Pornography: Harmless or Toxic?

Discussion in 'Business, Politics, & Debates' started by Chrisaun, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Chrisaun

    Chrisaun New Member

    Pornography is widespread today and may be found in music, magazines, television programs, video games and on websites to name just some of the most common media. The nature of it according to one publisher "is highly addictive and can be likened to crack cocaine". What is the impact of pornography on family life? Can a person break free?
  2. dare_dare

    dare_dare New Member

    I personally think pornography is a normal thing. It's used as entertainment or for masturbation purposes. Many people use porn and it never effects their family life. It's like shopping, eating, or dieting. There are always people who overindulge. It's not the products fault. Porn did not make people an addict. Shopping does not turn everyone into addicts. It's people who are already ill who found an addiction to latch on to. It's not the porn's fault.
  3. ash87

    ash87 New Member

    I do think porn can be addictive. I'm not anti porn at all (in fact I indulge now and then like most guys my age do) but tastes can change and you start needing to watch more hardcore porn to get the same sort of buzz that you used to get before.
  4. ash87

    ash87 New Member

    I do think porn can be addictive. I'm not anti porn at all (in fact I indulge now and then like most guys my age do) but tastes can change and you start needing to watch more hardcore porn to get the same sort of buzz that you used to get before.
  5. OutboundClient0

    OutboundClient0 New Member

    I think it certainly is toxic, and bad for people in general. It leads to people becoming de-sensitized to normal sexual stimuli, and that can have huge consequences. There a website called "your brain on porn" which explains it better than I can. But basically it makes the dopamine receptors in your brain less likely to release that toxin which creates pleasure. When guys have erectile dysfunction, the problem rarely resides in the sex organ, but in the brain.
  6. FreeFromJargon

    FreeFromJargon New Member

    I think pornography is both positive and negative.

    Positive in the sense that it allows us to explore our sexuality and really figure out what we want from our partner. I think everyone should watch a bit just to see what it's like.

    However, it's also addictive and this is the negative part. A lot of men notice an increase in energy and higher sex drive when they stop watching porn and they become more aroused by their significant other. Porn is great and all, as long as it is used in moderation (like pretty much all things right?).
  7. lpstri

    lpstri New Member

    Pornography is toxic. It seems cool at first, until it pulls you in and de-sensitizes you to oblivion. It's really strange how the human body works, but if one continues to watch porn, a greater stimuli is needed each time they do whatever they do. The more you continue, the greater the body becomes use to the stimuli, and an even greater stimuli is needed. At some point the brain refuses to release as much dopamine as it used to and all of a sudden, boom, you've got ED.
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  8. sher Anderson

    sher Anderson New Member

    I see a lot of great points are brought out... Ipstri you are so dead on. That's exactly why I think porn is toxic it will drive a wedge between you and your spouse because they'll never be able to please you. Which will make them feel not good enough. This could lead to discrepancy on their part, not because they just want to cheat, but any human would want to know hey am I really that bad I can't please my mate. The sad thing is they'll find it's not them its you...That could lead to resentment for you and them. Even the using pornography will likely cheat because of frustration, when it's their fault.So this can all be avoided by not practicing selfish acts.
  9. MyPaperBleedsInk

    MyPaperBleedsInk New Member

    It depends on the individual in each case.

    Some people can watch pornography and still have a great sexual relationship with their significant other. Others become a bit of an addict... turning to porn and leaving their partner to become unsatisfied and hurt. It can give kids unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex - such as thinking women can all orgasm from intercourse alone for example... or that things will always go smoothly and have a happy ending.
  10. MyOwnPath

    MyOwnPath New Member

    I seem to think that pornography, like pretty much anything, can be bad in excessive amounts. For example, if you obsess over it too much, it can drain your motivation to do other things. Porn can make you less likely to actively focus on getting into a relationship with actual sex. It can also affect the way you see people of the gender you are attracted to. In the end, I'd say it's okay in moderation, just don't let it become an obsession!
  11. Arbnor Tefiki

    Arbnor Tefiki New Member

    It is bad, very bad especially for the younger generation, for children, our children are growing up in a pornographic environment, and parents are not aware of this, and due to this they are isolated, have health problems, problems with acne, do not find satisfaction in real life, loses the desire to find a partner, and many other problems. So pornography should be banned because it is poisonous not only for children but also for adults ...
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  12. Hello money

