot of annoying players, but the game play's nice. Warframe is just epic. Cool graphics with futuristic theme, you can't go wrong with this one.
  19. enteng1995

    enteng1995 New Member

    I prefer offline games because there are some online games that are filled cheaters for example like Rules of Survival....
  20. jen21

    jen21 New Member

    I prefer offline games. Online games are difficult to enjoy when the internet is lagging. There's also something quite enjoyable about playing alone, without having to interact with another player in real time. Offline games are preferable because I can enjoy them without having to worry about lag or losing connection with the internet.
  21. toledoq

    toledoq New Member

    I like both, but I'm personally more fond of offline games. Particularly, when it comes to offline games that have an overarching plot or story. I'm the type of person who generally likes video games that have a great plot, versus games that have amazing gameplay but weak storytelling.
  22. jetc56311

    jetc56311 New Member

    I prefer online games because you can meet new friends. Also its better to play with your friends online.
  23. Llahmah

    Llahmah New Member

    Online is good in concept but strike me if 90% aren't terrible. Almost every MMO has no reason not just to be single player or possibly have a friend invite, almost all competitive games are uber toxic and people, in general, are unsavory online. Offline however, that's where you get
    A) Every good platformer
    B) Anything emulated, talking SNES to Wii
    C) A ton of Indie games, at least the good ones

    Online has just turned into a tag for game companies to throw on and most of the time the online is just a bother to set up or laggy or broken, etc.

    But offline, hoo boy. I have played so many good offline single player games, and with online being no more than an optional gimmick in them, if even that, and they aren't affected. But throw out an online only and people will almost always be asking for an offline mode.
  24. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I love both of them. But it's more comfortable and enjoyable for me, think so is offline games. Because you can play whenever you want without internet.
  25. kakeramaru

    kakeramaru New Member

    I enjoy both offline and online games. Sometimes when the internet connection were slow and becomes lagging when playing online games i switch into playing offline games. And sometimes when I got bored playing online or offline games i switch up from one another.
  26. halsoriano

    halsoriano Member

    I prefer Offline games. Because even there's no internet connection you can play games specially games with a single player campaign. I play online games though but my connection were slow and lagging I really don't enjoy it but it's fun, so offline games are better and enjoyable for me.
  27. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    Ummm. I prefer online games because super challenge every time you play you can face tough opponents and acknowledge your self to be stronger and tough for them. I already experienced that i really try my best to win my game.
  28. bambizz

    bambizz New Member

    i prefer to play online games because there is an interaction between human to human and also there is a cooperation,teamwork with each player,rather than offline there is only a specific scenario when you finish the story there no excitement anymore.
  29. RamGi

    RamGi New Member

    I like playing online and offline games to kill the time and to entertain myself. I have downloaded a game on play store and the name of it would be Mobile Legends: Bang bang!. I love it because it's very addicting. I think many people here in my country are playing it. Let me tell you something about it. It is a 5v5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents. You can choose between your favorite heroes to use for a fight. You can use real money to buy diamonds and buy skins for your favorite character. If money is a problem for you, then, you can still use it without spending anything.
  30. OxyChan

    OxyChan New Member

    I prefer offline however i would love to buy Gta 5 and play online :)

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