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What is PHP programming?

  1. PHP programming is complicated

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  2. PHP programming is easier compared to other programming language

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  1. Marc Blazer

    Marc Blazer New Member

    PHP programming is widely used when it comes to programming jobs online. How could PHP programming can be learn by the beginners? It is possible that PHP programming can be learn without enrolling in any schools? What is the first that would be done to learn PHP programming?
  2. krizzacruz

    krizzacruz New Member

    There are a lot of resources online about PHP. There are exercises that you can try, websites that you can build for yourself, and open source projects you can contribute to. It is possible to learn PHP without enrolling in any school, you just have to use your time to learn about it.
  3. danielcastilhos

    danielcastilhos New Member

    There are several online video courses about PHP but you should start with the basics like HTML5 , CSS and Java Script if you want to have a easier time learning those programming languages.
  4. fariqussalam

    fariqussalam New Member

    of course PHP can be learn without attending school. there are tons of resources that you could use to learn php . my personal recommendation is codecourse channel on youtube since it gives you in depth explanation to the tutorial, and the content of the tutorial is varying from beginner to advance. i personally learn a lot about Object oriented programming in php and CRUD Concept through codecourse

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