    Hello money New Member

    bad so bad toxic attack the body going to eal or seek maybe die
  13. Annsal

    Annsal New Member

    I think pornography is toxic. It promotes promiscuity and puts the performers at risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. The industry in California had to call a moratorium recently because three actors contracted HIV.
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  14. Solfire

    Solfire New Member

    While others think the porn industry is toxic, I argue that the industry is a necessity and could use progressive protections in order to allow others to safely explore their "vices". There is hardly an epidemic to be fearful of regarding the four porn stars who have tested HIV positive in recent weeks. The industry itself has been alive and well for decades, and there have been plenty of safeguards instituted to protect the health of the actors who participate in the industry. What we are seeing is oversight from amateur directors/actors/brokers that are putting money before quality.

    Furthermore, people are naive to think that pornography is a recent phenomenon to plague "the younger generations". Pornography has been around since the ancient times, excavated and proven in hieroglyphics and clay pottery art. The stigma against sex is not only repressive but counter-intuitive to human nature. However, like everything, there is a time and place for it. And I agree that it shouldn't be something we glorify for our children--but that's another issue in itself, and that's called parenting. The parents who are upset with the industry should be upset with their lack of parenting ability: either educate your children or do better to control what they look at.

    Overall, I would say that pornography puts nobody at risk. The actors who get involved willingly do so and they have been relatively safe and prosperous throughout the decades. Our society cannot help that sex sells, that it is actively pushed in marketing (whether it be done subconsciously or overtly). All we can do is ensure that we continue protecting people from partaking in it.

    Looking toward the future means the possibility of following in Europe's government sanctioned brothels, which have gone on to rid the streets of prostitution, while simultaneously assuring the public that workers are certified healthy and are checked for STDs regularly. But that's a whole other topic to discuss.
  15. fotojunkie

    fotojunkie New Member

    Porn is toxic. It creates unrealistic expectations in both men and women for everything from appearance to willingness to engage in certain activities to frequency and the list goes on. It inhibits certain chemical processes in the brain which can lead to depression and other psychological conditions.

    In fact, the human reacts to porn much the same way it does to other addictive substances. I the person wants more and more while the level of perversion usually increases as well.

    Even light to moderate porn use will break down communication and intimacy in a relationship as the partners are taught through viewing porn that humans (usually women) are just sex objects that men use for their own pleasure. The humanity of the partner beings to erode.

    It promotes promiscuity and very dangerous behavior.

    Our young people today are more vulnerable to this plague than other generations simply because, thanks to technology (i.e. the internet and cable TV) porn is more accessible than ever. And it is impossible to keep the images contained within a secure website. Anyone can access porn very easily with no checks or security. You just click a link and it is right there. That is very, very bad.
  16. Ambry Rye

    Ambry Rye New Member

    Toxic! It is like a cancer that eats away at our morals, our psychology and how we relate to people. It is very, very dangerous.
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  17. Shawn McIntyre

    Shawn McIntyre New Member

    Porn is no more or less toxic than any other form of entertainment; it's the individual that determines whether or not it's harmful. Instead of vilifying certain types of entertainment (porn, video games, rap music), we need to start holding people accountable for their actions.
  18. iggledebiggle

    iggledebiggle New Member

    I disagree with those who think porn doesn't harm anyone. Many former and current porn stars, mostly female, have spoken out about the treatment which they endured in the industry. The stories are honestly quite horrifying: they are often forced to do things which they did not previously agree to, and they are told they would not be paid otherwise. Many porn directors have expressed extremely negative views towards women and expressed that they wish to promote these negative views in their videos. When these videos are consumed by young men whose sexuality is just being formed, it can lead to them having very harmful attitudes towards sex and towards women. There have been quite a lot of studies done which back up this idea. I would never suggest outright banning porn, but I think we need to be a little more thoughtful about how it could affect people in our society.
  19. vinylsmith

