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Are you agree with genetics manipulation?

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  1. Nico2017

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    On this post i want to talk about Genetic manipulation in nowadays. Is very interesting how the science is anvanced, now with the engieneering genetics we can choose our babies like a catalog, we can define their sex, the color of their hair, eyes, skin and also how strong his inmune sistem can be. Is amazing no:eek:? But this have been a controversial topic for amounts of years, for example the religion rejects this practices because the man is only interested on feeling like God, and also this types of programs works with embrions and a lot of embrions can die trying to reseach new discoverys, Also when you manipulate a DNA it can have a bad result and you an create a baby with genetics problems. This investigations also have been aplicated in animals, and a lot of animals suffers the consequences of this genetics manipulation.
    Are you agree with genetics manipulation? Why?
    Do you think this have been a great advance for the science and medecine ? or is just acaprice for us to feel like god?
    They should use animal for researches?

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