Physical Books or Ebooks?

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Physical Books or Ebooks?

  1. Physical Books

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  2. Ebooks

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  1. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    I think both physical books and e-books still it is a book that reads and feeds our mind anytime and anywhere
  2. Jmaxwell

    Jmaxwell New Member

    For the case of text, I could prefer reading a physical book, but when it comes to a novel, I mostly prefer them as ebooks.
  3. DavidusCicero

    DavidusCicero New Member

    I had an early kindle and nowadays a more open competitor model from Bookeen as I can put hundreds of books on it, bookmark, highlight and cite freely and be mostly independent on stores in the vicinity – I leave a bit remote, so libraries and such are hard to come by. It is just easier to carry this one gadget around than even a single book on my regular commutes.

    Then again, I don't read much new books, but more of the classics or even older texts like De Bello Gallico (Comments of Julius Caesar about his wars for the Roman Republic in modern day France) at the moment. Mixed with stories from independent authors of all kinds. Both not exactly easy to come by in a regular book store or at all if not as an ebook.
  4. jerahmeeltayag

    jerahmeeltayag New Member

    I personally like reading books rather than ebooks. Books give me the older days vibe, since it makes you concentrate more into reading, rather than finding beeps or notifications on your phone or tablet that would distract you from reading. Plus, I don't know why I really have a hard time understanding stories or information that are electrically written. I think the good old fashioned paper stimulates information better, that's why I always have chosen it. It also shows how I care and dive into the story, with the way I handle the book, my efforts on carrying it always and placing my cute bookmark. Book reading really gives me the ride I want whenever I read.
  5. Haslamendo

    Haslamendo New Member

    I still appreciate physical books. There's something special about having a book on a shelf that you can see and recall the time you spent reading it as well as the plot of the book as well. I've purchased some books multiple times just to have them around if I happened to have lost them.

    I can understand people's preference for e-books though. Maybe my mind would change if I invested in an e-reader. Most of my experiences with e-books are through web browsers using a phone or tablet. The backlight makes long reading sessions difficult.
  6. huangkoshu

    huangkoshu New Member

    I prefer physical books. Physical books can really help me a lot. I can learn so many things from physical books more than eBooks. I can bring wherever I go my physical books.

    In my physical books, I could smell its pages. I could write down my comments on the side. If I don't have internet connection I can still have access to read my physical books. Whereas with eBooks, you will have a problem when you don't have electricity.
  7. Bianca616

    Bianca616 New Member

    I prefer physical books. Although I am a millennial, I don't particularly love technology or really understand it all the time. I enjoy physical books because there is a sense of realness to them that I think helps with development of the story you are reading. Books have their own smell, texture, and uniqueness that you will not be able to experience with an e-book. I do find the value and practicality with E-books as I am a traveler and want to keep the weight of my pack down.
  8. Mr. Friendly Trendz

    Mr. Friendly Trendz New Member

    I love reading books, either physical books or ebooks. eBooks are often portrayed as being in conflict with physical books – the modern versus the traditional and function versus experience. However, it boils down which most convenient for you read and you'll enjoy most.
  9. JHablado

    JHablado New Member

    I like different kinds of books and for I prefer E books because you can avail it for free and writers have given opportunity to publish their skills in writing without spending for publishing company. E books are for readers convenience also because you can read them even just in your mobile phones by just signing up and logging in. You can also post comments for the improvements as well as for appreciation and you can also be a writer.
  10. bee.rthooyah

    bee.rthooyah New Member

    I personally go for E books. Although physical books are ok. E books has given me many advantages that I could not ignore. E Books are acessible through my smartphone, I could have easy access to it and doesnt take up much space. I could have thousand of e books but my only storage is my 6" smartphone while you need a whole building to store a thousands of physical books. E Books are relatively cheap than those of Physical books and you can copy it thru the use of computers. E books had help me a lot in my board exam thats why Im choosing Ebooks over traditional printed books.
  11. meekhil

    meekhil New Member

    For me, nothing beats the satisfaction of actually turning the pages of a physical book. I feel that this gives me sense of accomplishment. Being able to also see how much of the book I have already conquered likewise gives me a sense of exhilaration.
    While E-books may be more convenient and efficient, I feel that I am able to retain more of what I read when I'm dealing with a physical book. I can dog-ear a page, or write comments on the side, or even draw figures like lines and arrows. Call me sentimental, but I would always choose a physical book any time.
  12. Kiradude

