Philosophy of Education

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    The quality of education in a country contributes to a country’s economic development. The management of human capital is an investment that a country undertakes in order to sustain and improve economic outcomes. By optimizing the human skills, national outcomes are optimized as well. This idea necessitates that when investment is geared towards developing further the education of people, a country attains progress. By developing one’s education means making improvements in the kind of education delivered.
    The quality of education depends on the clear directions set in the national curriculum, an empowered teaching force manned by excellent teachers that are properly guided by supervisors, and conducive learning environment that fosters learning among students that includes materials, technology, and learning resources. Specific indicators of improving the national curriculum include the outcomes of subject areas which intend to produce skilled and competent graduates with the right attitude and values. The quality of graduates produced by educational institutions is measured through academic, vocational, and employment outcomes which lead to economic improvements. Given this principle, the basic move to target economic growth is the change and improvement of the national curriculum especially in the foundations years of schooling (from childhood to adolescence).
    The educational process depends on four fundamental aspects: the education institution, teachers, curriculums, and the students. These four aspects correlate with each other strongly. In fact, all aspects are being integrated into the educational process in any educational institutions. Each one of those aspects is working side by side to support the other aspect accurately. It is well known that an educational philosophy reflects a social philosophy. A social philosophy is considered as a plan to guide the educational process. A relation between philosophy and education is unclear; however, there is acceptance for this relations existence. Some people believe that education is a result of philosophical doctrines, and educators are, in fact, philosophers. Moreover, education is a process of keeping and transferring social heritage throughout history.
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