Postloop has reopened!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Beverly, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Zyn

    Zyn New Member

    I was (and am) a content writer. I may eventually be looking for services. Is blog commenting still a thing on here?
  2. mitnutra

    mitnutra New Member

    I am so tired of dealing with PayPal you have no idea!!! Do you have some kind of way for me to pay via credit card and you manually credit points. I will be buying $500 worth every time.

  3. BlackBelleJane

    BlackBelleJane New Member

    Hello and welcome back! I'm excited to begin working with Postloop. I wish for all of us to make money online and maybe have a little bit of fun along the way!
  4. pbgresty

    pbgresty New Member

    Looks like I've joined at the right time....that's the universe working it's magic. ;-)
  5. Empire's

    Empire's New Member

    It's so amazing to see postlloop back in business again and personally i'm happy to join and be apart of the new growth. I first came around back in 2014/2015 with my goal to get some posting content and the truth to be said it never happened and my account. Been talking to Jordan regards to what happen to my old account.

    Also what an small world right :) I came from Forum Promotion and @Beverly is the one that leaded me to join FP back in July 2015 (she was doing posting for me at SEO clerk) and now here we are. Yet you are allover the place.

    I like to mention that I can not able to add my IPS 4.1 website's to the list as the postloop.php is not on the server. So as the site list grows very slow, things needs to be fixed and with IPS 4.2 coming very soon your team needs to add that. Other then that I PM you the details and catch all of you guys elsewhere
  6. PriscillaKing

    PriscillaKing New Member

    Good to see Postloop back...

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