Old school music or modern music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by dado15, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. dado15

    dado15 New Member

    What would you like. Old music or Modern music?
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  2. Docalds9899

    Docalds9899 New Member

    I prefer the old music because it has the unique genre and most of the songs are good to listen rather than the new one or modern music. However some of the modern music is still good to listen.
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  3. BinkyP

    BinkyP New Member

    I prefer old music as opposed to the new music that is around now. I feel that the old songs had great lyrics and musical accompaniment. The newer music, I personally feel lacks depth and insight. It is pretty much the same type of beats and sounds that you hear throughout many songs. Old music had lyrics that spoke to your soul. You could feel the sadness or happiness or any emotion the singer was trying to convey.
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  4. Ronicaaa

    Ronicaaa New Member

    I like both however, new music tends to be released at a rate that I find hard to follow. I usually stick to older music and wait. By the time I hear a newer song, it's already considered old. I think often people like to say that old music had more depth and value but I believe this is due to the amount of new music there is today and the rate it is produced. If anyone can release music anywhere, compared to waiting to be "found" and having to wait for a record deal, there's significant lack of quality assurance. There's good music in every era, you just have to find it!
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  5. Taguro

    Taguro New Member

    Old music rules!!! modern music lacks story, emotion, identity and essence. The current trend of this present era is just about sex, money, fame and all that earthly desires. Thought technology tried so hard to make the music hip, the soul is not there anymore, sad to say.
  6. leirba210postloop

    leirba210postloop New Member

    Old music has more quality and complex than modern music. specially from the 60's to early 90's. if you will do research and compare it to the music today.

    -For example in old music. just the intro of the song is very long when it comes to instrumental before going to verse.
    has a deep and emotional lyrics.

    -while most of modern music today has no intro, it will start directly into verse. like most of Ed Sheeran songs. but still sounds good.

    but there are still some good modern musician to listen today, so I listen more on old songs and some good modern songs.
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  7. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    Old music or new music that's a not so easy question. Id have to go with old music, it actually had meaning and feeling put into the music not just sex and money and drugs. I know there were some not so good songs back in the days but todays music has turned for the worst. I don't even like listening to half of it because I feel its garbage and has no relevance to todays culture.
  8. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    I like old and new music music is "Life''
  9. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    modern and old
  10. Mishael

    Mishael New Member

    When being asked with this kind of question, the very common answer that we get is the old ones of course. I myself am a musician, I play different kinds of musical instruments and when being asked on which is better between the old music or the modern ones, I might say both. It depends on how the music is delivered. There are old pieces of music that gives a stab in our hearts, it also brings us back to this authentic mood where our vision eventually turns black and white. On the other hand, modern music nods our head unconsciously, it makes us dance with the rhythm that are mostly being arranged by a computer and I specifically point this kind of music to EDM(electronic dance music). In my very own opinion, there's not much really a boundary between old and modern music, I mean it really just depends on how the music is delivered.
  11. amosgwapo

    amosgwapo New Member

    Everybody love old music which was very soft, simple, classical in rhythms etc. I listen both old & new and I like both.
  12. ustavdija

    ustavdija New Member

    Realy hard question to give the answer on. I believe that most people like to mix it up. But in conclusion I guess our music choice depends mainly on our mood, you know.
  13. Jasonkirt

    Jasonkirt New Member

    For me many people who like new songs because they are popular but I just love old songs because old songs is very meaningful and nice music
  14. becerei

    becerei New Member

    For me old music came from the past time which more memorable and best experience in our life, while modern music is a current feelings or experience in our life. Those two are just the same because music is a words has a rhythm depends of what feelings we have. Old and Modern Music has many meaningful.
  15. joshua18

    joshua18 New Member

    Old Music is the best never gets old it brings back the good old days.
  16. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    I still prefer those old songs because their lyrics are really amazing. Even the music itself is relaxing and far different from today's music. I'm not generalizing but most musics today are nonsense compared to the old ones.
  17. oficiarellen

    oficiarellen New Member

    It depends on the preference and style. Music is appreciated according to groups of people. One time ago, when i watched National Geographic Channel, i have seen their topic series about music. And one thing i remember that music stimulates the mind and emotions. So also, it depends the genre of music and character of a person and also the time. It blends to nature also and environment and situations. That's why old and modern music is two different type but they also have different functions and relations to people related to their melody. And i think, they're both entertaining soft and relieving somehow at some point. But for me, i prefer mostly the old music because it can stimulate you to think not just what's on the surface but what's on the beyond, the important.
  18. Ric

    Ric Member

    Although there are great musicians in our time, I prefer old music. There was more substance in the creative process of the past. A lot of new content is a remix of an old song with a twist on it. Our era as a whole lacks creativity in content. They only focus on how the song feels coming on like a disc jockey.
  19. antonToledo

    antonToledo New Member

    I prefer both old school and new school music both of them have there own charms. old school music is usually is about the lyrics how they are expressed with passion and emotion. modern music is about the beat and less on the lyrics but still very catchy and fun to listen. I've known some old people who like modern music actually there are still modern musics right know that has the same feel as the old ones maybe the modern music is just an addition to the different style of expressing one's self to music I highly believe that 20-30 years from music will still evolve and other styles of music will be created.
  20. Yumyan

    Yumyan New Member

    Old music all the way!!! Nothing can beat the past's meaningful lyrics and beautiful and calming melodies. That's what you would call true music. I could hardly let myself listen to the music nowadays, even if I am of the 2000's , since modern music is all about the worldly things. Couldn't the music get any more shallow than sex, lust, money and the like.... However, let's not forget that there are still a few new music that still reaches up to the potential of harmony in music.
  21. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    I prefer modern music over old music. Both can be good, but I'm not the type of person that drowns them self in nostalgia or works from past generation. Listening to modern music allows me to branch out to upcoming artist, while also understanding the perspective of a newer generation.
  22. babyshelle

    babyshelle New Member

    I still prefer old music because there is a connection I cannot explain. It makes me feel that I wrote the song even if it was not me. Every word in the lyrics goes straight to my heart. I love the way old music was made. How I wish to be given a chance to write one and to meet an artists of those times.
  23. Outerspaced

    Outerspaced New Member

    Modern music has a crisper sound and can be very catchy and surprisingly meaningful lyrically. When I listen to older music or music from before my time, I feel as if I am mentally exploring a foreign world. I'm a very curious person so I often find myself researching things of different time periods and music is definitely no exception. I mostly listen to modern music but I switch from modern music and older music often, I believe one helps me appreciate the other.
  24. Castro

    Castro New Member

    Old School! There is a ton of "greatest hits of all time" back then. We had Michael Jackson, Tupac, Prince, Elvis and many more. But now it's all about "booty" and crappy music made to make money not to entertain and make a legacy.

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