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  1. Daydreamradio

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    Does anyone use paid writing samples for clients requesting new work? How much do you typically charge for this per word? Also, do you find this helps or hurts your chances with a client? Thanks so much.
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  2. bomb2060

    bomb2060 Member

    @Daydreamradio, I tried a paid sample approach and it was not good. New writers come with a set of challenges that you would not like to expose your clients to. What I do nowadays, I give the new writers a 200-250 words free sample with varying titles that they should write and submit within a specific period of time.

    That way, you get to only deal with seasoned writers who will not mess you up. The samples they write I use them in a personal blog or forum to increase traffic.

    Always remember to acknowledge them on the piece, else they will start saying that you are exploiting them.

    When I post the article they write, I allow them to rate the posts. That way they will see how good or bad their writing is.
  3. I think you should always be original with your samples. The customer will expect you to produce content with the same standard that you have in your samples. Ethics, my dear, cannot be overlooked.
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  4. Tommyhara

    Tommyhara New Member

    It is a good way to show your clients know what you did and they will know what quality of services you will provide them. For me, I used to received many writing samples but seem only some fit my requirements on the fields that I need for my sites. Because some writers could not all fields they will know about thus I often ask experts in the industries and they will give me great articles/content.

    I saw more writers are using this way and it is working for me, It will help me to save time on checking their content without asking about their services. Also, this is a great way to tell your clients know about your sites and other services on it.

    I used to pay $5 for 500 words, sometimes $10 for 500 words or $25 for 1000 words, it depends on the quality of each writers. Some writers ask me for $300 for 1000 word article and when I checked their content, it is awesome and they are posted on big sites.
  5. Zawadi Melimeli

    Zawadi Melimeli New Member

    I used to pay $ 3 for 500 words, but I later discovered that the person who was helping me with grammar was also making a lot of mistakes and that was painful for me.
  6. sermlich85

    sermlich85 New Member

    I really wish I knew more about freelance writing. I don't really know what samples you are referring to or what purpose they serve exactly. It sounds like such an interesting way to earn some money. I don't mind writing. I enjoy working on the computer and typing. I wouldn't mind giving it a try.
  7. michaeemeka

    michaeemeka New Member

    well there are many sites on the internet that pay its members to write its no big deal just search the web and you would see thousands of site that pay members to write sample examples are yourcashchat, my lot etc i dont wanna refer you to any site just search the web and choose the one you like
  8. Goldenpen97

    Goldenpen97 New Member

    Paid writing samples is not really a good idea but you can give it a shot though.
    If you get lucky some clients will pay you for writing samples.
    Other clients might see you as over ambitious though.
  9. Anoetar

    Anoetar New Member

    It is quite new to me that some writers charge for sample work. All my life (lol), I have always given out sample articles based on clients requirements for free. Of course, I've been burnt a few times but 80% of my clients always come back to place full order.
    Maybe I am just lucky, maybe I am not.

    From a writer's view, sample articles generally are a way good way to rate how good you'd perform with your client's content needs. Chances are, if you face hiccups writing the sample article, you'd most likely have a bad experience with that writer. I always do it for free.
    The key is to be good at what you do and always deliver!
  10. I agree with what Lee Ann Hargrave mentioned in terms of ethics and creating that unique standard of writing that the client should expect. This is an important concept to gain new clientèle who will gain your trust and professionalism. As with Post Loop, quality, professionalism, hard work, grammar, punctuation, creativity, and attention to detail are crucial elements to making successful content. The only kind of writing that is worth writing about is that in which time and energy were truly invested in. Another tip is keep your writing content consistent and relevant to the requirements of the article. I promise everyone who is into writing articles these few tips will surely help you out! Remember to work hard and your hard work will be recognized. Thanks for reading!
  11. Dev Singh

    Dev Singh New Member

    Yes , I strongly agree with you paid sample writting is not recommended to try as sometime,,you may get low or no payment also in some case .Althrough u may try but join legitimate platform before try .
    Thankyou !!.
  12. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

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  13. Warren1967

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    It should be original and creative in it's content. You also have write something that the public is interested in. You have to give all that you can in every article that you write. Competition is tough right now. You stand out from the rest if you are going to succeed.

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