Politics and Unemployment

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    Lately, a lot of things are going on in the political environment of my country. Here in my state, since there is no stable government we are facing problems in finding a job, a government job. There are a lot of vacancies which the government is not taking steps to fill it up by conducting exams. Slowly now they have started filling up. So, my question is does political problems in your state or country affects the employment status of the people?
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    Sounds like we are from the same country. They advertise for job just for advertising sake. If you wait on the government you will die poor and jobless.
  3. sucess1995

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    Political stability or instability determines the rate of unemployment in any country. A country like USA and some other advanced nations of the world that has political stability tends to narrow their unemployment rate to the lowest percentage. The investors always look for a country where there is political stability to reduce their risk of doing business.

    Political stability brings about economic stability as well as the nation's economic prosperity. The level of investment in any country determines her level of employment opportunities. The foreign investors consider first the political atmosphere of a country before pushing their foreign direct investment to that country. Remember that it is easier to lose than to gain in your business whenever there is chaos in the country's political structure. It poses a great threat to economic prosperity of Africa and the middle east. A situation whereby a leader will emerge and decides to change every structure for his personal benefits.
    Your political structure determines your employment opportunities.
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    its quite painful that you spend four to five years in the university hoping that everything will be alright, that your dream job will be waiting for you once you are out. Its not like that in my country. What about yours?

    Politics and unemployment is the major issue we are facing in our country where a lot of crisis and blood shed due to a terroist group has brought unrest thereby destroying economic activities and impeding its development.

    Politicians are making it worse because of the high rate of corruption. A country where your qualifications doesn't matter rather knowing a top official in government seems to settle your case. Yet they come out to say that their is no work.

    In my country, you can't talk about unemployment without talking politics and government. Everything is a competition.
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    I think politics holds back a lot of social progress and ESPECIALLY unemployment rates. Many people see people who are without a job as drains on society, however would they say the same thing about a stay-at-home parent who cares for 3 or 4 children? That can be just as exhausting as a "normal" full time job. In addition, people are afraid to apply for unemployment benefits sometimes because of the stigma. I think the future for all countries will be and should be a universal basic income. People should have a certain amount of income which is steady, that they can rely on and take risks. People who are unable to quit their job or work less hours are unable to take risks and innovate. Unfortunately, it seems like this just keeps the upper class in all countries getting wealthier because they can afford to start businesses and make more wealth whereas if you are living paycheck to paycheck (or without a paycheck!) you are just trying to survive.
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    politics many official was have the best and very convincing propaganda during election period to get vote.they say they will give job to the jobless and have more job opportunities they will help poor but after election where is there promise are we going to wait for there action or we do by our own self. actually there's nothing would help us except our self. yes we do our full effort to find job but the problem without opportunities which means that we need government so its means that lets help each other. governments please do your promises and we also do our own effort to be qualified for the job vacancy.please stop corruption that's came from us for the taxes that we paid not for your own pocket.lets stop puberty.

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