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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Beverly, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Hey everyone

    My name is Beverly, site admin. Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and let you know some good news about Postloop.

    I work for Ionicware, Inc who recently purchased the amazing Postloop platform from Royal Media, LLC (Ryan). The site is now at a functional state and should be operational. We intend on supporting the current feature set and extending the platform into other areas of content writing.

    We have some pretty big plans for Postloop. As good as it was before, we think you'll be pleased with these ideas.

    Once we get things moving again, we intend on:

    1) Updating the theme to be current including a mobile version.
    2) Adding more content writing opportunities and methods (articles, small content, other platform types, etc)
    3) Adding more inbound payment methods such as Credit Card and Bitcoin.
    4) Possibly adding more payout methods such as Payoneer and Hyperwallet (bank transfer).
    5) Additionally, we hire a plethora of content writers on our network so we intend on moving all of that to PostLoop (which means any writer can write for us).
    6) Continued expansion, growth and updates.

    Please let us know here or via our help desk if you run into any issues whatsoever! Happy posting!
  2. Petert

    Petert Forum & Blog Owners

    Hi Beverly, I'm pleased to see something happening here. I'm looking forward to seeing what your company will do with Postloop. Will it include working with forum owners as in the past? Also, I used to work with Ryan to help with a number of things to keep Postloop running smoothly, and would be interested in continuing that in one form or another.
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  3. Mikey

    Mikey Active Member

    Hi Beverly! Drop me a message if there's anything I can do for you :)
  4. Petert

    Petert Forum & Blog Owners

    Hey @Mikey ! How've you been?
  5. Jordan

    Jordan That One Canadian Guy Staff Member

    I noticed this several days ago when I saw the postloop website (Although with no data on it) was up and running. Then one day at a time, little things became operational. :)

    Looking forward to the site being up and running again.
  6. Cristian

    Cristian New Member

    Welcome Back! Glad to see this up and running again.
  7. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Cristian! I know you from several other Ionicware sites including SEOClerks. Nice that you can join us here too. :)
  8. Mikey

    Mikey Active Member

    Not bad! Building our own forum / CMS software currently over at filesnation (not gonna link it but you can google if you like). Good to see you again! :)
  9. Lord Roco

    Lord Roco New Member

    I am back too :D
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  10. Jordan

    Jordan That One Canadian Guy Staff Member

    Welcome Back :)
  11. DeanM

    DeanM New Member

    Nice to see postloop is back!
  12. Zyn

    Zyn New Member

    Yay! I'm excited to see what else is in store, and I'm glad to be back.
  13. DarkGizmo

    DarkGizmo Member

    I'm also back. :) Can I get my name changed to Smokey? Thanks!
  14. Jordan

    Jordan That One Canadian Guy Staff Member

    Welcome back guys :) Where you guys previously website owners or content writers?
  15. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

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  16. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    Sounds like a great beginning for the new ownership of Postloop! I hope things get more active with the updates you guys are planning, and with the new transfer of owners!
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  17. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Joshua! Thanks so much for your kind wishes. It's really nice you would stop by to say hello.

    We have a lot of good things in store for Postloop and so happy the community is rallying around in support. Already many members are signing up and subscribing to the various forums listed.
  18. Annie Rose

    Annie Rose New Member

    I am so thrilled to see PostLoop up and running again. I worked here previously for quite a while and loved it every step of the way. Best of luck to the new administration! The things you have listed for the future all sound exciting and I can't wait to see them "come to life" so to speak.
  19. mitnutra

    mitnutra New Member

    Beverly OMG Thank you so much. Why I never received email from you about coming back. I was waiting for this moment to come!!!! I own several brands and my business needs discussion forum like there is no tomorrow. I am PAYING client. So HAPPY it is back!!! Because of postloop going out, I was forced to shot down my forums b/c nobody posted anything in it. Now you are back, I just got dedicated box and will begin deposits tomorrow. It will be great if you can enable or something like that, not just paypal, for the deposits and keep my credit card on file for auto billing. I am willing to spend $100 a day, no problem!
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  20. mitnutra

    mitnutra New Member

    Just made small deposit. To be honest, PayPal is a pain in the neck for the deposits. If you add and accept credit cards, that will be super cool. I tried to deposit $95 with PayPal and it told me not at this time, seriously... wtf is that.... It's my money and I want to deposit..... Anyway I tried to deposit $6 and it went through. I have no idea why PayPal is doing it.... I have credit card with unlimited balance. So I am going to be adding two forums and I have no limit on spending as long as you can give me dedicated people to chat on my forums 24/7. Good English. The only problem is if they have broken English, nothing I can do for these people..... I don't want bunch of dummy content. I need good looking forum, with proper English. - forum about supplements and another one - my hosting company is taking care of installation at this point for me. It will be up and running tomorrow. Let's star with $100 a day on each forum as long as you can make it super busy for me!
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