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Discussion in 'Music' started by Tyler, May 9, 2011.

  1. Tyler

    Tyler Guest

    Hey Guys post your favorite singer here, Mine Is Wiz Khalifa.
  2. Aishwarya

    Aishwarya Guest

    I'm a Dire Straits fan and my favorite singer is most definitely Mark Knopfler!
  3. novina

    novina Guest

    I am a fan of John Denver and Shakira. They are the best singers I feel..
  4. rocketromz

    rocketromz Guest

    Bono of U2 the best singer.....
  5. Shloka Raaj

    Shloka Raaj Guest

    Hey Friends.
    I am from India and my favourite singer is A.R.Rahman.
  6. Makaveli3

    Makaveli3 Guest

    As for singer I would have to go with Ne-Yo, his voice is amazing. The way he sings is so crazy, like you know he could sing very well. Another singer would have to be Bruno Mars, another good singer. Been following him forever and he knows how to make a good song!
  7. bethmallorca

    bethmallorca New Member

    mine is Camila Cabello, I like her unique voice and being humble. She loves her fans and i am proud that she was nominated in 5 categories and won 4 of them in AMA's recently awarding.
  8. Badjouras

    Badjouras New Member

    My favorite singer is Jessie J, because of her technical skills, musical capacity and is what it's called, the true artist.
  9. eymi13

    eymi13 New Member

    My favorite singer is Lany. I like his songs they're meaningful and beautiful. It touched my heart. Lany, I will not break your heart.
  10. John0520

    John0520 Member

    Im a fan of Ed Sheeran, that kind of melody that relaxes your mind.
  11. Ternaday

    Ternaday New Member

    Mine is Day Terna
  12. Ternaday

    Ternaday New Member

    I love Toby Mac also
  13. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    My favourite singer ever is R.Kelly, DJ. Kalid, 9ice
  14. khimberlyann

    khimberlyann New Member

    My favorite singer is Ed Sheeran. Whenever I hear him singing, I feel so in love and relax. His songs calm my senses.

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  15. abstractizm

    abstractizm New Member

    My favorite singers are Daniel Caesar and Syd from The Internet. Their voices are heavenly and keep me relaxed and soulful.
  16. iambeth

    iambeth New Member

    Kelly Clarkson is my fave! Ever since I watched her in the first season of 'American Idol' I fell in love with her. Her vocal range is so dynamic and some of her songs are a reflection of her hardships in life. I can not hold back my tears when I hear her song 'Piece by Piece'. She is so passionate about her music that she also shed tears while singing. Her songs always move me. I am a fan for life!
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  17. thorizq88

    thorizq88 New Member

    I love Christopher Martin from coldplay, as his voice and songs are really good.
  18. purbens

    purbens New Member

    one of my favorite singer is Michael Buble he is fantastic, good voice, cool have time relaxation. Cool to hear his song through spotify! There are so many good singers i like but for now is Michael Buble!
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  19. autumnfall

    autumnfall New Member

    One my favorites is BTS. It is a Korean Pop group with 7 members. Their journey and songs inspire a lot of people today. Although they sing in different language, the melody and emotion touch everyone. They have good vocals and great dance moves.
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  20. dennisbation

    dennisbation New Member

    Charice Pempengco is my all time favorite singer but he is known as Jake Zyrus now, I love the way she sing, I love her dedication to become an international singer, to reach her dreams and goals in life. She started singing at the age of 4, she always joined singing search here in the Philippines, her voice is so amazing compared to Jake Zyrus voice right now (Hehhehe) but still I love her.
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  21. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    My favorite singer is Calum Scott. Every songs of him felt so real and his voice are so amazing and calm to listen.
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  22. burgosmichael2407

    burgosmichael2407 New Member

    My favorite singer is Don Moen. He is not just a singer but a worship leader. His songs leads me into worship and brings me into the realm of the Spirit. I don't have to wait for Sunday to worship God in Spirit and in Truth because singing and playing the songs of Don Moen stirs my heart to worship and brings me closer to God. He is also my inspiration when it comes to music. So now I am also a musician and a worship leader in our church and my heart's desire is to bring people closer to God through music and worship. God gave me this talent so I will use it for His glory.
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  23. I am a big fan of Taylor Swift. She influence her fans to be productive. Up until now I never heard her curs in a song. I personally love her song " I'd Lie" because it simply tells my pass relationship. Her album "Red" is my favorite, I know how to sing all the songs in that album.
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  24. anabz

    anabz New Member

    I have a lot of fave singers. One of my fave is The Carpenters, when i was young i always here it from my was a good music and the songs is easy to sing. When i was a teenager, my fave is Backsteet Boys and Spice Girls. Me and my sister pick one and portray that we are the one that sings it.
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  25. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    Bruno Mars. He's very talented and got a very powerful voice, Even female singers i guess are afraid to sing he's key due to it's high notes plus the husky quality of his voice make you feel calm every pitch that he release
  26. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    I have always love all kinds of music genres which is mainly the reason why I rarely ever got stuck to one favorite artists.
    However this have changed ever since I discovered BTS. This 7 member Korean music group have really captured my attention. From their amazing lyrics to their equally fascinating choreography and creative music videos, I must say they have been my favorite artists for quite some time. Not only do they have captured me as talented artists but what's even more amazing is that they have helped a lot of people to be socially aware and start the journey of self discovery.
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  27. FredCess

    FredCess New Member

    My favorite artist now is Bruno Mars. I do really love his songs and he is very cool guy and awesome. The beat of his songs makes me feel joy and happy while listening doing my household chores. I keep on listening his songs even when I'm in bed and doing some stuff. I hope he could make more songs like he always did.
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  28. andyryse

    andyryse New Member

    My forever favorite will always be Hailey Williams of Paramore. I love the way she stood over for the band inspite of people leaving and coming back. I love the soul she puts to every song she wrote. And of course, I love her songs from the very beginning of the band's career. I even tried to dye my hair flaming red but it always comes a bummer. Hehe! By the way, there are also singers out there that I admire but not as die-hard as I feel towards Hailey. Sadly, I was not able to watch her concert when the band had their world tour concert in our country. Hope to see her perform on stage someday.
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  29. mftmadam

    mftmadam New Member

    Wow, this is a hard question for a music lover. But I have to stay loyal and stick with the singer who made me love music. Yes, I'm a Black Star. Avril Lavigne is like a role model to me, her songs inspire me a lot. And I ended up loving music because of her, she can do it all. I love how she and her music grew up together, I can't wait for more of her.
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  30. drsushil3300

    drsushil3300 New Member

    I am a classic music lover. The great music legend "The Tansen (Tanna)" is my favourite. It is known from the history that it started raining when he used to sing "Rag Malhar" and it started getting Hot whether when he used to sing "Rag Deepak". Really Amazing and inspiring is the biography of the great "Tansen". Otherwise, Its not possible to judge about an artist because it is the feelings of an individual which are expressed through art i.e. singing here. That is why it is said that singing is a devotion. It relaxes the singers as well as listeners. I also love to sing Gazals, Bhajans and Indian Classical Music. Do sing to be happy and healthy.

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