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  1. stunner28

    stunner28 New Member

    If someone out there could grant me a wish. I wish that someday you will come back to me. And I will hold your heart here in my hand for the longest time and there’s nothing more I could wish for because you are right here in my heart.

    I just missed to be with you always. A thousand sweet words, a counted fighting, the unforgettable moments that we’ve gathered, a thousand tears. All of those will remain a memory to me. I just miss you that much.

    I’m still hoping for ” the love is sweeter than the second time around.” where I can gained more hope, more miracles, more anything about you and us.

    I hope and I wish that you will read this, smile and said” Hi, Vince. Thank you” – thank you for loving me.

    There’s nothing wrong in loving you secretly. All I know is, I am much more me when I’m with you.
  2. Vashuan

    Vashuan New Member

    A one sided love refers or connotes self-centeredness. A relationship, in any kind, if one is so one sided as he/she overwhelms or over powers in his/her relationship, absolutely it won't work. Love is not over powering. It requires balance in all aspects in order to keep and to make a relationship to grow.
  3. Cee Jus

    Cee Jus New Member

    Let us never forget.. Love without evidence is just stalking, and that whole "hold your heart in my hand.." bit on the Jeffrey Dahmer side, might creep em' out, but hey, keep your head up Nicholas Sparks-ish.
  4. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    I feel pity for those who has the experience of one sided love. It's about the love that is not worth fighting for. If you can feel that your parnets doesn't love you the way you love them, you must set them free because in the end you are the one twho is going to suffer.
  5. ofunemama

    ofunemama New Member

    Love is suppose to be reciprocal.If the love is not both sided there will be no fun in the relationship.This is because it takes two to tangle.

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