Old Songs or New Songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by MelJoRoMau, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. MelJoRoMau

    MelJoRoMau New Member

    If you are currently between 21 and 37, like it or not you are a millennial. Based on U.S. Census Bureau, people born between 1982 and 2000 are considered millennial.

    I was born in '96 so I'm considered a millennial, but my kinds of music are the old ones. I prefer songs that are meaningful in terms of its lyrics, and I mostly find songs like that created in 80's and 90's. Songs that were created even if I was not born yet, but still lives up until now. Songs of Air supply, Bon Jovi and other old-school rock bands.

    I guess it's because of the lyrics of the old songs that are very meaningful that makes me love them so much!

    What songs do you like?
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  2. hideaway

    hideaway New Member

    Personally I like all songs whether it's old or new, the song should be good. I like songs from artists like Taylor Swift,Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Eminem, Daft Punk, Metallica, Bob Marley, Alan Walker, Sia, Adele,Katy Perry,Zayn Malik and so on.

    You can find good music ranging from Classic Karnatic/Hindustani/Western music to Heavy metal/jazz/blues/rock/reggae/opera/pop and so on from every year in history. Each genre has its own beauty.
  3. yey ,

    I've been waiting for someone to post something like this. for me both old and new are really good for listening. but i love the most the old musics.
  4. akabaned

    akabaned New Member

    I feel exactly the same ! I'm also from '96 and i couldn't feel more out of place , starting whit my favorite band The Beatles.
    I feel there hasn't been anything as good , not saying there is no good music today but good music is no longer popular as it used to be , beats and synths are replacing guitars and pianos.
  5. Marji-rFUJ

    Marji-rFUJ New Member

    I'm 23 years old but I prefer old songs, why ? I also don't know hahaha maybe because they never get boring and it isn't trashy I mean today's music is rather obscene if you take the time to actually listen to what the artist is singing. Usually, it isn't really child appropriate the beat maybe catchy, but the language and the message i usually aren't.
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  6. yokobautista7

    yokobautista7 New Member

    I prefer old songs rather than the songs that comes up nowadays. Songs we can hear these days are full of inappropriate languages that corrupts peoples minds.
    Yes the rhythm might be catchy but if you listen carefully the lyrics sends a bad message to people.
    They sing about drugs or sex or how they want to commit suicide. It is very sad to think that we put into our youths minds this very corruptible music which they happen to listen everyday.
    bad songs.jpg
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  7. redazen679

    redazen679 New Member

    for me I prefer new songs because it is the style and represent our daily life,our aims,our emotions.really it's ourselves
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  8. whiitewidow

    whiitewidow New Member

    I prefer old music over new one, 80s is definitely my favourite era. I do listen to some modern music but I am very picky when it comes to artists.
  9. cali0709

    cali0709 New Member

    I like listening to both, depending on my mood. There are days where prefer listening to old songs but there are also days where I enjoy listening to new songs.
  10. I would prefer the songs nowadays. I can easily relate to it and it is enjoyable to hear unlike old songs that makes me feel sleepy.
  11. phasermindzet

    phasermindzet New Member

    Old songs are very pure. They are the song writers expression of what they really feel and what message they want the listener to catch. When I was a child, I like the song Send In The Clowns. Lying on the sickbed, that song made me think of circus and people's laughter.
    In my teenage years, I like the song What Matters Most. That song seems like a defense mechanism to my youthful frustrations.
    Now in my adulthood, I prefer Christian music. Most of the lyrics in a Christian music express what my heart wants to say to God.
    Listening to millennial songs, their lyrics are sometimes just expressions of what they feel at the moment.
    Old music and new music whatever it may be, whatever we prefer, depending on our personality and age... sometimes is just one of our outlets to unload our brain and heart from the day's stress.
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  12. moonchaser29

    moonchaser29 New Member

    Old songs rock. I really love old songs. The meaning of lyrics are respectful. Unlike the other songs nowadays. It's a full of rude and sarcastic words. Im not hating the new songs but If i were ask if which of the two will I choose, its the old songs. My mother and I support each other when singing in the karaoke because we both know the songs and we enjoy singing old songs together. I love it!
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  13. Brendalyn25