    vinylsmith New Member

    I strongly believe that porningraphy is harmful in that it acts like an intoxicant to the mind. Furthermore, the more it is watched and used to engage in autoeroticism the harder it becomes for those who use it to do without. This leads to a generalized sexual desensitization requiring ever greater and more lascivious sexual acts for users to become stimulated as well as the subsequent objectification of women. And, to those who believe porn is harmless, what do you say about the recent outbreak of AIDS cases in the industry? Surely, there is more harm than good being done in the world as a result of pornogaphy.
  20. danielspress

    danielspress New Member

    Pornography can be both harmful and harmless. The art form can be used to charge the sexual energy of the body. However, it can also be addictive and cause the sexual charging images to be interpreted and used inappropriately.
  21. lukemansell

    lukemansell New Member

    I think it has both positives and negatives. If you become addicted to it you can take it a bit far and then you might view woman as "toys" or someone who will do anything you say in the bedroom. The positives are that if you enjoy it, you're happy at least!
  22. TodayDogs

    TodayDogs New Member

    It can be both. It can hurt you. Like let's say you expect a girl to look like this and act like this and do this once you get her naked. What if she doesn't look like what the porn stars look like? Then are you going to disappointed? Well yeah you are. I mean sure porn can be a nice release when there's no one else around. But when you have a partner then the porn should be turned off.
  23. maskew

    maskew New Member

    Are most who say porn is harmless the users or the victims? Can one addiction be compared to the other as if they both identical in nature. Each has differing triggers, targets, motives and objectives. In fairness one should take into consideration the varied situations in family life that can play havoc on ones view of people both adults and children when viewing porn.

    When we look at a painting in a museum of two lovers face to face in each others arms we may feel a fondness of the warm affectionate the two have for each other. Does the use of pornography produce warm affection from the mind or heart? Does pornography tend to put the partner in a less than dignified position and are the actions performed something less than animalistic in nature?

    Some have said it leaves them feeling disturbed, guilty, irritated and the object of their pleasure feeling less tenderly loved, even worthless. Others say it often leads to depression and a disconnect of heartfelt affection. One thing is certain, viewing porn can change a persons whole way of thinking. Making others appear as objects of pleasure rather than real people with complex needs in so many other areas of life.
  24. nashsan101

    nashsan101 New Member

    Pornography seems harmless. But it really is harmful and can do damage in the long run. It degrades the value of a person, especially of a woman, not to mention sex itself. A teen ager lusting over pornorgraphic materials will wrongfully believe that what he sees in these materials really happen in the bedroom. But that is not true. So when he gets in a relationship and had sex with his partner he will be disappointed because that is not what he was expecting. And soon he will look for it in some other people to be sexually satisfied.
  25. JKouryOneonta

    JKouryOneonta Member

    There is nothing wrong with pornography. If folks like it, whose business is it anyway? I watch porn and it hasn't had any deleterious impact on me. It's not big deal. What's the big deal is that self righteous folks want to inflict their moral biases on the rest of society and dictate was is moral and immoral. That to me is what is toxic.

    Also, like anything else, there can be addiction involved, just like alcohol or gambling. Sexual addiction is a problem too. However, you do not penalize consenting adults who like porn because someone else can't handle their bodily urges and control it better.

    Sex and porn and all that goes with it has been around for a very long time, and it's going to be around long after we are all dead and gone.
  26. maskew

    maskew New Member

    Sugar coating lead paint won't make it less brain damaging. Angrily lead paint consumers who don't want to quit may say "leave me alone and mind your business. How dare you tell me what to do. Your the toxic ones!" With any addiction, one of the first things to go is a sense of community and family responsibility from the emotionally challenged. Take drugs out the hand of a user will always leave the risk of getting your hand bitten off.

    Who cares what kid is reading this board and chooses to see this stuff, right? The fact is we are all busy trying to survive and dodge the bullets life shoots at us. We would love to mind our business. The problem is this toxin is our business because we all are swimming in it given the epidemics as a result of all levels of porn use. And what are we all swimming in.

    The unwanted pregnancies and unwanted children of users out of control.

    The babies thrown in the trash as a result of two or three generations of user abuse.

    The epidemic of bullying rape and violent abuse of husbands and sex crazed porn abusers.

    The epidemic of suicides and shootings by both victims and porn abusers.

