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Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by Gratiano, Jul 25, 2017.

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    I have been wondering around several "writing" forums the last few days. I have seen a lot of ideas born here which are combined in a peculiar way inside my brain. There are quite a lot of people who are tempted by online writing for their own reasons. People out there, I need your assistance.
    I am trying to demonstrate to the world the greatness of mathematics, the ultimate creation of human thought. Plus, I will explain the simplicity of mathematics. Most of us had bad teachers at school who imposed to us a fear for maths and, consequently, we have hated this subject. Personally, I overcame my fears even after my university studies on chemistry.
    In the begining, I asked people if they would care to learn mathematics and watch with their own eyes how simple, just, ultimate and democratic are mathematics. Barely 2% were interested. I was bitterly disappointed... Am I living on another planet? Why would almost noone be interested in pure knowledge, in facing and overcoming difficulties? I re-asked the same people, the same question but somewhat rephrased. "What if I show you a way to use mathematics in order to make money?" Less than 5% replied negatively. Still disappointed but at least I found a springboard to "infest" the human race with the addiction of mathematics!
    Unfortunately, I had to apply mathematics on soccer betting and this is my main point of income for the site(and a sponsor who paid for the site but not a developer). I would like then authors or bloggers who would like to write a few words about the site. Paid. Surely, this is not a gambling site.
    I can pay you only via paypal. I need you to have an account on fb. Contact me for the rest of the details.
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    Noone is interested in writing? Am I offering too few? What is wrong?
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    Hello Jasper, thanks for replying. Are you a mathematician? Do you have any writing work of yours?

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