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Discussion in 'Internet' started by Cristy Fetalino, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Cristy Fetalino

    Cristy Fetalino New Member

    Is it possible to find True Love thru on-line dating or social media?
  2. kizha

    kizha New Member

    It's possible but not 100% safe. There's always a risk in online dating because we never know if they're telling the truth about their selves. But I'm a witness of true love happens in dating site, that foreign guys come and marry their online girlfriend. But I've also seen news about killing during meet ups, rape, hold upping and other crime. So we can't really be sure about it, maybe if they have a good and genuine intention then they should prove it. Just don't trust too much.
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  3. jmb1531

    jmb1531 New Member

    Online dating has revolutionized the way singles meet. With the challenges of dating in today's world, more and more people are turning to the internet. One of the numerous benefits of online dating is that many of the communication and even location barriers are playing less and less of a role in people's relationships. We live in a world that is ever evolving and using dating websites to develop relationships is becoming increasingly common.We encourage the idea that true love finds itself, and support anyone who prefers traditional methods of meeting people and dating. However, the world is a very large place and the chance of encountering your soul mate in your day to day life is small, especially if you are busy or overly shy.
  4. markdelamen

    markdelamen New Member

    Finding True Love will come on it's way. Online dating on the other hand is some example where you can meet someone that can be your companion. But, it doesn't mean that you will do it for the sake of finding True Love. Online Dating (also known as Internet dating) is a way for people to find and contact each other through the Internet to arrange a date. There are dozens of online dating services available. Each one has a slightly different marketing approach, so beware of selecting.
  5. jedmacrox

    jedmacrox New Member

    I met my girlfriend on Facebook. Her god mother is the one who basically introduce us, we started talking on facebook and became friends on facebook. For a whole year we just talked on facebook and then we began calling eachother. Until one day, about a year later, I decided to meet her in person, and that day was our first date, my first meal cooked by her, our first kiss, and it was the day we became boyfriend and girlfriend. It has been 7 years already and she is now my fiance. Everything started on Facebook, and I really thank online social media for this.
  6. Im_a_morena

    Im_a_morena New Member

    Online dating is part of the advancement of technology in this era and it's something almost ordinary to us nowadays. I used to join an online dating site. Honestly at first it's nice because it enables your to met many new friend just online and discuss anything under the sun, some are even foreigners who said to be looking for wives. I was also able to have a serious relationship with the guy that I dated online for a few months but when we finally met personally , I found out that he is totally different to the guy I think I know while chatting online and it disappoints me. We did not see each other anymore after that first met and I blocked him because of the bad experience I had with him.

    I know that we should not generalize the people around us, we might date a bad guy online and eventually date a good one next time but for me dating online is very risky, we should be very careful and vigilant because online dating can be very deceiving, and most importantly it might put your life in danger.
  7. wunnam

    wunnam New Member

    Sometimes Online dating is very good because, some men feel shy to stand before a lady to propose to her but if it is online it will be very easy to feel free and tell her all that you want.
    Also if it is online, you have a lot of freedom to choose from a lot of choices by considering some factors such as : the age, hight, skin color, face looks and a lot of things.
    I have a friend of mind who got married trough the help of facebook and they now blessed with two children.
  8. Subhumanly

    Subhumanly New Member

    My personal experience with online dating platforms is that yes, it's possible to find the person meant for you. I did. However, most of what you'll be weeding through are people who always expect the world to be given to them in the form of the perfect partner without even being cognizant of it. My girlfriend and I were both skeptical about making connections with strangers online, but we ended up doing so in a big way. I don't know whether I'm extraordinarily lucky or merely persistent with my weeding-through process. Probably a combination of both. You better be willing to try to look your best though, because most people are going to be paying attention to your pictures more than anything else about you if you choose to use dating apps. First impressions are everything.
  9. ContentGuy

    ContentGuy New Member

    There was a time when a young man might only have 2-3 ladies within walking distance. He would choose one to court, and that would be who he would likely marry. Attending school as a teen is a fairly recent thing if we look back through history. Now, this greatly widened the opportunity to meet others. As more people moved to cities, there were vastly more choices. Someone would have a wider circle of friends and coworkers. Yet all of these things still resulted in a fairly small chance of meeting the perfect partner.

    Then along comes the internet and in the period of a few years, dating was changed forever. We now have the opportunity to reach millions of people. We meet others from different cities, states, and even countries. I myself am an Amercian that married a Filipina. This wouldn't have happened if not for the internet.

    So yes, I believe it is quite possible to find true love online. :)
  10. Hey Cristy Fetalino,

    To answer your question, I guess online-dating is a very personal thing. Certainly, it might be a very doubtful path, if you are not cautious enough. We all have heard about the spam websites and horrible disastrious stories about online-dating, nevertheless, there is always the other side of the coin. People do find true and forever lasting love on the internet, you might be able to read these stories and be taken away by the romantic fairy-tale.

    It is true that in our generation, media access, internet and a vast variety of platforms, allow us to connect with people all over the globe. However, if you are thinking in getting to know the love of your life in the internet, certainly you cannot avoid the real exam. That is to meet this person in real life and interact with him/her without any filter. I mean you can also pretend to be someone who you are not, but it is my belief that sooner than later, once you spend a certain time with someone the true colors will be revealed.

