Old Songs or New Songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by MelJoRoMau, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Audhie

    Audhie New Member

    I would also say, each era has their character. An old song is memorable from the music and also the lyrics which is some of them are poetic and has a lot of meaning. we know the band or singer based on their true skills. for the sample, Axel rose with his vocal power also slash with his guitar, or Sting and Phill Colin's with their identical voice. let step back further, the Beatles with their simple song and lyrics but very memorable.
    The new song, which is a lot of digital music nowadays has a lot of repeated words but sadly some of them are meaningless (sorry it just my opinion lol)... But I must say, some of them also easy to listen or digested. as a sample, the Chainsmoker which is most of their music is produced digitally that is why some of the new song characters
    are remembered by their tunes as a sample Clean Bandit with their Symphony.
  2. danmike25

    danmike25 New Member

    I am a "millenial" myself. I was born in the early 90's, so I can say that I was kinda in part of the transition stage between the "oldies" and the modern type of music. I do agree with the opinion that each era music is beautiful in its own ways. We cannot say that the older types of music is better than the modern ones nor are the moderns ones better than the older ones. Each type has qualities that fit the generation or time frame it belongs to. The 60's, 70's and 80's type of music are great in depth and quality and somehow I can say that most of these songs are very relaxing to listen to. The songs from 2010 until the present doesn't have much depth but I'm not saying that this is a bad point, because 2010 and beyond is period of type when lifestyle and everything related to it moves at a faster pace. It is with this view that made me think that the type of music nowadays which is more about beats is just appropriate for this era. But well, liking for specific types of music still depends on ones preference. If I were to be asked which types I'd prefer, I would simply say that I prefer the the songs I listened to as I grew up. It's not really about my type of taste for whatever type of music it is. It's just that those songs left a lot of precious memories and even lessons that helped me to be who I am now. To be more specific I still prefer the music of the middle 90's until the early 2000's because this period is the stage of my life where I started to learn what really life is. And just by simply listening to these songs just simply makes me smile and feel amazed on how time flies so fast.
  3. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    Until now I still find the old songs more comforting and better compared to the songs these days. Almost all of the songs we hear today are auto tunes and it makes me sad how art has transformed into something generic instead of being raw and pure.
  4. angeliacq

    angeliacq New Member

    I'm a 90's kid, and I'd say the old songs have better substance when it comes to lyrics and melody. I like the stylistic way of singing that the new singers incorporate these days, but nothing beats the meaningful songs a few decades back. No hate, I also love some songs I discover on Youtube these days.
  5. Carrascoshiela

    Carrascoshiela New Member

    Old songs definitely has a great quality whenit comes to originality and lyrics. I am a 90's kid, and up to now i still listem to the songs i used to listened back then. It kinda take me to the old times when there are no mobile phones and kids would go out the streets and show off how they memorized a song. But for the new songs that were launched these days, it is actually pretty good but not everyone produces a good songs nowadays. I appreciate a good beat but you cant feel the feelings anymore. There are new artists who still has it and i hope they can inspire the new artist as well to write songs with stories and feelings. Im proud that in my country we still have artist who produces new songs like the old songs. Songs that will take you back in time.
  6. SeaShelStew

    SeaShelStew New Member

    I'd say it depends on your mood. If you feel like a cyborg living in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic version of the future then definitely listen to all forms of robotic droning(modern music) stretched into musical pitches by force like some sort of servant in a Mad Max movie.

    If, on the other hand, you want music to incite emotions and maybe even give you goosebumps you'll have to go back to a time before children with middle class parents starting getting face tattoos and dying their hair like treasure trolls in order to become a 5 minute celebrity on the Internet via social media.

    You see, music isn't art anymore. It's only a means to very base and profane end. The goal isn't to perfect one's craft or skill with a musical instrument. The goal isn't even to perfect one's self through the crucible of art and it' search for balanced perfection. The goal of music today is to make money and like ALL THINGS sacred that have been used SOLELY to generate revenue it's now nasty, distorted, grotesque, deformed, and almost unloveable.
  7. joiseujjj

    joiseujjj New Member

    I would say both. Listening to my favorite songs is part of my daily routine and I usually pick a song based on my mood. There are some old songs that never old and new songs that make you reminisce gold memories.
  8. esmeralda

    esmeralda New Member

    I like both, the old songs and the songs of today, of course it depends on the style
  9. AHarmlessSpider

