Pizza or Burgers ?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Noel Angeles, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    I love both pizza and burgers but if I have to choose one, then its pizza for me. I like it thin crust and with lots of bell peppers and pineapple's on it.
  2. khazee

    khazee New Member

    I love pizza eihter thin or thick crust does not matter specially with a lot of cheese topping and a bit of hot sauce. Hmmm yummy.
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  3. angheloiudanut

    angheloiudanut New Member

    Be honest salad ...but pizza with cheese makes me forget the salad;)
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  4. almond

    almond New Member

    Both, I love pizza and burger but I regularly eat burger, Many fast food or stall serving burger it's very easy to buy burger in many place's compare to pizza. Burger with complete dressing is one of my favorite, maybe possible for me to eat only burger everyday in 1 month.
  5. Quick

    Quick New Member

    I love both of them but i love pizza more simply just bicause you get more from it. More meat more cheese and you can share it with your friends. But if im alone a quarter pound burger will surely make me happy
  6. KristianLim50

    KristianLim50 New Member

    A pizza slice is basically a cheese sandwich with a little tomato sauce and whatever other toppings you add to it. Usually that's things like pepperoni and/or other meat additives, and perhaps some kind of vegetable like olives, mushrooms, onions, etc.

    A hamburger is basically a meat sandwich with ketchup, perhaps other condiments, and whatever toppings you decide on. If that's pickles, cheese, fried onions and bacon, that's one thing. If it's lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion, that's another.

    All things being equal, I might give a slight edge to the burger, because one will usually do the job, while you will probably consume several slices of pizza for more total calories, and the additives to the pizza are usually piling on even more salt to an already salty food.
  7. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    I love both !. I love my pizza with lots of cheese.i dont like meat on it!and i like my burger with lots of onions and lots of veggies!. No mayonnaise is not a problem!
  8. jamprayer

    jamprayer New Member

    Both are mouth watering and delicious. I love pizza with thick crust and overloaded with cheese, pepperoni, bell pepper and pineapple on top of it. With the addition of chili sauce that gives the pizza that hot sensation with each every bite. On the other hand, hamburgers with cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce and dressing can be in par with pizza. But if have to choose between the two, pizza will do. Moreover, it is fun to share pizza with your friends.
  9. love224

    love224 New Member

    I love both! But if I have to choose between the two I would choose pizza. I like my pizza with lots of cheese and pineapple. And share it with your friends, and for me it s also a perfect pair for a cold beer.
  10. King25

    King25 New Member

    PIZZA!!! I'm more of a cheese person. Especially to freshly baked pizza. Mmm!!! The moment that hot pizza enters your mouth, then you can taste the melted mozzarella, the melted cheddar and really nice toppings.
  11. Holsz633

    Holsz633 New Member

    It would depend on where I was ordering to decide pizza or burger. I like both if they are prepared how I personally like them. Many places Id perfer a burger, but many others Id perfer a pizza. Yum. Now I am hungry.
  12. mjcn

    mjcn New Member

    I love both. However, I would pick pizza. Even a cheap pizza tastes good, but a good burger can be pricy. Also, pizza can be shared and burgers are for individuals.
  13. Felician Bless

    Felician Bless New Member

    From the experiences I've gotten in all the countries I've eaten pizzas/burgers I definitely choose pizza nowadays. The main reason for me is not even necessarily because of the taste but I like to see clearly what topping is on my food and the quality of it. With a burger this is often quite difficult to determine and sometimes you get bad surprises after taking the first bite..
  14. Khloeloe

    Khloeloe New Member

    Definitely, Pizza! It is my all time favorite comfort food when I needed the most. Still, both of them are delicious and will eat any of the two. Oh, want to grab a bite later this afternoon.
  15. diomon87

    diomon87 New Member

    Both pizza and burgers hold a special place in my heart, but when asked to choose between the two pizza wins hands down! I enjoy a Neapolitan style pizza best because of the simple fresh ingredients and the thin chewy crust. There is a Neapolitan style pizzeria close to my home that is very authentically Italian and it shows in the pizza they create. They employ a large traditional brick oven to cook the pizza in, which elevates the quality that much more!
  16. Rieis

    Rieis New Member

    For me it is pizza all the way! I love any kind as long as it's, "No Anchovies!" I am a youth pastor and any time I need to spend extra time with one of my young people I take them to the local pizza joint. Just the 'atmosphere of pizza' definitely helps to put them at ease, which then gives me the chance to get to know them better. Teens love pizza so it in turn also helps my credibility with them as well. ;)

    I am also a foster parent. The meal of choice on the first night of placement is most often pizza. Most kids love pizza so it helps them to relax and be less afraid to be in a strange house with strange people if they can have something to eat that they are familiar with. I always let them pick their favorite pizza. It seems to help them to relax and eases the trauma a little to get to have their pizza of choice.

    As you can see pizza is considered a comfort food in my world!:thumbsup:
  17. dashmequick

    dashmequick New Member

    Pizza is the winner here. I love a basic Italian margarita pizza with basil. Nothing beats the classic stonebaked authentic Italian pizza. Burgers are great don't get me wrong. But pizza will always be my comfort food after a hard week.
  18. Peaceful

    Peaceful New Member

    I enjoy both.

    Let's be honest, though -- Pizza wins. Always.

    There are SO many more ways to enjoy it and it's perfect for all moods and occasions. Team just won the game and need to celebrate? Pizza. End-of-workweek gathering with friends for drinks and...? Pizza, duh. Movie night at home with the family? Pizza. Bad break-up? Eat all of those feelings with two pizzas :laugh:

    I've made all sorts of delicious pizzas with uncommon toppings, too. Taco salad pizza, green bean casserole pizza, whatever.

    Also, pineapple does go on pizza and it is wonderful.
  19. ijba0913

    ijba0913 New Member

    I love both pizza and burger but i love burger more because it is meaty and it is a lot more.
    Having a bite on a slice of pizza is small and it is also easy and fast to chew.
    Eating a burger is different.
    One bite of it requires a big effort to open your jaw wide and chewing, all of it occupies all the spaces of your mouth.
    Burger is fun to eat and one big burger can make me full faster than one whole pizza.
  20. traceh

    traceh Member

    Wow difficult choice as I love both of them, but if I really have to choose think it will have to be a nice juicy burger, although a thin crusted pizza is so awesome. Both fall under two of my favorite foods, think I could eat them every day if they weren't so unhealthy and fattening.
  21. melissabaliles

    melissabaliles New Member

    Pizza, all the way, for me. I will eat a burger every now and then but I really have to be in the mood for it. I ate way too much hamburger helper growing up and I'm just not a big fan of ground beef for that reason.

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