    The only way to find out if it is really for you is to give it a try. Take your precautions and go for it, you might end up being the new fairy-tale love story we read all over the internet.

    Hope you find this inspiring and helpful.

    Best wishes,

    SCOLUCCI New Member

    I would say it's absolutely possible, but not probable. At first, Tinder was super exciting and fun, but it quickly fizzled into something unrecognizable. I used to actually plan to meet up with guys, and got excited when conversations reached a more serious level. Now however, I login sporadically which eliminates any chance of an ongoing conversation. When I do return to tinder my messages are overwhelming, and I have trouble responding. In addition, the conversations tend to die out after a while, without even a single in-person date. It's more of a portal to male attention for the time being, as I do enjoy occasional conversations with men and their flattering comments. For those people who still take it seriously and actively seek legitimate real-life meetups, i'd imagine the odds are pretty high of meeting someone halfway decent and falling in love. For those like me, it looks a lot more bleak.
  12. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    True love can be found everywhere, online dating is just another way, and a good way to people that are normally shy, to people that a specific date, and a bunch of other options, of course. Of course you see a lot of scam and fake profiles, that in between those scams and fake profiles, there are millions of persons trying to find their love, or just some normal and simple relationtship. It is up to dating website to get rid of the fake and scam profiles, even if there are website who create the fake profiles (bad for business), but that is it. Love is everywhere, even in online dating.
  13. EmmiJadeShow

    EmmiJadeShow Member

    Possibly, but it seems doubtful. The idea has always, so unromantic to me. I don't want to tell our story someday and be like "yeah, we met on those apps people use mostly for hooking up".

    Plus, sites like eHarmony, for more serious dating, scam and take advantage of people who just want love.

    I've tried lots of forms of online dating, and all I ever get is harrassed.
  14. It's possible, I think. And why not? In a world where city-dwellers are so busy making ends meet, it is almost impossible for them to find time to meet someone new. I have friends who met the love on their life through online dating apps, Facebook even, and I consider it a very convenient way for modern people to find love. I'll admit that it's easier to come across scams online, but then there's still a chance to find true love. The key is, be honest, and never stop trying. Do not look for a person with physical charms only; look underneath the surface and see if they have got a good heart. It is only then that you can find love through online dating sites.
  15. Retspihied

    Retspihied New Member

    I've been using online dating sites for over a decade at 26 years old. I've met so many women and have some good and other not so good experiences. I'd say it depends on your location and whether the person you are meeting is honest and up front. To me, online dating is either hit or miss.

    My advice is don't lose hope if things don't work out with someone you meet, get back out there!
  16. chillbreak

    chillbreak New Member

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that it is very possible to find the love of your life on dating websites and apps, but only if you are willing to make things work. Well, that's also true for almost every relationship, dating-website based or otherwise. I met my current girlfriend on Tinder and we've been together for 2 years now. To be honest, things were a little complicated at first, they didn't start off exactly like a very romantic affair, but we both started to care for each other and made our best to make the relationship work. Plus, using a dating website gives you a much better chance at finding a more compatible person, as you have good filters and you get very selective if you are serious about dating someone out there with the intention of getting a serious relationship.
  17. for me can be complicated or can be possible to found someone in in online dating but make sure you have stable communication, you still video calling. Better be safe its because there are so many strangers in the online that can scam you. So better be safe.
  18. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    It is very possible to find true love on the internet. There has been testimonies of thousands of people who found love on the internet. Online dating is a good avenue for people who are too busy to socialize or too shy to approach the opposite sex to get the chance to meet their dream man or woman. My brother met his wife on social media five years ago and today they are happily married and blessed with a set of twin. Though In some cases it does not work out for some people especially those who are thousands of miles away from each other due to different reasons. I would say communication is key.
  19. travelingfortwo

    travelingfortwo New Member

    I am very interested to these topic and I decided to share with you my story. It is some kind of personal stuff that must be kept but it might be an inspiration to others out there, and now it made me think to write it here.
    I am this kind of person when it comes to relationship I set my standard to the highest level. That's the reason that keeps me single all the time. If I have a suitor I will do my background checking before I say "YES" in fact I caught not just one guy but 5 guys who courted me as a liar. I found out they lied to me, one of them have a kid but he didn't told me, one has a baby too, the other has pregnant girlfriend and one was engaged. Luckily, I am good! I am not that lady who turns red in every sweet words a man could tell, so I wasn't a victim. My standard keeps me being single and that's the reason i decided to join an online dating, I was a member for 2 years and of course I met few bastards online, few of them ask a sexy photos, they ask for social media account, they ask you to video chat with them. Honestly, I hate video chatting and I really do not trust to give my account to them eg, Facebook. I only talk to them to that online site.
    I was disappointed too in the online dating because I couldn't met the one my heart desire so I decided to switch off and give up my dreams to meet my prince. Before I decided that thing someone sent me a short message asking me to give him a call which I found it different because most of the man who message me will wrote 2 to 3 paragraphs.
    That man who is the last person who message me before I decided to leave the site is my future husband now.
  20. russell

    russell New Member

    Yes, it's possible to find true love with online dating. Online dating is the digital version of pen pal. In old days they called it pen pal, people who regularly write to each other, particularly via postal mail. You have to wait for weeks sometimes months for a postman to deliver your letter. I've known many couples met each other and got married using pen pal. Most of the couples where from different countries fell in love with each other by writing letters, sending pictures via postal mail. I gave emphasis on pen pal just to give an idea that people met their true love writing letters without seeing each. And love knows no boundaries, love does not accept limitations, it doesn't matter when or how you've met, what matters is that you fell in love and accept each other unconditionally. So it is very possible to find true love with online dating.
  21. JepoyBadua25

