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What would you do?

  1. Most likely will help

  2. Most likely will not help

  1. aybhecarpio21

    aybhecarpio21 New Member

    Would be all-heart willing to help. I'm also a newbie in this type of field and have learned that having an Paypal account is necessary. When I made my account I searched for video guiding me how to make one to avoid mistakes I carefully read each instruction as well, that is why I be all-heart willing to help those having struggles on creating an account because I also had help making my own. It's a cycle you know, do good on others and they will be good to others too and it goes on and on.
  2. Hachikoyoshiko

    Hachikoyoshiko New Member

    For me it's 50/50. Giving help is definitely the right thing to do and it breeds good relationship with other fellow members but on the other hand, always giving help tends to result to providing multiple answer to inquiries or topics that were already answered multiple times. I would say it's best to give help on certain inquiries or topics that are new and has not been answered by any one of us. It also help us maintain our forum neater and avoid multiple topics related to same concerns. Also, I believe in the power or reading first before asking as it helps you to become independent. Only ask if you are already on the dead end but if there are answers already showing then take time to read first.
  3. Elandar

    Elandar Member

    i dont think my national ID would work because i used my student ID but i works hahaha
  4. DennisLangat

    DennisLangat New Member

    i think pay pal is easy to use in both paying and receiving money online.
  5. joseph19

    joseph19 New Member

    I would definitely want to help someone if I could. I know personally i like to browse,read and try to figure it out myself but there are always times where i ask someone. Asking can be the fastest way and easiest to learn, also sometimes might be the only solution left. With that in mind, of course i would want to help someone just as i would want to be helped.
  6. ammabee

    ammabee New Member

    I'll definitely help if someone needs help. If I know the answer I'll teach him the process to get the answer. Give a man a fish and he will survive a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will survive forever. And if I really don't know the answer, I'll try to research first before giving any information or else he will do the wrong thing.
  7. civecare

    civecare New Member

    Everyone started as a new member, familiarizing how postloop portal works needs instructions not only from forums but also from individuals who really know how to set things here,like how and where to put your PayPal account in order to get what you've earned. It is best to help new members concerning accounts. Being a newbie myself, I'm into reading post here to learn more. And setting up my PayPal account is one concern for me. I am glad to know that many people are willing to help newbies,like this one.
  8. phcute

    phcute New Member

    Thank you for fast Response Admins :)
  9. Hey dear, having problems with your PayPal account?
    I have few tips to help you with it . If you are wondering why you have limits to making payments, receiving payment and so on, it's because you need to verify your account. If you want to verify your account, you can do that by veryfing your PayPal email address and credit card and also by adding a few security details. Hope it helps.
  10. rrefalcon9

    rrefalcon9 New Member

    Paypal account is my favorite online transaction account because it helps me a lot interms of online shopping of transferring my money without hassle. Paypal account can help a lot to the people who are engaged in some business industry because it serves as one of their instruments to make their business works easier and become more convenient.
  11. cious13

    cious13 New Member

    It is my first time to use paypal. its quite difficult for me to register since i do not have any card but luckily i did it whew.. i am hoping that paypal will continue serving a good reputation.
  12. Yordles

    Yordles New Member

    Since you guys are talking about this, I have a question about paypal,. Does my account need to be verified with a credit card to be able to cash money out of postloop? Mine is not and I'm not able to get a credit card so it's important for me to know if I'll be able to get money from joining to this website. So please if any of you can answer me, I would really be thankful.
  13. Im willing to help others thats here have a forum for tutorial and guides for a newbie who cant know or first time you read forum for tutorial or guides or make a post then many member here will answer your question. In Paypal you cant withdraw your paypal money if you dont have a bank account because Paypal will send the momey thru your banck account with the minimium cash out of $10 and they have a fee for withdrawing your money in paypal. Important things is if you connect a bank account in paypal make sure the bank account you connect is your name. So open a bank account theres so many bank company offer a lower price to open and account amd other dont have maintaining balance required.
  14. jonathan02

    jonathan02 Member

    for me even my new using PayPal it is more convenient to use to me. but before I have a PayPal It was hard to make itbecause I don't have a bank account that's fits on PayPal, so Ihad to run to a bank that PayPal requires to. and I need to wait a 1 week to get my new bank account but when I get it use PayPal easy for any of my transaction,
  15. Yssandra

    Yssandra New Member

    Why not? I started my Paypal account without guidance thus I encountered problems that could have easily prevented if I have someone or something to check on first. Fortunately I was able to activate my account with the help of other bloggers so i would not think twice to do the same.
  16. angel.says

    angel.says New Member

    Reading the instructions and at the same time giving them tips can really be helpful to every one.. I like them to first read the instructions and if they have questions i can help and also i can give a example of may mistakes and achievement to encourage them in there newbie life.
  17. luislover8

    luislover8 New Member

    PayPal allows us to store money in your server as if it were a current account. PayPal is considered a service to the seller, so it is a way to facilitate people selling their products abroad and receive foreign currency for them, without the cumbersome paperwork that would involve opening an account in a physical bank. That is why for every transfer received in our PayPal account will charge a commission of 0.5% + $ 0.3.