    The epidemic of mistreatment of animals and child sex abuse which are featured on the next level down of hardcore porn materials of porn abusers.

    Results we all hear. The circulation of rape music written by the younger generation who have grown up on porn culture in addiction ridden households of abusers.

    To call the cries from victims of porn abuse self-righteous is very short sighted and grossly insensitive which is typical of porn users who are becoming abusers.
  27. JKouryOneonta

    JKouryOneonta Member

    LOL... I am far from an abuser... you are being quite melodramatic. Not all people that watch/look at porn are abusers. In fact I am a healthy male, who has had a professional job in government for over 20 years and my porn habits have not impacted my life adversely at all. You are taking extreme positions. Like I said, there are addictive types who crave it and nothing else, just like alcohol and drugs, but that doesn't mean all people that use alcohol and drugs are addictive types hell bent on the destruction of society, raping and molesting women and kids... etc. Get a grip and relax... and yes, go get some porn.... you might like it.
  28. maskew

    maskew New Member

    You're quite right. Not everyone who uses alcohol and drugs are addictive types hell bent on the destruction of society. As a matter of fact most users of alcohol and drugs be it legal or otherwise are not hell bent on destroying that which is good and beneficial for others. I venture to say that 99.9% mean no one any harm. But answer this honestly. Do you personally know someone who somehow lost control and lost their family as a result?

    Frankly if just one person is negatively impacted by controversial practices involving any vise isn't that's one too many?

    In the past I enjoyed a good drink once in while. Never got drunk or violent. But one day I discovered that it was having a negative effect on my temperament 18 hours or so after consumption. A user was embarrassed and offended when I said I decided to stop. He even went so far as to say just drink a lot of water after consumption. Instead of fooling myself that it was not the drinks I stopped and the problem went away thus saving my marriage, my family and possibly my life.

    If just one person is negatively impacted isn't that's one too many?

    Have you ever met a users who actually cared enough for other people to stop just to reduce the possible risks if not to himself at least to reduce the risk and offense of others? If we are not careful we can get locked in a vise to such a point where all we want to do is practice it and spend the rest of our time justifying our actions to the point of promoting it and finding a drinking or smoking buddy to share it with without regard to the risks being taken with that persons life?

    Frankly if just one person is negatively impacted by controversial practices involving any vise isn't that's one too many?

    I have never encountered raising a brow when talking about drinking water or a soft beverage. But mention stopping by a corner liquor store and suddenly everyone is laughing hysterically. I have never met someone who said to me when passing, Hey want a dollar? or Hey want a drink of water? But I have been asked many times, "Hey, want a smoke?" Without regard to or perhaps because of the toxins in the substance. If you can get enough people to smoke it with you, you don't feel so stupid or fearful or responsible for endangering your life and that of others.

    I have also heard(more than I care to count) "Hey wanna another swig of dis?" Regardless of the risks of alcohol poisoning. In the same spirit I have also encountered folks hell bent on getting me and others to join them watching or reading porn no irresponsibly promoting it regardless of who is reading this board or what the risks to those readers and their families. I've been around long enough to know what this is all leading to and who it's coming from... The toxins within.

    If just one person is negatively impacted that is one TOO MANY.
  29. alextraveller

    alextraveller New Member

    Everything in moderation - anything in excess is fatal.

    If a teenager starts skipping class because he needs to masturbate, he needs to get his fix of pornography - that is unarguably a negative thing. If he starts cancelling appointments with friends because he needs to wank, there's a problem.

    However, if he masturbates to pornograpgy maybe say, once or twice a week, knows his limits, knows what is right and wrong (that is to say watching rape fantasy porn rather than ''normal'' videos) and doesn't panic if he didn't masturbate in the past hour - that's okay.

    Banning pornography is simply wrong - anyway, they'll find a way around your restriction somehow, good luck getting teenage boys to stop watching it!
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  30. Jarryn

    Jarryn New Member

    I don't really see an issue with pornography I do use it and I'm not addicted or a rapist (as other in this thread seem to believe you become after watching porn) I have a great relationship with my girlfriend and get this we even watch it together sometimes. It doesn't give either of us unrealistic views of each other.When someone dies of a "porn overdose" we can actually look at this topic in a serious way.

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