    JepoyBadua25 Member

    Online Dating website is one way for Single People to look for their perfect match in life.. some people had a good experience meeting their partner online while some are not and failed.
  22. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    Online Dating is fun. Maybe it is not for everyone but if you are lucky enough, you may meet your one true love through that way. As long as you are open to this kind of dating and meeting new people, who knows? it will work for you.
  23. jparag777

    jparag777 New Member

    I think that online dating can be the first step, when you are searching your potential partner, but you invariably have to meet the person at some stage. Online dating however is undoubtedly the most easy and effective way to start a relationship. You can pick someone who is like minded and who meets your basic expectations and then take it forward from there. We all know about the instances where the system of online dating has been abused and misused but a slight amount of caution and alertness can keep you safe from a fraudster. I think it's the best option for all the singles , especially today , when our life has become very busy and finding time for social activities has become very difficult.
  24. Rahul1983

    Rahul1983 New Member

    A man can't experience passionate feelings for somebody he or she has never met face to face. You can visit for quite a long time, days, even months or years on the web, and that incorporates Facetiming. You can really, really, really get to know someone, and the potential for real love can certainly be present.
  25. Sgdadu

    Sgdadu New Member

    Though online dating has become common these days,it still can't beat face to face dating in that It is tricky to be sure of the person you find and date online since you will not be sure whether even the photo aploaded belongs to them or its just to sugar coat beauty for purposes of portraying a fine lady or a handsome and masculine man! Many times guys date online for some time until the day comes for them to physically meet, and it is when they get their lifetime shock and they be like; Are you the one I have been talking to??? that photo on Facebook really yours?....It then leads to heartbreak of its kind! I prefer dating someone you can see, can pay surprise visits just to know the real them since many tend to camouflage just to impress the potential partner!
  26. jr21bautista

    jr21bautista New Member

    Online dating was created in the internet so that different people will meet, talk and know even they are far from each other, using the internet and online dating sites. When i was desperate and depress from a break-up i decide to join and register to many online dating sites such as tinder and christian filipina dating, for me to meet new people from other races and country. At first i enjoyed swiping right or left and even chatting with guys i meet online. Then i meet this man Cris who is already 47 years old that time. At first i don't like him because his too old for me but later on I started talking to him and entertain him because i really like his sense of humor. After 5 months i decided to stop our communication since i found out that he is lying and he is already married and have 5 kids. I was disappointed and never did online dating again. The truth is not all ladies or guys joining in online dating have a happily ever after in the end. The disadvantage of online dating is that people tend to deceive you since you are not together and you don't know his/her real attitude off the camera. But not all people in online dating are liars or bad person so we should not loss hope. My simple advice for those who are planning to start online dating is just don't take it seriously so you wont be affected to much when it will not work.
  27. Mayouf

    Mayouf New Member

    I do not agree with the On-Line Dating. I prefer to date or meet in person. I think that came from our culture in Egypt, but everybody I met, who did fell in Dating On-Line, their relationship failed.
  28. benjohn

    benjohn New Member

    Everything is possible when it comes to the internet. It makes our world small because we can connect to people from all over the globe with just one click. It also widens our universe at the same time because we can explore everything thru surfing. Dating, yes, dating is not an exemption to this. You can now easily find a date when you're online. I have tried dating apps and I have to say it did work for me. I have met a lot of lovely people thru online dating. But we have to be careful of course, never trust anyone you meet online that quickly. The internet has given us a lot of opportunities, and that includes finding our true love. I may not have found my soul mate yet, and I know it is silly to say this, but the online world is keeping my hopes high.
  29. coaxmetal

    coaxmetal New Member

    Yes, definitely.

    I don't understand why online dating gets such a bad rap. It is vastly superior than traditional dating. When you date a total stranger, you have weed through a lot of random people to get to the truly viable candidates. With online dating, all that stuff is done automatically for you. That way, you don't have to waste time dating someone, only to find out at the 10th date that they are completely incompatible with you.

    Also, online dating is a lot more objective. For example, a lot of people mistakenly believe that having "butterflies" in your stomach is "true love", when in fact it's merely anxiety.
  30. elsenbetingue

    elsenbetingue New Member

    In my opinion, I don't think one can feel love through online dating. We can always fake our appearances and characters behind the monitor, what more faking feelings? Don't get me wrong. I know some people found their true loves through online dating sites and actually stayed together but not ever people is lucky enough to find love.

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