Perfect love(sometimes is nonfiction)

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Frency, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Frency

    Frency New Member

    We all know some movies, series and books stories dont really match in reality. It's not that I dont believe in perfect stories but better to make your own love story than trying to do the other stories that you thought it can be yours.
  2. April81

    April81 New Member

    Yeah...perfect love its only comes in God's perfect time. Love is different from what we had seen in movies. Movies is scripted in reality we can't control what's gonna happen in the future. We all have our own destiny maybe that's the path were going through before we face the perfect one. We can't choose what's God already plan, we can improve it by helping ourselves and just have faith. Sometimes we thought that we already find the one but on the other side without the guidance of the Lord were ending up in the wrong person. We don't know that this is all trials to us if you can handle it well as I said without God's faith we are nothing. Because love is the greatest gift from God.
  3. miss_patatas

    miss_patatas New Member

    Is there such thing as perfect love? Maybe it's how people define it. I mean some would say that they may have experienced perfect love others may not be able to prove it. Even stories in films would not be able to define it. Films provide happy ending but they have to experience tragedies, rejection, betrayal and even lost. I don't believe that"s perfect. So again it's how you define it because for me the love you show to others once it reflects back to you is NEVER perfect, but it's love.
  4. Jannette Guzman

    Jannette Guzman New Member

    I do believe in perfect love, for me perfect love comes in God's perfect time. You dont have to search , you dont need to worry nor rush, cause if it is really for you it will come along. And when that time comes you will feel fulfilled and blessed because love has come your waay
  5. cristysua

    cristysua New Member

    Perfect love? I thinks its only in the book, but in reality, love will never be perfect. Pain is always there to follow. You can never find happiness without pain. You have to endure, sacrifice and accept the reality of life for you to be satisfied with love. God is the only one who has perfect love for me.
  6. Robe

    Robe New Member

    God's love is perfect love and is unconditional. Even on movies and stories,love is not always perfect, it always has up and down and a lot of challenges. Challenges are the most important ingredients in life,it is here that you learn your lessons and you become stronger everyday. Thru the challenges in life you can determine if a person has a true heart for you. Love or anything without a challenge cannot really show its true meaning and value. ​
  7. kaiinsyd

    kaiinsyd New Member

    perfect love comes only if both of you are willing to give and take, sacrifice and pride will be throw in the garbage, just stick to one and love your partner, there are many couples like that in the world and thats not a nonfiction. some say put a god in the center of your relationship and there is a chance that both of you will get the nonfiction realistic perfect life amen!
  8. perfect love? but no body perfect therefore it doesn't exist. its fictional. if you are ready to fall in love you should also prepare yourself get hurt to fail to be rejected because you cant force anyone to love you. its a thing beyond science others say you love because you need them to fill whats missing.
  9. Cristine Ann

    Cristine Ann New Member

    I do believe in that perfect love, it is nonfiction, but rare to find. Growing up, I witnessed that "perfect love" on my parents. I grew up that I never heard them shouting at each other. They are so in love that even though they don't have lots of money, even though they were so young when they got married, they never gave up on each other. The circumstances they faced together made them love each other more. They raised me and my siblings in a great way I can say. I love how they still never get tired of each other for 20 years that they're together. My mom loves my dad so much and dad loves mom as much as she do. They still go on a date sometimes, during Sundays we go to the church together. It really makes me happy when dad carries mom whenever mom tease dad that he's old. I wished to have the same love story as they have. They do fight but it never really lasted for a day. They get along so well, as if they share the same brain. I wonder how they managed to stay so in love with each other. I perfectly know that there's no such thing as perfect, but I guess my parents broke that, they're just perfect together.
  10. alice wonderland

    alice wonderland New Member

    There is no such thing as perfect in love. Every person and relationships have their own flaws. Love stories in real life is different from those stories that are found in fairy tale books that our parents used to read us when we were a child every night until we fall asleep. These kind of non-fictional story books were written the way we expect things to turn out. Remember we are living in a real world and this is the reality. But I do believe in happy endings when it comes to love, you just have to work hard for it.
  11. Realistic

    Realistic New Member

    Perfect love is an open illusion. Only a blind minded human can believe in perfect love. In life generally nothing can be perfect let alone love. The only perfect love existing is the supernatural love between humans and God. The normal love between man and woman that leads to marriage can never be perfect. It has too many flaws that cannot be tackled. Problems in humanity has made us be able to coexist with trouble. We are in a level where problems strengthen love. Indeed problems strengthen love, we have to fight to reach at a solution. Perfection is a common term when used robotic way. And as humans, we cannot operate as robots. That's the big difference that should fully explain why perfection in the human world is an imaginary term.
  12. rjay

    rjay New Member

    Perfect love is real for me. I believe it won't be given by people around us but by God who created and saved us. It is indeed wonderful and blessed to know that He is loving us amidst our imperfections but at the same time,its sad and painful to know others don't recognize Him as a Saviour and worst is that they don't believe in Him that is why other people don't believe in perfect love.

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