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Discussion in 'Music' started by Tyler, May 9, 2011.

  1. hstinscdln

    hstinscdln Member

    Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. He has a very great voice and has addicting songs. He is also kind to his fans and co workers that makes him look even cooler. His accent is also great too. Try listening to his latest songs, especially the one that was featured in The Ellen DeGeneres show. I easily got addicted to when I first heard it. Another great singer is Hayley Williams from Paramore. They were phenomenal here and almost every teen knows her.
  2. rampage12191

    rampage12191 New Member

    Calum Scott for the title.... The way he just fly past through high notes as if it was nothin? If that is not amazing then what is? I ask you.
  3. verejohns

    verejohns New Member

    Hey Family, Vere Johns here! I would have to say my favorite current singer is Koryn Hawthorne. She is a refreshing new voice in Urban Gospel & Inspirational music!
  4. wawan

    wawan New Member

    bruno mars is one of the best music singer for me
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  5. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    I love Bruno Mars. He's so talented and very attractive. He's a singer-songwriter and most of all, he's a good dancer.
  6. Ayazab

    Ayazab New Member

    I love nick jonas he is the best of all
  7. Kinlove17

    Kinlove17 New Member

    This is a hard decision as I have several favorites. Since I went to a Coldplay concert and loved every minute of it, it's Chris Martin.
  8. sexxkytten

    sexxkytten New Member

    I have 2 absolute favorite singers/vocalist and I,m naming them both cuz they are both beyond worthy of my adoration.
    I love Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins and I love Marc Bolan from the 70's band T-Rex.
  9. imperialrosmarie

    imperialrosmarie New Member

    I like John Denver, Jim Croce, James Taylor and others. But, the best for me is Michael Jackson. I like most of his song because I feel his emotions and the message that he wants to share with his fans. He's also a great composer and humanitarian.
  10. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    I would have to say Ottis reading is my number one choice for this question , his song sitting on the dock of the bay always makes me have strong emotions which bring back happy memories.Thanks Jordan Durante
  11. bradko2001

    bradko2001 New Member

    I would have to elect the singer Bjork. No one else has any other remix, loop over's and album disc jockey remixes. a load of library look ups leads to fascinating cross over emcees.
  12. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Well i love so many of our great entertainers but for me the one that stands out has to be the late David Bowie .His album and song space oddity has made a great positive impact on my life and i like to think humanity.My second choice would have to be Bob Marley for his loving nature and his message of peace to all .Thanks Jordan Durante
  13. dianna099

    dianna099 New Member

    i like AVRIL LAVIGNE, whew! my forever rock princess. Well, for now she has changed a lot even her taste of music and her thought in her songs, but that's life change is constant. Still i like her a lot, i idolized her. She was so emo way back then, i like her styles and fashions but more important her songs they touched me, some of them.
  14. theGab

    theGab New Member

    If you love any kind of music, Gorillaz is the right band for you. I ve discovered the amazing band of Damon Albarn when i was 8 and I m keep listening at them costantly. Their music doesnt belong to a particular kind of music,Gorillaz includes a wild range of music genders and you can find at least one song that you like. if you guys don t know Gorillaz, you should take a look to their music production
  15. Robert Rise

    Robert Rise New Member

    To be honest, it's hard for me to single out one artist ... but I can say that for me, fantastic musicians are Red Hot Chile Peppers. Well, as a separate artist, I can single out only Beyonce, she is incredible!
  16. raymondhc

    raymondhc New Member

    I'm a die hard Eminem fan. I've been listening to him since a was kid and never get bored of his music.
  17. Mirjana86

    Mirjana86 New Member

    Robbie Williams
  18. akiyo00000

    akiyo00000 New Member

    Bruno mars cause he is amazing on singing and dancing ;););)
  19. ridgeword

    ridgeword New Member

    I have lots of favorite singer to be honest depending on the genre. Like in jazz I have Ella Fitzgerald, in Pop I have Kelly Clarkson, for our local music I have the vocalist of the band Up dharma down. I love different type of genre so each has a favorite. Though I love artists that can do a lot of genre, like they can do country then go to rock music. I doubt there is one though.
  20. Segal

    Segal Member

    Gun n roses, metalica, rihana, justin bieber.
  21. mariah14

    mariah14 New Member

    I'm a fan of acoustic music. I like boys avenue.
  22. jinnprixx

    jinnprixx Member

    I have a lot of favorite singers one of them of course is the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The most successful artist or entertainment of all time. Nothing compare to him.
  23. arjih

    arjih New Member

    My favorite singer now is Katy Perry, she was amazing singer I really loved her songs especially the "Flashlight". She was very talented and through her song's she can touch anyone emotions. Hope she can create another hit song's in her future album and hoping to see her in person.
  24. mariatheresa29

    mariatheresa29 New Member

    I love listening to Christian songs specially songs composed by Jamie Grace. She is my favorite singer because I can really see the passion in her when she sings. I can see that it comes from her heart and I can also see the happiness in her eyes when she worship God through her songs. I am amazed by her knowing that she is not just a singer but she is also a composer. I like the message in each of her songs. It draws me closer to God and helps me understand his goodness. She is an inspiration for a Christian like me. She inspires me to use my talent for God's glory which is just because talents came from Him. If given a chance to meet her, I will thank her for inspiring me and helping me to get closer to God through her songs.
  25. lilmshannah

    lilmshannah New Member

    My favorite singer is none other than the very talented Bruno Mars. He has that amazing voice quality that no other singer has. He is really amazing, he can even compose his own songs. I can consider him as a music genius.
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  26. jelabelly

    jelabelly New Member

    I love Blackpink and Twice <3
  27. geza2020

    geza2020 New Member

  28. nanoflowerdemon

    nanoflowerdemon New Member

    One of my favorites is J Loren Wince from the band "Hurt". He's really underrated in my opinion and I really think he's one of the best rock vocalists of our time.
  29. velly27

    velly27 New Member

    Michael Jackson a musical genius who could write music for every instrument even when he didn’t play them, he probably worked harder than any other musician then or since. He was a professional musician from the age of five until the age of 50 and was constantly creating new music. His talent and creative mind knew no barriers. He was writing classical pieces just prior to his untimely death and was an accomplished painter. The combination of his strong work ethic, his rare musical and creative talents, his perfectionism and his desire to inspire and entertain others made him a once in a lifetime performer. He was fearless, creative and innovative. He studied the greats, then aspired to be better than them. He studied James Brown, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly’s dancing, then added his own style. He pushed himself in everything he did. He dreamed bigger. He worked harder. He practiced more. He was always very aware that he was given a tremendous gift and felt great responsibility to share it with the world.
  30. Toffeebear88

    Toffeebear88 New Member

    She'll have to be the one of the most underrated Russian singer/songwriter Regina Spektor. Her music isn't the generic pop with the shallow lyrics you hear over the radio. Her songs have soul. She can make you laugh, cry, love, everything all at the same time. She would make you want to travel and be alone with your thoughts.

    She just makes me feel nostalgic. Makes me miss those cold nights listening to her songs on repeat in my iPod shuffle.

    You can start with her most known song "Samson" and take it from there.

    I've always said to myself that if I had the money to tour with her around the globe it would be a dream come true.

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