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Discussion in 'Computers' started by edcel, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. edcel

    edcel Member

  2. denden024

    denden024 New Member

    both cellphone and personal computer is the best for the user.
  3. keeshiabels

    keeshiabels New Member

    i love cp. i love android phone its help me with it and easy to handle anywhere
  4. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    I love both cp and pc they are useful in my online job and doing my report. Documentation ang communicating to others.
  5. jetc56311

    jetc56311 New Member

    I love both but cellphone is better because you can bring it anywhere.
  6. markedizon

    markedizon New Member

    personal computer because u can do all of your requirements i your school
  7. CMB1990

    CMB1990 New Member

    I prefer Cellphone specifically Smartphones it can do almost anything what Computer can. It's smaller so you can bring it anywhere you want and it has its own internet connection so you won't have to search for a Wi-fi. I still use Computer to do some paper works and playing games.
  8. cDada

    cDada New Member

    It depends. if you want high performance, the PC will use a lot of electricity. The TDP of a powerful desktop computer can range from 100 to 600 watts, or more. That's why high performance computer are plugged in to a wall they use a lot of power. They also generates a lot of heat, often requiring large heat sinks ( passive cooling) as well as fans or liquid cooling) while CP smartphones runs on batteries, which mean they have to use power as possible. It would not be feasible to provide raw, constant PC power by such a small battery. So the newest CP will not give you as much power as top of the line PC in the foreseeable future anyways. Mobile device are getting more powerful every day, but traditional computer will always have the performance edge due to consistent access to more electricity.
  9. bbon1125

    bbon1125 New Member

    Would you believe that almost all of the people outhere has it own CP. Having Cp is their way to communicate with their loveone or to others. Its is part of modern era. PC is a multi task component that you can do task more than CP.
    In my perspective, it depend on what is your purpose.
    Thank you.
  10. ivanjudge

    ivanjudge New Member

    They're both useful for our daily routine. There's plenty to do with Pc that can not be done by cp and can also be done with cp that can not be done on pc. But they are both needed in our day-to-day work especially today, where almost all of the work is done with technology.
  11. aloncamille

    aloncamille New Member

    I think we will have more benefits if we but pc, than cp. but then cp's are handy
  12. aloncamille

    aloncamille New Member

    PC have more functions than cellphones. but CP's are more handy, you can carry and used it whenever you want
  13. kahlee

    kahlee New Member

    pc for working,cp for mobile apps
  14. Apaciblerj

    Apaciblerj New Member

    cp i can you it everywhere
  15. yamazir98

    yamazir98 New Member

    Both cellphone and personal computer are important but if I were to choose one, I would choose cellphone. Cellphone is portable you can just put it on your pocket. And basically cellphone is everything. It is capable of most of the things that a PC can do. Cellphone is actually a mini computer. It is very flexible with its applications.
  16. junkun05

    junkun05 New Member

    It depends on the situation of comfortability. If you are comfortable in using either cp or pc then so be it. It doesnt matter at all which to use as long as you are happy. I use pc if i work in word documents and in different narrative reports for it gives me faster work for I already familiarize the letters of the keyboards. Unlike cp you require more time in finding the letters. Plus you have to press many times to get what the desired letter you want to. Cp processes slower compared to pc and also it has few ram storege compared to pc . You can buy the same amount of storage of pc by buying expensive phone because higher specs has greater amount of storage.
  17. VainMortal

    VainMortal New Member

    PC and CP has different uses depending on work, mobility and type of communication. But time will come when these techs merge into one and will fit in a capsule to be implanted onto your brain and connected to the matrix. Technology is moving so fast thus fulfilling the prophecy the "In the Last Days Knowledge shall Increase."
  18. animae

    animae New Member

    PC and CP are both useful and important but if I were to choose one, I would choose CP. Bec it is very handy and you can bring it with you anywhere. And also it is the number one gadget that we use to communicate with other people.
  19. Lovelee27

    Lovelee27 New Member

    I believe that PC is the best to use. Let's say PC it's not handy or portable to use but most of the website can view only in PC that Cp can't. But both are useful maybe it depends on status of a person which it can be use for work, for business or for study only. What important is you have the communication to the world. And it helps us to have a better and easy life. Technology is a big help for us when it comes in communicating.
  20. markb234

    markb234 New Member


    I believe that both a personal computer and cell phone have become staples in the daily life of the average person, each bringing their own set of benefits and detriments to the table. A personal computer is fantastic to have in the modern age, allowing people to work more efficiently in their tasks, although it lacks the mobility of a cell phone. Cell phones, on the other hand, are great for communication on the go as well as serving as transportable entertainment among other similar functions to a regular computer; the downside being they are less powerful and overall have less functionality than a computer.

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