    AHarmlessSpider New Member

    Both are great, but I prefer new songs. Old songs just sound unoriginal, even though they pioneered every style of music we hear today. Strange, isn't it? I prefer to hear new styles rather than old ones.
  10. dzonyfox2

    dzonyfox2 New Member

    I'm 98. I prefer old songs rather than the new ones. Always wish I was born in the 1960s, 1970s..., so I could listen to the music of 60s, 70s and 80s. I mean, I am listening those music groups nowadays, but just wish to go to a live concert of Pink Floyd, The beatles, Bon Jovi... and so many other great music groups...
    Old music has a soul... Has emotions... Feelings... Not only the lyrics, but the melodies... I just feel that nowadays the whole culture is much worse than in the old days, not only music, whole culture.
  11. Imaginepowers

    Imaginepowers New Member

    I can’t tell you why old songs are better than new songs as it is ultimately all subjective. Different people’s tastes are different. BUT, I will like to tell you why I like old songs.

    1. It has a vintage feeling to it
      1. Today’s songs are unpredictable and have no ‘old’ feeling and bygone nostalgia. When I listen to old songs, I have this feeling that I’m in an era that I’m not in which makes it have more charm (ie they don’t make this stuff anymore!)
    2. It gives me an escape from modern-day problems
      1. If I go back to yesteryears, I can escape all of the modern day problems ie Kavanaugh v Ford, Trump presidency, global warming and etc. The olden days also have problems, but it is not happening thus making it less worrying.
    3. Modern music is too mainstream.
      1. I want to be alternative and like what I like, not what the majority likes. It just gives me this ‘special’ feeling
    4. The fact that olden day artists have talent (ie no computer or autotune) gives it the charm of talented individuals that actually care about their music rather than popularity.

      Ofc it is all subjective but this is my opinion and maybe also a lot of others as well.

      There are also good 2010s music IMO, but compared to the olden days, it is lacking in my eyes.
  12. Litz

    Litz New Member

    It all depends on the type.....i prefer listening to old soul and rnb songs,they have good messages and the slow rythm creates a good environment for relaxation.but still some of the new rnb songs interest me and i find myself dancing to the tune,according to my view i would listen to any but what matters is the type of music and if it sounds good to my ears and makes me want to dance
  13. FreeRangeAutoRepair

    FreeRangeAutoRepair New Member

    Born in '82, graduated in 2000 - at 36, definitely an older millennial, but a millennial none the less. As a heavy metal fan, I have waited for the flavor that metal has taken on recently - say 2000s to current - my entire life. I was too young for hair metal in the 80s. I came into the rock scene with Metallica's self-titled album and grew from there. I enjoyed Slipknot toward the end of the 90s, but didn't dig the rap-metal that developed around the same time, and, unfortunately, that kind of metal conglomeration stuck around way longer than I'd have liked. I stopped listening to the radio in my area when they took the only rock station off the air in like 2001.

    Then came NuMetal. Then djent. And progressive and mathmetal and technical deathmetal. But the most beautiful iteration so far - for me, as a musician who plays all woodwinds & brass and nothing cool - it's the last decade or so - 2008 - 2018 - that includes the epitome of the potential for metal to be truly beautiful - a blend of full orchestras and metal musicians. Orchestral metal is the flavor I've been waiting for my entire life.

    That all said, I'm also a fan of jazz, bebop and big band, and it's hard to beat the classics at their own game. ;)
  14. Sugah

    Sugah New Member

    Over time songs tend to lose their flavour then they begin to sound boring hence they are now called old. So it is natural to go with new songs expect you want to bring back memories.
  15. Brilliant

    Brilliant New Member

    I like old songs when it comes to dancing. I realize that you can not perform the old dance moves to the modern
    day music. Each decade had it's own music, and moves. I love old music that I can dance to.
  16. jathropanzocaber

    jathropanzocaber New Member

    I prefer new song, because it has more high quality sounds
  17. Teezoe74

    Teezoe74 New Member

    Maybe for me, it's nostalgic but I truly believe older music had more depth, meaning, and soul than most of the modern hits. Modern music has to compete with Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Phil Collins etc.. I do like modern dubstep though.
  18. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    Both, I love the lyrics of the old song and love the new melody,rhythm and harmony of the new songs and also the dance.
  19. diolola456

    diolola456 New Member

    Old songs, why? Because it reminds me of my childhood and also the memories that intact to that song. I love old songs because they have a deep thought and a hidden message about what love is or what is the world now, a nowadays old song might be forgotten but the message of the song will always remain Quote: "old but gold"
  20. Rechgaming

    Rechgaming New Member

    If I will choose between old songs or new songs, I would honestly pick old songs rather than new songs because old songs have a clearer quality than new songs. Aside from the quality , old songs have more sense than new songs. There are lots of nice and pleasant to hear songs in old times and I know that old songs are the favorites of our grandparents. There are tons of new songs that have a "sexual content" that even a parent can't notice because new songs are more faster than old songs. Old songs have more important meanings than new songs. Unlike from old songs, most of the new songs have a hidden meaning that can destroy our humanity.
  21. SamV

    SamV New Member

    Since I grew up in this generation, im more attracted to new music such as hip hop and rap. Although olden day music need more talent and take more time I still love new music today.
  22. iamjoann06

    iamjoann06 New Member

    I feel comfortable listening to old music because it is more classical at the same time I love the melody and the lyrics of old songs.