    That is the only condition to receive payments with PayPal, which does not represent many inconveniences taking into account the benefits of having an international account for our business. PayPal has two types of accounts: business and personal type. The first one has special benefits for companies. Not only does it offer a purse, but also several financial analysis tools very useful to keep the accounts of our company. It is an account in which you can move a lot of money.
  18. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    Yes! I will. Helping each other is the easiest way we can help other people. Just like me, first when I heard about Post-loop I doubted, but with the help of a good friend then I am good with it now. Sometimes when you try to sign up for a particular site there is a time that you find it's hard to navigate during the application or sign up process. And honestly, during my sign up here at Post loop it takes like an hour for me. It's really funny though but I never gave up because I know it's worth my effort.
  19. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    I want to share to you my personal experience in opening a PayPal account.I will teach a you step by step process on how to open an account in PayPal. I hope this post can help you. First thing to do is go to the official website,, click sign up and you will see the picture below, click get started upload_2018-6-8_9-36-22.png
    Then fill up all the necessary details it ask you.
    you can add any card you have if you like, if you do't want you can just click " I'll this later".
    then Tada! It's done you can now use your paypal account in any purpose you like.

    Feel free to ask me if you have a question regarding on opening your papypal account. tnx
  20. joyceolindo

    joyceolindo New Member

    To register in PayPal wasn't that hard especially now that they offer an app which is easy to use and open.
    If you need some help regarding this matter, I can help you 'till you get it. Just don't forget to register and always remember your email and password. PayPal is a big help especially to us working and being paid through PayPal.
  21. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    I am new here so I still don't know all the tactics and style to earn real money so I am willing to read all the discussion that might help me someday.
  22. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    yeah paypal it is very helpful but i dont any funds but i struggling someday i have funds here in post loop forum. Actually paypal one is recommended using this for processing payment for transactions buy or send money.
  23. Mrox

    Mrox New Member

    i will help one if i will be in that situation what will i am going to do,cry? af course i will go for help. remember the golden rule of Confucius.
  24. Zeus20

    Zeus20 New Member

    Based on my experience in registering in PayPal, you must be 18 years old and above, you must have national ID or certificates it is required. And for you for you to have a certified PayPal account you must connect your PayPal account into your bank account for it to be be certified. Don't worry about your registration in PayPal as long as you have all their requirements you can register.
  25. AdrianClark

    AdrianClark New Member

    For me, helping someone who's in need is very important. So if someone in the future might need my assistance on how to navigate this site, I will not hesitate to lend a helping hand. It will make this community better and it will also make everyone successful on their personal endeavor. I'm also new to this site and I would love to hear anything from all the tenured and active members in Postloop, professional advice is a big plus for me.
  26. JaKeith05

    JaKeith05 New Member

    Just watch videos and read articles about paypal. You will know it directly.
  27. EscortPay

    EscortPay New Member

    Definitely, I will have done. It's like a duty for making others good because they are just a beginner when they join. I have even a helpdesk system in another forum where I try to help any beginner to get into this internet world and learn something.
  28. Edwin Montañez

    Edwin Montañez New Member

    I would suggest this step to have an efficient and effective in Paypal Account. The only thing that I want to suggest is to read first the terms and conditions for you to be able to not over think and be guided for what you will do. Secondly is to be patient for all the works that you will do the transaction you will do. Third is take it one step at a time, don't be nervous and just do it with your heart. Fourth is be patient. And lastly is to believe in your self that you can to that. It's nice if you watch in youtube tutorial.
  29. sean525

    sean525 New Member

    I am new here at postloop and also new to Paypal. I created my account just once with hassle-free. I use Paypal for online shooping primarily. But I also use it for getting payments and sending money. I would love to help others. It's not that hard to give some helpful information to others. In my experience, whenever I ask for some helpful infos I get legit and trust worthy ones. I didn't get any trashy replies. But at the end, I still advice that reading the instructions first will definitely help someone when cteating a paypal account.
  30. GGK

    GGK New Member

    I am also a newbie here so I am too getting into this whole thing!
    But as soon as I get more capable of getting things I promise to share my wisdom!

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