Playing online or offline ?

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Playing online or offline ?

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  1. John0520

    John0520 Member

    I prefer to play online games because you can play and connect with other players who are on the servers. You can make friends and enjoy the online platforms and its beautiful gameplay and graphics. I play offline games on pc specially fps games but more on online games where there are active players.
  2. thejoyrevolution

    thejoyrevolution New Member

    I don’t play to much games but I do prefer offline games better. I’m not in a privileged on having a lot of data for gaming so I play offline more. It actually nicer if I can interact with other gamers and it is nice to have competitions also. But have an unstable connection it is harder to play online so if I have a choice I’ll play online if I have a stable connection.
  3. Besa

    Besa New Member

    Im playing off line games,because it's good to play off line games when you're using cellphone,compared to online games,it's wastefull because it's loaded or battery life,especially when data is used
  4. Babylyn

    Babylyn New Member

    For me offline because its affordable and less in you budget. So I choose offiline.
  5. Matilac

    Matilac Member

    Online games are the games played over the Internet. Their gameplay mechanics remains simple with very little or no story involved at all. But, they are usually simple and easy, and you can advance easily for further rounds.One of its assets is the influence of social interaction. Playing with friends is always a pleasurable experience. Online games usually do not require any hefty investments in the purchase of the product. A decent internet connection with a decent speed is all you need.

    Amongst most popular online games are card games. Who would want to miss out an opportunity to mix social interaction with chances of winning cash prizes online? Rummy and Poker are the most played card games amongst the is a place where you can always learn more about the games, from rules to tricks to trivia, play the games and win cash prizes altogether.
  6. cupcakeglitters

    cupcakeglitters New Member

    I enjoy playing them both but i do enjoy more playing offline. All of the time, when i'm away from home, i always don't have data with me. Online games consumes data so i'd rather play offline games than to use my data for useless sense. So i would prefer playing offline games although some games aren't really enjoyable. I enjoy playing Harvest moon and games from my phone whenever i'm bored, have nothing to do at all and out of my house.
  7. MccoyCamarao

    MccoyCamarao New Member

    I prefer playing online games because it involves friends to be allies or enemies on the game. It's great to harbor and improve the friendship, usually for guys. It's fun and more exciting because there is an infinite number of probabilities that can happen in the game, it is impossible to repeat the exact same scenario that happened in the previous game.

    Unlike offline games, almost everything is programmed, if you can't get past some sort of level you'll be repeating the exact same thing. Plus, you usually play this only by yourself. As you go through the game, it gets boring and easy to do. Thus, making it less exciting.
  8. cyberwolf14

    cyberwolf14 New Member

    i love to play both... offline and online games specially on my phone but going online needs a stable data connection plus it consumes more battery while the offline games doesn't need a data connections as long as i download it on my phone i'm good to go whenever and wherever i wanted to play. although given the the fact that playing online is more enjoyable and i get to play with the other players real time not like offline i play solo, sometimes i'd rather play online... if i'm connected to wifi.. hehehe!
  9. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    The offline/online are both good, but depends on the player(s) wish, though, virtually the online game cost the data charges while the offline can be play without having data-on on the device. Both online or offline has the features that will be brings the fun to player(s)
  10. betliw120617

    betliw120617 New Member

    I do love playing both of this game. Online games activate your brain strategy tag team or teamwork makes your hospitality better. Ofline games is a game that have mission or quest its good becuase while you playing this game your mind think what you do next or what are you doing after doing another quest.
  11. cjp776

    cjp776 New Member

    I only play an online game when a friend of mine or any relatives would talk to me into playing it, since i don't play online games often since it only stresses me out... because, i don't like losing! LOL! even i know losing is part of the game, it still sucks whenever you lose to a player who is cocky about him/her winning and owning you in a fight.

    Offline or singe player games are much more fun to play, considering most of the story-based games i've ever played has an ending to it, and after i'm done with that i can proceed to its sequel, or prequel (since sometimes i first played its latest series in the game than the first game of its series)
  12. einar

    einar New Member

    Personally I try to play games without connection in order to be sure of being able to play without connection once away from home.
    Fortunately most games have a "solo" mode that does not require any connection.
  13. Joselito23

    Joselito23 New Member

    Playing online games is one of my favorite things to do but I would choose offline for a reason. I am more of a story gamer where I focus on the story of the game. I love games that have a wide story line and a great map to explore. Some of these are The Witchers 3, Skyrim and even GTA 5. But I also love the simple adventure modes where you get to understand the basic concept of what you are doing in the game. An example would be the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Offline games is also a great benefit for those who can't afford internet and just want to play by themselves.
  14. riza1210

    riza1210 New Member

    i enjoy both offline and online games. But i prefer offline with having a good story mode , i do play online a bit but not much. I go online games when hanging around with some friends.
  15. raymondhc

    raymondhc New Member

    I prefer to play online than offline. I played games like Dota,Fortnite and World of Warcraft with my friends. I play offline games like Skyrim and Assasin's Creed but not as much as online games.
  16. Chobs16

