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  1. xlr8_14

    xlr8_14 Member

    What is postloop for you?
  2. marketstreetforum

    marketstreetforum New Member

    For me, Post Loop is - A business tool.
    I plan to test out their services and see how well it can help my business.
  3. MrT

    MrT New Member

    I want posters on my new forum. It makes the place look busier. Hopefully then "real" people will register and post there.

    I also hope I can use this place to monetise one of my big sites. Because it's about forums, I think a lot of visitors will sign up to postloop and make me credits I can use to build sites in more lucrative niches.
  4. warren7432

    warren7432 New Member

    Postloop for me is a platform of knowledge. A platform of knowledge that allows people like me to share my insights and opinion. Aside from that, it allows users to inquire and express their perspective to a wider audience. It is a platform manifesting a 'give and take' idea where people can share their thoughts and in return they benefit from it too. Moreover, Postloop is an opportunity for people like me to earn financially. It can be a part time job or a sideline where one can work, earn, learn, and enjoy. Postloop is fun. I learn from it through reading opinions and viewpoints of other postloopers.

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