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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Elliot, May 17, 2011.

  1. Elliot

    Elliot Guest

    What do you prefer? And why?!

    I honestly like both, I am an owner of a Gaming PC and and Xbox 360 and I enjoy gaming on both, what about you?
  2. uaneee

    uaneee Guest

    hello , i like both of them too. tbh i think pc is better for gaming cause of keyboard and mouse . but this is only my opinion and i respect users of both .

    ps: sorry for my english :)
  3. Graiden

    Graiden Guest

    I own a Wii Console besides my computer. I like the last one better, I enjoy gaming on both, but for more interaction and to play with others, Wii is better :). Too much fun and laughter, which you cannot get from PC. And you play with them, not virtually. Apart from that , PC is superior.
  4. TurkeySub

    TurkeySub Guest

    I prefer gaming on the PC, something about the controller that i just can't get into (I also own the 360 and PS3).
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  5. Qwk86gn

    Qwk86gn New Member

    While I like both PC and Console gaming, I rarely play on my PS3. Spend most of my playing time on the PC and usually only play games I have on STEAM so I can co-op with friends.

    Counter Strike Source was the main game that got me into PC gaming and I continued to play CS:S for around 6 years. Now that Valve has decided to kill a majority of the 3rd party mods with the big update I am no longer interested in playing it. To be honest there really isn't another game out there that compares to what CS:S once was. :(
  6. namZ

    namZ Guest

    I once had a PS2, but It was old days when I found out about cool PC games like Assasin Creed, Prototype, etc... so, now I like PC games better than console games.
  7. rad140

    rad140 Active Member

    Consoles are fun, especially when other people are around, but it's PC for me due to the sheer power and huge library of games.
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  8. ShadowMill

    ShadowMill Guest

    I have an Xbox 360 on which i play Halo Reach almost exclusively. It's extremely fun every time i play! Theres just something about rocket launchers and vehicles flying all over the place that just makes it epic. That being said... i still prefer PC gaming. I find the console fun, but not addictive, and find it more difficult / annoying when trying to play with friends.

    On PC however, all you need is Skype, MSN or something similar, and you and your friends can all launch the same game. Thats the deciding factor for me.
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  9. Phantom1352

    Phantom1352 Guest

    I enjoy playing both. I use my PC for mmo's and my consoles to play against my family :)
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  10. UserMobility

    UserMobility Guest

    I recently started playing on a console and I admit its very very hard to play FPS. That said there are other games which are very entertaining too. I specifically went for a console because it is compact and does not need upgrading every few months like a PC.

    Though the game graphics on PC are far much better.
  11. evano

    evano Guest

    I sold my PS3 last year. When I was younger it used to be great fun, playing online whilst talking to friends. Now however our lives have moved on and I just don't see the point in sitting playing games.

    Games only contain what the developers put in them whereas the internet probably contains nearly all the human knowledge there is.
  12. spidermartin

    spidermartin Guest

    I can't stand playing games on a PC. consoles are designed for games, use them for that.

    but hey, I also think that online play is dreadful. other people ruin games
  13. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    I'm primarily a PC gamer. PC gaming if my preferred choice because of the ability to crank up resolution, AA, AF, quality. Also most FPS games are better to play on PC because of the keyboard and mouse. The only reason I would have to play on consoles is if there was an exclusive game I wanted to play. For multi-platform games I prefer PC unless the game happens to run better on a console such as is the case with some poor console to PC ports.
  14. own3dbiaches

    own3dbiaches Guest

    I like PC more because the grafic is absolutly more exciting! I think consoles will kill the PC videogames and that's sad.
  15. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    What's sad is places like Walmart, Gamestop and other retailers have a pathetic selection of PC games compared to the consoles. PC gaming just doesn't get as much exposure even though PC gaming is clearly superior.
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  16. mcrickeo

    mcrickeo Guest

    Hard one because I love my xBox because of the Kinect and the Live options.

    It depends though I would have to say PC because I spend the majority of my time on that over the console.
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  17. Miles

    Miles Guest

    I prefer PC for games such as Portal as they give you more freedom and you can move around more smoothly, however I prefer console for FPS games such as Call of Duty.
  18. skEncrypt

    skEncrypt Guest

    Well i own all platforms: Wii, PS3, Xbox360 and PC but i find the majority of my time spent on the PC, the only time I'll ever play on my console is when i wish to play something which is exclusive to consoles or something that comes out on consoles a lot sooner than it would on PC.
  19. Ray Truo

    Ray Truo Guest

    I would say that an Xbox 360 would be better than a PC, but PC beats all the other consoles imo
  20. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    Another thing I like about PC games is that I can multi-task, such as browsing the web or running another application or game while playing without leaving my chair. It's more convenient for me, and there is even overlay applications that allow you to do whatever else without ALT+TAB'ing out of the game.
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  21. Brandon Anon

    Brandon Anon Guest

    Console...because..I don't know. It's just better.
  22. iron hide

    iron hide Guest

    I had been using PC for games and I like it too.
  23. Toshiharu

    Toshiharu Guest

    well it depends what im playing...my main games are for PC....i play all my FPS's on the PC cause tbh Mouse & Keyboard > Controler any day.......and for PS3 i play alot of Fighting games like SSF4, MK, MvC3 and Tekken... so you cant really say which is better..
  24. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    Some games I do play with a controller on PC, mostly third person games. I've always preferred to play Crysis with my Xbox 360 controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.
  25. Bureda

    Bureda Guest

    I've got a PC and a Ps3.

    However, my Ps3 (Even though in-front of my face) has gathered dust. There's some interesting titles for the consoles, however, once you immerse yourself in the PC universe, you just simply can't go back. Mainly because if a game irritated you, you can't simply go and edit an 'ini' file or google search and have your way with it!
  26. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    Yay for customization, modding and tweaking! :D

    That's why PC gaming is so awesome.
  27. phuron

    phuron Guest

    I prefer PC as I can do anything I want with it. Like chatting with your friends , surfing the internet. I'm now looking forward for Xbox360 but I don't have the cash to buy the console. Well for what I can see , xbox360 are also fun and addictive.
  28. kdspam01

    kdspam01 Guest

    I just don't see the point of investing in a console when a high-end PC can do as much as any + double up as my working machine.
  29. crunchycrack

    crunchycrack Guest

    Well if I should like Xbox 360, it's only because it's the platform having the exclusivity of the Alan Wake Game.
    Wait a second... I should hate for that !
  30. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax Guest

    I really wish Alan Wake and Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 would be released for PC. :(

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