Old Songs or New Songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by MelJoRoMau, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. ramsvu

    ramsvu New Member

    One thing that new songs can never bring to listeners is nostalgia. Have you ever replayed an old song and you remembered: When you heard this song you were doing this, what used to be a habit of you? When we listen to an old song, all our memories come back, whether it is a happy or sad memory, we have had such a great time. The first time I heard You Raise Me Up is that I'm 7 or 8 years old when my sisters were having fun and listening to it a lot of times even though I did not understand all the meanings at that time. Listen to that song and image that I am a carefree child again at the present. That was amazing.
  2. kayechan

    kayechan New Member

    Old song is way more relaxing to hear, i love playing 80's and 90's songs when i'm taking a rest its way more meaningfull and so comportable to hear.
  3. celdeleon

    celdeleon New Member

    I like old songs but i dont know why i love most is new songs it makes me more relaxing and gave you a feeling of you always wanted to listen the new song repeatedly until you remember the lyrics.
  4. bigredcar

    bigredcar New Member

    I enjoy a mix of old and new music. I like everything from '50s pop (does it get any catchier than The Everley Brothers?) to current Top 40. I usually listen to current music on the radio while I'm driving. There are many enjoyable songs that have been released recently. One of my favorites is "Riptide" by Vance Joy. It's a great song to sing along to while driving down a country road.

    Lots of people will put anything old on a pedestal and like it simply for that fact. No doubt, there are lots of classics from times past, but there are going to be future classics from today's day and age. We simply don't see them in the same vein because we're currently living in this timeframe. Whatever is produced now will become "old" music to future generations and will be seen in a different light.
  5. davedaot

    davedaot New Member

    Actually both, really depends on my mood, sometimes I just love listening to old songs and kinda feel those reminisce from the past, Also what I notice is that songs in the past are more relaxing than new songs, not saying new songs ain't relaxing me, it's just that most of the songs in the past are relaxing. Sometimes though I just love listening to new songs its kinda get me more energized and hyped. So for me its both.
  6. yogi76796

    yogi76796 New Member

    No doubts, my first bite will be for old songs by default. New songs nowadays are all party types and very rarely we getb to hear some soothing songs.

    Old songs are melodious, meaningful and the lyrics are clean and great touching.
  7. FranFran

    FranFran New Member

    This is not a reasonable question. Because all the creation of the human intellect, has an origin and a legacy. From an anthropological and social perspective all are important and connected - even technically.
  8. Vernice14

    Vernice14 New Member

    Old songs cause it still reminds me of my childhood
  9. daddyaugust

    daddyaugust New Member

    Hi there. I'm 18 and born on the year 2000. Today's music cannot be compared to the old songs we had way back the 90s. Why? It's simply because most of the songs we have on this generation is all about money, sex, sluts, cars and more that is nonsense not like on the 90s and older years, we have a lot of songs that has deep meanings and you could literally feel the songs or sometimes it can give you goosebumps. If I am given a chance to choose which year I will live, I would probably choose the years where the songs give you a life lesson, I would like to spend my entire life with that.
  10. davedaot04

    davedaot04 New Member

    Actually, both, it just depends on my mood, sometimes I love listening to old songs because it makes me feel nostalgic, and it makes me feel really good, I feel calm and relaxed, and that's very satisfying to me. Sometimes though, I love listening to new songs as well, one of the reasons why I love it is obviously because I'm young, because let's be real here, old people find new songs as trash, like my grandmother, once she hears news songs, Her face just says it all, She's angry as hell and says, those songs are demonic, new generations is messed up. For me she kind of makes sense, because that's what I've seen in this generation, rates of depressions are higher than before, youth are doing drugs instead of doing great things for a better future, so yes I think my grandmother has a point but let me get back to the topic, I just love both old and new songs depending on my mood.
  11. AdrianMD

    AdrianMD Member

    New songs
    The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This
  12. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    I like all music old and new. The old meaningful stuff and the new catchy stuff. its all good to me. Born in 88
  13. JoysJB

    JoysJB New Member

    Old songs have a lot to offer when you really want a good song to listen to. While the new songs today have only a few good songs. But either of the two, I think it’s not bad to listen to the both of them. So, I prefer both. Since listening to both sides I think enables me to experience and understand their differences and the meaning they want to portray. And maybe, if not today, but someday, you might also want to consider listening to songs combined with the old and the new one just like the songs of Lana Del Rey. Where It has the vibes of an old but new song.
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  14. Nethmanila

    Nethmanila New Member

    For me, its both. I love old songs specially love songs, everytime I heard old song it makes me relax and it makes me reminisce some other experiences that happened to mylife. In terms of new songs, its also good because it makes you being updated and go with the trend with younger people.
  15. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    My girlfriend was playing me some golden oldies song. I swear by all for one and well modern music may not capture that ,,,that,, "thing". Possibly the two cannot be compared. they each have a place and a role to play.
  16. emarcilla

    emarcilla New Member

    For me, it's both. Old songs bring back our old memories, and we can instantly relate and smirk when we hear the mellow or upbeat songs of 80's and 90's. New songs like millennials, generally bring us more definition. The lyrics and its overpowering and extraordinary content inspires us more to fight and move on in whatever situation we are in.
  17. koblade009

    koblade009 New Member

    New songs definitely, while the old songs paved the foundations of the songs we have nowadays (quite frankly some of the boldest experimentation with music came from before the 2000's), the songs that are new will always have more potential than the last.