    Kiradude New Member

    I prefer to read ebooks because its easy to read and you will not be bored in physical books though its appealing to read in physical books but you will be bore when you have one. And using ebooks can save your savings.
  13. ynaaast

    ynaaast New Member

    Physical books all the way. Although ebooks save a lot more paper and bag space, it just does not help me concentrate! I tend to get distracted easily and reading from a tablet isn’t much of help since it has a lot going on (notifications, apps, etc). There’s a certain sensation in holding a book, turning each page, and just getting lost with the book in itself. I love the smell of books, too!

    When I have no other choice though and I only have an ebook as a copy, I usually just print it out (using scratch paper, of course).
  14. amydyne

    amydyne New Member

    As for me, reading physical books was my preference a couple of years back. I used to love collecting new books as well as second-hand ones, paperbacks and hardbacks, even some comic books! It had been the greatest joy and hobby when I was younger. As the years and books started piling up, I regretfully noticed that the space where I could store my books was getting more and more restricted. And a little while later, I made up my mind to change my reading lifestyle.

    Since last Christmas, I have been carrying around a Kindle tablet everywhere. Now, my must-have items include my smartphone, wallet, keys and my reading tablet. It has altered my life completely. The idle in-between moments of my life are now filled with reading and gaining knowledge and it is all thanks to this device. After using it for almost 9 months, I can notice many self-improvements, such as a faster reading speed and comprehension of the texts.

    Additionally, Kindle and all e-book reading apps are great tools for language learners and polyglots. Dictionary features and later on, Word-Build apps help a lot with gaining vocabulary and keeping up your language skill. It's incredibly easy to look up an unknown word nowadays rather than using conventional dictionaries. And so much cheaper, as most language dictionaries are free.

    As a TL;DR, investing in a reading tablet changed the dull moments in my life and is greatly helping me with my language studies.
  15. Bhodzzz

    Bhodzzz New Member

    I prefer physical books because E-books cause eye strain.
  16. Coachcjay

    Coachcjay New Member

    I envy you because this sort of love for reading, is the kind I have always wished for. A sensual kind of love where you love the smell of the book, the feel of holding the book and sound of scrolling through its pages. I’m not a natural reader, I have to force my self to read and stay focused. I wish I was a natural reader.
  17. redexogen

    redexogen New Member

    While e-books are convenient for travel, I prefer the charm of a real book. There's a certain charm of turning the page, feeling the paper between your fingers. Even the smell of a book has a certain charm for me. Although if I'm traveling long distances, I'll take an e-book with me just for convenience.
  18. zane097

    zane097 New Member

    Both ways are convenient, however, it depends on the lifestyle of the reader. As for me, I prefer reading more on physical books when I want a me-time, meaning to isolate myself and indulge in the world of fiction. I mostly use ebooks in studying since it is convenient and it works for me.
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  19. alan.e.o

    alan.e.o New Member

    I read both eBooks and physical books. I like eBooks because they're more accessible and portable. If I don't care about keeping it after I'm done, i.e. textbooks, eBooks are perfect. I don't have to lug it around or bother selling it back. Plus, they're usually cheaper than used books.
  20. huangxinan

    huangxinan New Member

    I vote for eBooks. I believe that we are now living in a modern times. It is but fitting to use modern times gadget. That's why I choose eBooks. We are now into high technology world. You are left behind if you don't use eBooks.

    The contents of both are the same. Its just that physical book is made of paper. Whereas eBooks are written into a computer. This could not be burned unlike the physical books that can also be torn apart.
  21. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    Choosing between an actual physical book and an eBook is quite difficult because both would have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, if it were just me, I would probably be more of a traditionalist and would still go with a classic.

    Although eBooks would be known for its portability and easy access because all you need is a press of an electronic button and download a copy of the latest book that you are dying to read and you're set, I don't get to feel that sense of excitement that I would normally have when reading an actual book.

