Planning to buy a Nintendo Switch. Is it worth buying for???

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by DenzelLyleB, Jan 2, 2019.


Is is worth buying for?

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  1. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    What can you say about the Nintendo Switch? Any switch users here???
  2. alexbhlz

    alexbhlz New Member

    The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic portable console and I've recommended mine to just about anyone who will listen.

    The major consideration (after price / game library of course) -- do you prefer to play games with many people, or do you prefer having portability?

    If you're a big fan of the multiplayer gaming experience, with massive-online gaming being a component of systems like XBox One and PS4, then the Switch may not be the ideal route. The Switch has excellent multiplayer games, they're not quite on the same level and suffer from some trade-offs related to performance and sheer user base.

    If you'd like to have a portable gaming device that allows you to play on a plane, in a car, on a train, or while walking (although I wouldn't recommend the last one), then the Switch is a stellar choice. The recent addition of Fortnite, Smash, and others to the gaming library have made it a "not just for Nintendo fans" console.
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  3. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    Thank you!! I just want to play chill games such as Pokemon let's go and harvest moon after all. Are these games worth buying???
  4. MarwanSS

    MarwanSS New Member

    For me, it was a must buy. I’m a Nintendo fan, which means I love most games Nintendo put out. For example, I’ve sunk most of my free time recently into Smash Bros Ultimate, which is a fantastic game that pushes what it means to be a platform fighter nowadays. So much content it’s absurd, and heck, I’m sure I’ve spent a couple hours alone playing by myself with a CPU... Sorta sad.

    Other than that, there’s Zelda, which is amazing and absolutely deserves the praise and hype (I do have some complaints though, such as weapon breaking and how easy some of the bosses are). Splatoon 2 is a blast (literally!) and you will not stop having fun with other games such as Mario Kart, ARMS, and Mario Tennis.

    Where the console itself really shines is Super Mario Odyssey, the big one. Vast worlds and even vaster bosses, music, controls, and detail will make you fall in love with this unforgettable experience.

    Of course, there’s more to the console than the Nintendo games. There’s a bunch of third party support, and even more indie support that makes it so you won’t stop playing. Whether it be Pokémon, Diablo, Mario, or even Skyrim, the Switch has it all... kind of. The lack of actual power makes some games sluggish, but in general, if you’re only playing Nintendo games, you won’t notice because those games are made specifically for the Switch. For me, I’m glad I bought it.
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  5. Aglotz

    Aglotz New Member

    This is a touch subject in my house. A year or so ago my girlfriend found switches for £70 on a discount site. I declined because I have a ps4 and I still have plenty of games to play, with three free a month it gets a bit hard to keep up.
    Now I have the Zelda bug but I do not want to pay more than £70. Is there really any point purchasing something that has already been emulated?
  6. melissah30

    melissah30 New Member

    Have you played any of the other Harvest Moon games? If not, you'll probably enjoy it. You should check out Stardew Valley as well!

    If you did play any of the other Harvest Moon games, the newer ones aren't made by the same company any more, and you're going to want to look for Story of Seasons games instead. There was a rumor a while back they were making it for the Switch, but I haven't heard anything about it in a while so they may not.

    If you're just into it for those games, you might be better off getting a 2 or 3DS instead. They're cheaper and have similar games.
  7. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    I was thinking about buying it as well. I have heard good reviews on it as it being a console on wheels. That is a whole vibe to me as i always find myself on a plane or the road so the switch is supposedly convenient.

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