    Artists like Kanye West for example, may be notoriously hated by those who are fanatics of traditional sound of the past. But listening closely and analyzing his most recent release, "KIDS SEE GHOSTS", we can see multiple traditional musical elements, like jazz, and even the classic rock, used in a way that it sounds entirely different and new. This kind of musical experimentation would not have been possible without the existence of earlier works of music, which Kanye took a lot of inspiration from. But it is also with this kind of evolution of music that gave life to music that are even more ground breaking, meaningful and more fun to listen to.

    See works like To Pimp A Butterfly and many of the critically acclaimed pieces of music of recent years then compare them to the works of the past. Music has come a long way since the 90's and will always continue to evolve. For me, it's the joy of being able to witness this and ride along with the most current sounds, that has made it very fun for me, personally, to follow music.

    Not to harbor anything against anyone who enjoys the 90's but those who say that the newer sounds of our generation has degenerated from the classics should listen to the masterpieces of the recent years.
    If you're interested on doing just that, then here's a bit of a starters guide that you can find just through Google.


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  18. teremisuu

    teremisuu New Member

    I am very passionate about music and I also listen to a wide range of genres, so I would have to choose both. I would just like to point out, though, that I think that many people who prefer old songs over the new ones are people who do not even bother to find musicians in the present that are actually good (e.g. Muse, Young The Giant, Flyte, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, etc). I would understand if they prefer oldies in terms of "mainstream" music, because to be honest most of the mainsteam songs nowadays are just lacking substance.
  19. ceendhy

    ceendhy New Member

    I like old songs. It is more meaningful than the new variety of songs nowadays.
  20. Donaldo

    Donaldo New Member

    I usually listen to songs that are older than I am. Old-school hip-hop is my top choice of music genre and I have been listening to it for a couple of years now. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy newer music as well, though! There are many new rappers that make quality music, they are very different compared to the ones in the 80's and 90's, but that doesn't mean they are worse, they just bring new stuff to the table. A sad thing is that they are not as recognized as the mainstream rappers of today, who are actually quite bad, in my opinion. Anyway, I've never believed that fame defines talent, so it doesn't matter that much.
  21. lorielync

    lorielync New Member

    I prefer both. Some artists are just so good that their songs lived on regardless of the years that goes by. I won’t be able to choose between the old and the new. For me, it’s the about the talent of the artist. It is about the ability of the artist to reach the hearts of its listeners through their music. It is about listening to a good music, and good music never grows old.
  22. monre509

    monre509 New Member

    If I were to chose? Honestly I would pick old songs, for me the music and lyrics has very meaningful meanings that songwriters do not put today. Many songs that are old have very catchy rhythms and melody that modern music cannot copy. Old songs are unique and great as they are.
  23. mratertajr122

    mratertajr122 New Member

    I have to go with old songs. Old songs has a soothing rhythm that makes you relax. It has also lyrics that makes you connect your life to a song. Sometimes I also listen to new songs but compare to old songs, it is really far from each other.
  24. senshin19

    senshin19 New Member

    I love listening both old and new songs but I prefer old songs because its lyrics has deep and meaningful lyrics and full of emotions. Old songs are more relaxing to listen than new songs nowadays and old songs never get old because it still plays everywhere, even us, millenials and the new generation today still listens to old songs.
  25. jhoyce

    jhoyce New Member

    I love to listen to the old songs, most of the song back then can really connect with their listeners. Until now some of the new singer still revive some old songs and it still makes us feel connected. Old songs are really full of emotions and meaning. When we heard our grandparent singing some old songs it makes us smile and feel the emotions and warmth making us loving the song even more.
  26. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    Actually both, between old songs and new songs, so each type of song has its own strengths.When I listen to an old songs or new songs all my memories come back, whether it is a happy or sad memory, we have had such a great time. Songs can create a good feeling from the first time but then they are quickly forgotten easily and people will turn back the music has been familiar with their habit for a long time.
  27. ashleyburgess

    ashleyburgess New Member

    New songs usually reflect today's influences on music and the current now and would probably touch people better in a personal way as it talks about more relevant circumstances oppose to older songs showcasing how it was back in the day. I'd have to go with newer songs having more likable attributes in the personal areas in them relating to you as a person versus older songs possessing nostalgic rhythms for old times' sake that might not be in everyone's time. New songs become old songs and we might miss out on the older songs and not even been given the chance to establish a connection to the music in the first place. Newer content usually tends to break from older styles of old-fashioned tunes as well to give listeners something fresh and excitingly new.
  28. renzyow

    renzyow New Member

    its depends on my mood when im mesmerizing i feel listening to old music because theirs a deep meaning that connects you to the past and for the new music i just listen to that when im partying and thats why i prefer old music it makes you feel who your are and i grew up with that the sound is nice the feeling is nice the message of the song is beautiful meaning
  29. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    both old and new songs when I listen old sogs it brings back my memories from the past while new songs something have brand new
  30. Mota00

    Mota00 New Member

    I prefer old songs. In my opinion, they are more powerful than songs made nowadays. However I like many "new songs". I love 21 pilots, they really get me!

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