    It's that sense of experiencing a book every time you hold onto one. It seems childish but to go through the crisp pages and smell each one as you flip through it, it's almost poetic to put it simply.

    I have downloaded a few books online because of a simple reason-I have difficulty reading through fine print lately. However, even if I have the option to enlarge the font size, the funny thing is that I can't seem to finish a book. I guess I can't get to literally say that I'm holding on to a "page-turner" when I'm reading it from a tablet.

    So, if you ask me, although the innovative eBook offers a lot for the modern reader, I guess I'm an old soul when it comes to books.
  22. Weedz

    Weedz New Member

    I prefer reading an eBook more than a physical book. With an eBook, it is possible to read the book anywhere, it can be on your bed, at the sitting room or when travelling.
    It may not be possible to read a physical books in some venues. For example, when you are travelling and you are holding a physical book, some people you are travelling with may think of you as being a kind of ridiculous.
  23. asdada123456789

    asdada123456789 New Member

    As i mostly read novels or history books, i prefer e-books. But they are troublesome if you're going to read some text that has graphs, statistics or images; such as engineerings or medical books, because of the size of the e-readers and their hardware capacity. Another trouble that arises is the
    unavailability of some books that can only be found on paper.
  24. Nezza31

    Nezza31 New Member

    I preferred Ebooks because you can read anytime and anywhere using a handy tool like your smartphones. Most especially if you're a book lover who really enjoys reading then you don't have to carry much weight in your bag when you're not at home because Ebooks can be just downloaded in one snap on your devices, just connect to a wifi or your mobile data and you can read everything you wanted. Some Ebooks might also cost you like a typical buying of books to a bookstore but you can also have something for free, you just have to use your searching skills to look for a trusted website where you can read without paying extra. :)
  25. althealoui03

    althealoui03 New Member

    I prefer physical book. It's still feel good to have something that has nothing to do with with technology and I like to collect books while we still have papers, I don't wanna live where nobody uses it anymore because of gadgets.
  26. andras.nagy

    andras.nagy New Member

    I usually read Ebooks purely because it's a lot more convenient to carry a Kindle around and I can also switch between books whenever I want to. Once I'm finished with a book I will buy a physical copy of it that I put up on my shelf. If I feel like reading it again then I will read the physical copy. So in the end I would say that I like physical books more, it's better to read them and to collect them and they have a great smell, however because I can't really carry them around I tend to read Ebooks.
  27. Mars Tidges

    Mars Tidges New Member

    Some practical advantages of E-books are portable to the reader you can carry an entire library wherever you go, which is great for travelers or to those who want to choose a reading materials. On the other hand, reading traditional books has a number of benefits too. In additional of that, there is a nostalgia factor.
  28. dene728

    dene728 New Member

    I do prefer reading physical books even though they are bulky but the sound of every page being turned to excites me to turn to another page. I love the smell of the book being read also. Seeing those book being displayed in my bookshelves makes me feel proud finished reading it. And if comes a time I forgot the story of that certain book I'll go and get it on my shelves and back read it. Unlike in ebook if the memory of the phone is full I have to delete some of my books and have a hard time retrieving it in the same site. Although ebooks are handy being compiled in a smartphone, laptop, and tablets I do prefer to have my physical book in my hand it motivates me.
  29. kavitha123

    kavitha123 Member

    I love to read the both the way.Physical books is giving a friendly movement.But ebooks are giving the priceless download categories.
  30. cahopkin

    cahopkin New Member

    There really isn't any comparing the two, in my opinion, because they both have different strengths. Physical books are ideal when you have the time and space and sit down and relax, there just is something nice about holding a physical book, and Ebooks are far superior when you're on the go or short of physical space, but still want to read a good book. It's comparing a gourmet dining to fast food, they each have their own merits and neither are a replacement for the other. They compliment each other nicely though, and I enjoy having my pretty, nicely organized bookshelf at home, and also having Ebook copies I can read while on the go.

    Physical books are more gratifying to read, but Ebooks are more convenient. Also you can get away with spilling coffee on your kindle without destroying it, so yeah. There's room in the world for both.

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