    I grew up listening to it because of my mother who loves music, Old songs/music are very sentimental and you can really relate to the lyrics. Old songs/music has more emotions than the new songs who's mostly up beat and very loud.
  23. prateek22

    prateek22 New Member

    i love new songs because i love good music and old songs are good but they can't match the variety of electrical instruments used nower days, So old songs just had simple music with good vocals but now in new songs its extraordinary music with good vocals. And the competition in the music industry is being greater day by day resulting in skilled talent outcome which promotes good songs.
  24. Mrshaders

    Mrshaders New Member

    I prefer old songs back at 90s. More beautiful and great to listen. It has nice lyrics and message. Unlike today others songs are just made for fun or sometimes its has pervert lyrics not appropriate for the children it also have badwors.
  25. doomhobo

    doomhobo New Member

    I was born in '98 and I find myself gravitating towards "newer" music, that is to say music which was released within my lifetime as well as pretty much anything from the nineties, which I think I caught the tail-end of culturally from my parents. I listen almost exclusively to indie rock, hiphop/rap, and vaporwave (or 80s pastiche). Despite this I have a deep appreciation for the classics, especially the music of the 60's, without the innovations in music that started around then we wouldn't be where we are today (I'm talking an experimental interest in electronic music and new and exciting sounds).
  26. TeejObsena

    TeejObsena New Member

    New songs are good. But the old songs are better. I say it is better because even if there are lots of different kind of music today, we always go back to listening to the old songs. I can say that the old songs marks on my mind more than the new generation of music.

    It's always so relaxing to listen to those old songs along with the new songs today. Lot's of people have their favorite new and old musics. And that's what good about music. It's good for the ear.
  27. JMoira

    JMoira New Member

    That's a very difficult to answer since we all wanted to conform in today's society. But, for me, I like the old songs better because the lyrics and word choices are genuinely made. You can truly feel the message of the song unlike today's song where cursing in a song is cool and trend.
  28. m9c290

    m9c290 New Member

    I have listened to many songs covering many genres . So i feel that both songs of old and new have their strong points . While not all but i could say many of the new songs are only pretty catchy , so you could get bored out of them pretty easily . But the songs of the old pretty much had some deep meaning in them , like take for example pink floyd’s dark side of the moon in about human emotions . One derives his own meaning for these songs every time he hears them . This makes them all the more exciting , harder to forget
    And as far as music is concerned while both the songs of the old and new are pretty good and innovative the practice of have guitar solos is disappearing , which I do feel sad about .
  29. faithjose822

    faithjose822 New Member

    I choose old songs than new songs. I am familiar with old songs already. In the church, I like singing the songs from the hymnals like Amazing Grace. In 2018, many churches do not own hymnals, and there are a vast number of congregational hymns being written continually. For many years, denominations and printing companies chose leaders within the fields of hymnals and theology with the purpose of selecting and producing hymns for the church to sing. Today, the pastor, worship pastor, or lay leader serves the church in this capacity, as he or she seeks to choose hymns weekly that will form their churches “hymnal” and ultimately lead people in worship of God. Choosing hymns for the church to sing should never be done flippantly. The weight of this task should always be felt, and seeking to choose hymns that honor our God must be the goal. The goal is to worship God.

    I am an advocate for choosing old hymns and new hymns for my church to sing. The date stamped upon a hymn should not advocate for its being sung or not sung. There are factors, however, that are helpful to inform intentional choices of hymns that will honor God and be good for His people, allowing them to praise Him by singing. I pray to the Lord what hymn I would choose to be sung to the congregation. The Lord will reveal to me the songs and then I lead the people to sing these songs to the Lord.
  30. MoiraDeLeon

    MoiraDeLeon New Member

    For me, old songs are the best. Classic songs are lit till today. But since, youth wanted to conform on what's trend in our society, other people choose the newest song. In old songs, the message of the song is concrete and meaningful. The heart of the artist is vivid when you listen to the song. Others say that it’s very cheesy and the artists were dead already or lost its spotlight in the industry. But, for me it doesn’t matter. It is the consistency of the song that is matters. Unlike in the newest songs where in cursing in a song is a trend and very cool.

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