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Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by Loislios, Jun 10, 2018.


Why not begin?

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  1. Loislios

    Loislios New Member

    I knew I'd blog some day. I knew I'd write until my fingers bled. I knew I'd stare up late all night dotting the 'is' and crossing the 'ts'. I knew.

    That didn't mean I wasn't afraid. You know, all them 'what ifs'.
    What if I'm not any good?
    What if I don't get an affluent readership?
    What I don't keep it up? Enough to get better?
    What if I get confused with information overload?

    I was scared!

    Then voilĂ , I get a break through! After poring over Susan Goodmans' 'The First Step', I made a conscious effort to 'write' away my fears.

    I took the first step
    I 'became' my future
    I segregated the negatives
    I felt 'redeemed'.

    The battle is by no means over, but it's about taking each day as it comes. Learning and Unlearning.

    Go on, you can do it. Like it's said: You can't groove if you don't move. So just start. Everything else follows. The good, the bad and the ugly. Let the good make you smile, let the bad toughen you and just ignore the ugly.
  2. iamalwaysthankful

    iamalwaysthankful New Member

    I admire your 'taking of the first step' towards your dream of being able to blog. I have always wanted to start a blog but haven't started yet. I think joining forums like these is a great start for me. I also hope that someday, I can write about all my thoughts online without the fear of being outcast or judged. You are correct in saying ' to ignore the ugly'. Everyone is entitled to their own views and I strongly believe that as long as we are not being rude in terms of voicing out our opinions, then forums like these are a good place to listen to the views of another person, whether just for entertainment or additional education. Good luck on your blog!
  3. Gelatooo

    Gelatooo New Member

    Wow, Loislios. Great job! And I envy you! I started to blog before because I really love typing my thoights. It releases most of my stress sometimes. But I can't maintain it. I want to blog all the new restaurants that i try, all the new places I've been to, who I am with. I hope I can find time! To our passion! Cheers!
  4. Loislios

    Loislios New Member

    Thank you 'iamalwaysthankful'. I wish you everything that is good too!
  5. Loislios

    Loislios New Member

    Gelatooo, you're right about writing being a stress reliever. I do hope you find the time, dear. A small tip: write one sentence on what you loved most about the person or place(s) as soon as you leave. Just one. Next day, write another... Here's to your 'timing' success! Much love.

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