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    Hi,if you are looking for legitimate online job try upwork,freelancer,weworkremotely, a platform where you have to offer your skills.Job includes;data entry job,social media manager,graphic desighner,customer service,and a lot more it depends on your skills and expertise.If you are also good on captioning and transcription you can try applying at,scribbie,gotranscript.
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    I too am looking for an online job, but in reality it's really hard to find one not to mention all the scams. But I do wish that those legit sites that offer legit jobs make it easier for people to acquire the job. Some online job seekers do have what it takes to do the job but the requirements to acquire the job itself is unreasonable especially for those easy tasking job or data entry job. And you know what they say that it doesn't take a genius to screw a lightbulb.
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    If you are looking for a good website which really pays you then the best option is which really pays a good income against quality assured blogs and articles. Bitlanders is one of the greatest website which is paying its customers a good income. You just have to write blogs and articles and submit them to the editorial team for review. You will be paid in PayPal and you can earn a good revenue here. Here is the link to join Bitlanders for free.
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    Hello, I had been searching a lot of ways too to earn extra income. Sad to say, there are so many sites also that are not legit and sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge them right away. But since, you are with Postloop now, I think this site will definitely help you.
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    If you are like me, it can be confusing and overwhelming the amount of online work websites. One place I have found to be very helpful is the Work Online subreddit (/r/WorkOnline). It is how I came upon this site in the first place. There are many beneficial posts there about different websites, with reviews and information. It is also helpful that you can easily see personal reviews of many different websites you may want to work for. I'd recommend it as a good place to start when looking for online areas to work.
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    Hi, friend if you're looking for an online job there are a lot out there but it depends on your preference are you only looking for to make a small amount of cash or are you looking for a fulltime online job. I have a couple of sites to recommend.
    here is a link I hope I can help.

    but my personal favorites are.

    there are a lot of jobs out there you can be a freelancer, digital artist, graphic designer. doing voice over. transcribing audio and many more. It really depends on your skill for you my friend I would suggest if you have a certain skill that you can use to earn money try applying on you can do freelancing work in their website the minimum pay I see around $5 per work. Just keep searching for online jobs.

    I hope you will find a good online work that suits your preferences
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  8. Ric

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    Steady is a good platform you can find in google playstore on your phone. It has multiple legit avenues of work. Examples are work from home, courier positions, warehouse, and labor. I have it on my phone, but I work for myself. I just did my homework on it in case I need to ever use it. Anything any of us tell you look at a review on and do your homework like you are a star signing a contract.
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    There are a huge amount of freelance sites out there. I have experience with and They're 100% legit but remember they're a platform where anyone can post a job offer, it's hard to totally prevent scammers to be there. There is more competition on Freelancer than Upwork since anyone can create an account and start working right away and on Upwork you need to get accepted to bid on projects.

    You can also join Facebook groups for remote jobs. They share a bunch of useful information there like lists of companies that hiring remote workers.
    You can try this out, best of luck!
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    Hi! If you are searching for online jobs that are totally legitimate just browse freeeup and upwork. They are online job platforms which allow you to search for online jobs that can match your skills.
  11. Artemis456

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    Hi. Will there be an interview in freeup? or upwork?
  12. Dledg

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    I place where you can make money without being scammed
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    For me
    1. John Holcroft / Getty Images. ...
    2. CareerBuilder is one of the largest job boards, providing job listings, resume posting, and career advice and resources to job seekers. ...
    3. Dice is the leading site for tech job seekers. ...
    4. ...
    5. Google for Jobs. ...
    6. ...
    7. ...
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    You can try FreeeUp or Upwork if you're looking for some high paying jobs. Just make sure to sell your skill well as usually being hired on those platforms depends on how well you sell your skills to the clients.
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    If you want to just write i can give you websites that offers descent money for every task. You will be writing what you hear from tha audio. These are the websites:

    There's another website where i also in, you will do small jobs like web research. This website is I hope this may help. Thanks.
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    do you know how much they pay?
  17. Todo123

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    1. they pay: FB Like $0.03 | Sign up $0.08 | Click $0.02 | Youtube Subscribe $0.04 | FB Comment $0.04 | Twitter Follow $0.04 | Instagram Follow $0.04

    2. - $0.75/minute
    3. - $0.80/min
    4. - $0.72/min
    5. - $0.10 per audio minute.
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    I looking for online job hoping to find here i need to earn big or amount thanks.
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