Politics, do you talk about it with friends?

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  1. mrme

    mrme New Member

    Yeah I definitely talk about politics with friends. I think it's really important because politics is a huge part of our lives. Even though politics isn't always fun, it affects everything we do. I think it's part of being an adult in the world
  2. Astralmach

    Astralmach New Member

    Whenever we would have our social science subject, I would always listen because the topics are interesting. There would be different arguments and interpretations of topics which makes me look into an uncommon perspective. However, when talking about politics with my friends nobody seems to mind because they would justify that it is not for us to stress over their actions. This led me to discourage myself from bringing up politics whenever we would get together. I could only find a handful of people who would actually converse with me about politics. We would sometimes debate about it but we wouldn't get into a fight. Politics can be very interesting especially if you have someone to discuss it with.
  3. yellow

    yellow Member

    That is so true. But there are people who are agreeing with each other but those are usually milking others as yes-man does..
  4. edzalferos

    edzalferos New Member

    Not everyone is interested with this topic. We have these people who just want to practically live their lives without any complications. But if I'm going to rate my friends who can actively converse with me, it would be 4 out of 10. Sadly, I can't rate people nowadays as socially-aware beings.
  5. Moonchild

    Moonchild New Member

    Arguments are nothing to be afraid of! Ideas are to be discussed. Any friend that doesn't want to speak with you anymore because of a friendly debate wasn't your friend anyway. Why would you want to be around people who wouldn't want to be associated with you if they knew what you really thought? It seems like a waste of life. You shouldn't have to censor yourself around friends.

    I used to talk about politics constantly, but I have grown fatigued. There is only so often that you can hear people rage against Trump or the left. You get no new ideas. You just get the same old stuff from people yelling at a perceived enemy from their narrow perspective. Many people just have their heads in a very unproductive echo chamber of hate. It stops being fun. You just go away.
  6. mw238

    mw238 New Member

    It's easiest to talk about politics with people you mostly agree with. You won't change someone's mind about any of the major issues, and they aren't going to change your mind either. So unless we mostly agree on a topic, we don't discuss it after we find disagreement.

    Most political issues don't even matter in someone's day-to-day life, which is the practicality of a republic-type system. We pick people through the voting process to deal with the contentious issues so we don't have to.
  7. Jovilyn Condat

    Jovilyn Condat New Member

    Politics is one career the faint-heart should never think about of entering because its is one of the most complicated jobs in the world. People will tend to bash you, make comments or just plain discriminate you without even having a reason why. But Politics is one of the most important jobs in the world because in order for a state or country to achieve excellency they should practice Good Governance and the people should have the right mindset in choosing the rightful Government Officials that will never destroy their citizens trust to strive for a new and revolutionary government. Politics is very delicate and with even an ounce of mistake it will affect the administration tremendously.
    For Example, Corruption is a mistake that government officials tend to partake, It's the process wherein the personal interest of these officials comes into place and usually involves money. The money of the people that pays taxes and etc. they are using it for their own personal need and wants. So the only solution? Be an official that has the obligation to serve not to corrupt the minds of many.
  8. mep1289

    mep1289 New Member

    I'm always very torn about talking about politics, especially with someone whom I value, but disagree on some of even the most fundamental things about society. To at least some degree, it's pretty cowardly to not bring it up. As another poster alluded to, avoiding talking about politics is simply a way to save an argument. But, at the same time, it is a privilege to be able to avoid politics. If you can be comfortable not talking about politics, it likely means that politics are not affecting your day to day life. So, really, it comes down to what you value more - your friendships or your politics. And if you say friendships (or both!) just know that that means you're lucky - that you don't need to worry about your whole life changing because of a "difference of opinion."
  9. jonniel123

    jonniel123 Member

    No, we can't talk about it because it wil getting us stress and disappointment. Ruther we talk about non sense, joke, and about our life in the past because the funniest about it we talked about the experience doing things. I love my True friends.
  10. boxley

    boxley New Member

    Anyone who thinks politics is just a matter of opinion is disconnected from the real-world effects of ideologies and legislation. Politics can mean the difference between life and death, between living a life alone on the margins or with the support of your community. It's okay if, from your position, you don't see things that way but it is a human responsibility to recognize the needs of those around you. I discuss politics with all my friends. Our opinions vary but there are certain lines we wouldn't think to cross. Sometimes there's poor education, but we speak gently and lift one another up. It doesn't have to be a heated conversation, as long as the dignity of marginalized people is respecting. A lot of people think politics should be able connecting everyone, and to some extent, it should, but it goes further than that. We cannot connect to one another from places of institutionalized division. There are significant gaps in how certain members of how society is treated. Playing nice or pretending that isn't the case is a disservice to the humanity of all parties involved.
  11. spurs1958

    spurs1958 New Member

    Yes, you should talk about politics with your friends. There are many interesting things to discuss and although many of us have leanings towards one particular Political Party , I doubt many people agree on every issue one Party puts forward. Like anything in life tolerance is important, much of what is discussed is personal opinion and though it may be backed up by some facts it's still an opinion of which people are entitled to disagree. Equally important is to only discuss politics with people who want to discuss it. There have been many occasions when i've noticed people trying to preach politics to others who frankly aren't in the least bit interested. I used to work for a Major Political Party in the UK and still rarely get involved in too many political discussions unless encouraged to.

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