    Chobs16 New Member

    I prefer offline games because most of the time offline games have the best graphics and storyline. Plus you don't need an internet to play your favorite game. It might be boring sometimes but, I think its common in every game whether it's online or offline. Some online game requires you to buy something like gaming cards, in-game power-ups, in-game items, and more just for you to have a better experience playing the game which offline games don't do. And lastly, online games are more addictive than offline games because there's a lot of things in online games that will make you want to play more like for example player vs. player, you have to grind your ass out just to be able to fight them toe-to-toe or to defeat them. Playing online games let you interact with other players around the world so you will have a lot of friends to bond with thus you have another reason to play the game.
  17. MartialMartials

    MartialMartials New Member

    If you have a super high speed or just a stable connection in your home or a data connection, playing online is better. Because, playing online makes you interact with other people, learn from them, collaborate with them, and more. And you can even share your feelings, tell your story about your playing/gaming history by face to face interaction.
    In the other hand, if you do not afford having a ultra high speed, or stable connection, and/or your data connection is mostly lag, I recommend just to play offline games. Trust me, you don't want to play online games with poor connection. If you do that, you will serve a lot of amount of your energy.
  18. Didgeridan

    Didgeridan New Member

    Online games certainly have their perks. Being able to sweep a level clean with friends is always fun. They usually lack in story line but excel in design. However a well polished single player game will always have a place in my library. The Witcher is one example of a well designed single player game. While Destiny gets the online aspect almost perfect. It is a difficult decision to make between the two.
  19. akiyo00000

    akiyo00000 New Member

    Offline game reason why im playing this because of testing the game content equipments and gameplay
    in terms of Online games i play this when i know everything in the game cause it's make you stronger when you know the gameplay and equip of the game
  20. ridgeword

    ridgeword New Member

    Online games gives competition, that's why I like it more than offline games. It's fun too to play co-op games with friends or sometimes strangers. It can both start friendships and end some too (seriously). Though I think playing offline is good too, somehow, when you're wanting to play alone and more of a campaign type of gamer that likes playing on story lines. I think it depends on the type of game you play really, than what the person really prefers.
  21. askJo

    askJo New Member

    I prefer online, because it requires skill rather than offline, yeah your putting skills in offline mode but not in higher level. The best part in online is you gain experience playing with other people and meet friends from different places.
  22. Segal

    Segal Member

    I choose online, because I can get to know someone, meet people, know their own shortcomings.
  23. Boki

    Boki New Member

    For me it depends, there are some awesome single player games like Dying light or Unreal tournament but there are also good multiplayer games like LoL or Pubg, so I would have to say it's tied for me.
  24. tetsuya

    tetsuya New Member

    all the best games are online but they can do more offline better
  25. Adrian120501

    Adrian120501 New Member

    I preferred playing offline games. Athough i admit that online games is more addicting and more exciting to play but why i don't like online game's because it need's an online connection for you to play the game while offline game's doesn't need an online connection. It's for me only because i don't have online connection in our house that's why i preferred offline game's than online sorry hahaha. We have different type's of game's that we like so better don't compare them too much. That's all. Thank you.
  26. zayid

    zayid New Member

    I really like playing online games for many reasons. Firstly, most of the big games are expensive and need a lot of money to buy them, so why not playing them online for free. Secondly, I enjoy playing games challenging someone, I always looking for someone good to challenge me and there are many online. Moreover, some games worth money you can sell your account online to earn some cashes. Finally, you can play all your online games anytime and anywhere you go.
  27. StanleyAFields

    StanleyAFields New Member

    At first I honestly did not know how to setup my console to the internet I guess I was just lazy and yes I just play by myself a lot don't get me wrong I'm not afraid to play against anyone I just if I have to deal with chords and connections and untangling my computer I prefer multiplayer where someone just comes over to my house we sit on the couch we eat some snacks and we play against each other just one on one
  28. Ronestacio

    Ronestacio New Member

    offline game, because playing it gives me something to occupy my time when I have nothing better to do when I am bored because playing it passes the time away so I can get away from what I am doingSo I can forget about school, work or other things
  29. NathanGlass

    NathanGlass New Member

    Though I love playing video games both online and offline, there is something special to me about the online realm. The excitement generated by a win with your team, the competitive environment, and the persistent pressure to better yourself all make online gaming a highly attractive experience for me. Much like sports, quality competitive online games never truly lose their appeal and are always a fantastic option for gatherings and nights spent indoors.
  30. ebinest

    ebinest New Member

    I used to love online games, especially World of Warcraft.
    Recently though I have most been playing offline games.
    From my experience multiplayer games are usually designed to go on forever which results in a gameplay low that usually only they have. I don't mind it but every single player game is a new experience usually, and even though I have quite some time on my hands I feel like multiplayer games (if played competitively) take away too much time which I could spend on playing and experiencing unique single player games.

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