    Brendalyn25 New Member

    I enjoyed listening to old song the lyrics of are very meaningful
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  14. leypadua22

    leypadua22 New Member

    Of course old songs because i was born in 90's. the best of songs in 90's is loves songs. it's most popular in 90's
  15. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    All songs depend on personal taste. Every generation usually thinks that things were better during ‘’their’’ time. But that’s not necessarily true.
  16. alexatag26

    alexatag26 New Member

    Well, each of us have different music tastes. There is no superior or inferior in music. And music is made to make people feel good. No matter what era is it, music never gets old and always soothes the heart.
    I love old songs, they definitely had a good meaning. But they severely lacked the tunes that actually made a song better.
    Songs of today pay more attention on the tunes, rather than on the lyrics but not the rhythm. So to meet something, you need to let go few.
  17. badette20

    badette20 New Member

    The old song is best for me because the lyrics is very meaningful especially during 80's to 90's. The old song is my favorite music of all time I love old song because i was born in 90's.
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  18. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    i still love to hear old songs than new songs. because old songs has many beautiful and deep lyrics rather than new songs. , 80's and 90's songs are the best to hear and has a beautiful lyrics.
  19. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    I really like and love the old songs..honestly, it makes sense..i was born in the 80's but my kind of genra is 70's..but i like also the 90's songs..
  20. Jazzy26

    Jazzy26 New Member

    I really love music so when it comes to peeking a songs i would rather go on old songs specially on rock songs most rock and roll songs before really amazing .
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  21. nearxxfar

    nearxxfar Member

    Well in our generation today, everyone has their own music preference. As for me, despite of my age (17), I still prefer old music. Old music has this vibe wherein you cannot help it to listen and enjoy every bit of its melody, and especially the deep meaning of the lyrics.
  22. dmariova

    dmariova New Member

    Definitely old songs. Their lyrics are meaningful and the beat is great. Nowadays most singers sing for s**, drugs and the songs just do not make any sense sometimes.
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  23. davidusa1993

    davidusa1993 New Member

    I love the old songs.Their lyrices are meaningful.
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  24. Jomzkie87

    Jomzkie87 New Member

    I prefer old songs,most of the old songs really touches your soul,easy to relate and the melody is more relaxing to listen compared to new songs.
  25. Springgrafics

    Springgrafics New Member

    Old songs,it always reminds you of the good times you shared in the past
  26. Steelriter

    Steelriter New Member

    I like both old and new songs, with no dominate preference. Sometimes I like to listen to old songs for the nostalgic feel and other times I want to explore something new
  27. mrcdee

    mrcdee New Member

    For me I prefer the old one it has so many memories from my childhood especially when Sunday morning My parents Tuned to the radio while they are cooking for lunch the music back then have a soul I'm not exagerratimg nut its true the musics back then want to make u jam to the music's lyrics and the beat.
  28. KaneMcLane

    KaneMcLane New Member

    I like both old and new music. My favourite artist of all time is Michael Jackson. At the moment though, I listen mostly to a relatively new music genre called synthwave, which gained popularity in the early 2010s. It is also called retrowave because it borrows and modernises the sound of 80s pop music. A couple of great examples of retrowave songs that everyone should listen to are Kavinsky - Nightcall, and Home - Resonance.
  29. Besa

    Besa New Member

    My songs are old songs since 80's and 90's tagalog and english songs,because the new songs are the other song are the lyrics of the lyrics ,but the only other music i lile but its just a choice.I prefer old songs because it is the style and represent our daily life,our emotions.
  30. Allen123

    Allen123 New Member

    I would prefer both, depending on my mood. Sometimes when I feel sad or at night when I'm lying in the bed before I sleep. I want to listen to old songs, like mellow old song. During the day as I wake up while taking breakfast, I would listen to new songs or sometimes old songs as long as it sounds good in my ears. I sometimes consider the message of the song. Either or is actually a nice music. I would say.

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