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Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by josedanie, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. josedanie

    josedanie New Member

    Good day to anyone that sees this thread.

    I wish to request some help for this site approval, I take the examination and they rejected me because my posts were too short. But, when is a post long enough? I believe that being concise is fundamental for quality.
    So I would like the hear it from a more experienced person. When is a post long enough?

    I'm from Venezuela, Here, the situation looks pretty grim, so I wish to gain some dollars in order to leave.
    Because the local currency here has no value whatsoever sites like this are a really good opportunity and probably the only one.

    Anyways I would appreciate any other tips you may have. I'm in your care.

    P.S. Also, since you guys from the staff will be reviewing this. Please don´t take me wrong, I´m not salty or anything. I know this is your job and I understand how tiring and annoying must be reading so many posts about things you don´t even care about.
    So please don´t get mad xD, and if you are willing...could you give me some hints >.<? PM if you wish.
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  2. ion

    ion New Member

    Hey guys, How to make your own topic, or post? I don't know how to increase my rating here, And I don't know how to post to the other forum because of my low rating. is there any one here can answer us, or help us about hot to get more points or increase our ratings, or even to join to the other forum? thank you
  3. kulabs

    kulabs New Member

    Hi @josedanie, regarding to your question, I think there is no post that is long enough to be valid, but there is a post that is long enough but doesn't have any objective and subject matter. Regarding of quality, yes your post may have sense but don't limit it, you can also share information related to the topic and give follow up question to make the thread more useful.

    @ion I will show you some pictures on how you can start making a post
    First you should choose a thread that got your interest, here in the forum it maybe about books, computer etc.
    Second after you choose a thread, now you should click Post thread and there where you can make your own topic. post1.jpg
    And regarding to your concern about increasing your rating, if you didn't past the qualification here, your post in the other websites will not be counted. Furthermore if you want to have high rating in here you should make a quality post or make a topic on your own. Choose a topic where you love the most and you can relate on it, to make it more easier.

    I appreciate it if you start here in my topics
    or here

    I hope, I've been useful to you guys.
  4. Lewnick

    Lewnick New Member

    I think the key point here is to post about things you know. While being able to post in many topics and blogs will earn you more money, your posts have to be quality posts.
    It is far better to stick to one topic if that is all you know than to post gibberish in many forums.

    I would also add, take pride in your writing, check spelling, grammar and content flow. Read your post before submitting. Happy writing everyone.
  5. Bobby Ardoin

    Bobby Ardoin New Member

    I appreciate the information, for you not only answered his question,but also answered my and I now understand the system better.
  6. charmieportal

    charmieportal New Member

    Hi guys, 3 days ago I was approved and has been given a rating of 4.0 so I was able able to register and subscribe to forums, and started posting in two different forums that I've registered in. My problem is my dashboard doesn't show that I successfully posted to those forums, until now 4 days later, it's still the same. Does anyone here experience the same scenario? Thanks :)
  7. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Well-Known Member

    Unless it shows on your dashboard as a subscribed and active forum, you are not completely subscribed to the forum. Just registering at the forum is not the same as subscribing to the forum.
    You can only subscribe to forums that show the green plus sign, and once you have successfully subscribed, then that forum will show a red minus sign instead of the green plus sign.
    If you have not gone through all of these steps, you will not receive any credit for posts, because subscribing is what connects your forum registration to your Postloop account.
  8. Dominic28

    Dominic28 New Member

    I got an email that my account was approve but I can't see where my ratings are. In my dashboard has no rating or even post. Can you help me?
  9. joseph19

    joseph19 New Member

    Hello Dominic, first when you login, lets start on the home page


    Now lets click on my dashboard , this will show you your rating. You said first that you can not see your ratings and then that you have none. This is where to see your ratings and points.

    Next lets go to Forums at the top.
    The second yellow box that says 'Welcome to Postloop will walk you through everything else you need to know. You will need to subscribe and then submit 10 quality posts before you can earn. This should allow you to see your points and ratings. I hope this was helpful
  10. Arslanxdsd

    Arslanxdsd New Member

    I need a little help it has been 2 days since my last 10 initial post are posted why is my account still not under review?
  11. hisgrace

    hisgrace New Member

    Hi! I'm a newbie here, I would like to ask how to subscribe to the thread using mobile phones. I posted 7 posts on different threads but my account only says, I only subscribed to 1 thread. I can't find the +plus button near in the title thread area. Maybe it is better to use desktop than mobile phones. Please help me. Thank you a lot.
  12. Ahmedfasih

    Ahmedfasih New Member

    Hi Friends ...

    Just wondering where and how to Subscribe? searched few places but still unable to locate.

    any sort of help will be appreciated.
  13. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Based on what I read from this site, you have to make 10 posts. They should be at least two paragraphs and must be well-written and no errors. You have to wait until they approve and if they do, you can post. Initially you have to make your posts at least one paragraph long. Later on, you can make shorter posts so long as they written correctly.
  14. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    It looks like we all sail on the same boat as of now. Just follow the guidelines or go through them once. Just keep posting until you are done for the number of posts for the day but make sure to post them as accurately and sensibly as possible and make sure you relate to the context of the topic. Also be careful with the grammar and punctuation so that it makes sense to the reader and looks good as well which will gradually help you earn more points and get a higher rating as well.
  15. cly1212

    cly1212 New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I have yet to post the 10-post requirement, except for this one (if this counts). I was just wondering if ever I complete those 10 posts and I have been rejected, what happens next? Do I have to keep posting until I get a pass or is it over once I get rejected?
  16. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    how do you know that you pass?
  17. ArseniAMD

    ArseniAMD New Member

    It seems to me that checking accounts have increased because the command does not check them in 24 hours, for example, I want to know exactly when my account will be reviewed.
    Still do not want to wait a month for this

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