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Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by vmbaltazar, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. vmbaltazar

    vmbaltazar New Member

    Is it really profitable to write blogs? what is the range of profit that we can get?
  2. NewBeginnings

    NewBeginnings New Member

    I was just wondering about the same thing... I guess it's all a matter of traffic like on youtube. If you get a lot of readers advertisers will want to post ads on your blog and so they will pay you but I hear getting an audience is no easy task. It takes time and patience. You really have to be motivated on the subject you're writing about...
  3. emig

    emig New Member

    Blogging can be profitable if you do it for that goal. The common things I've read is that you need to invest at least about one to three months to see earning. The traffic you get will determine how much you will earn from this industry, as they say, "audience is the new currency". The more visitors you have, the more advertisers you'll get. But its more profitable to incorporate affiliate marketing than having your page's space for ads rental.
  4. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    There are lots of guides out there about how to make money blogging, but here’s what makes this one different:

    I’ve taken three different blogs to over $1 million per year. In fact, the blog you’re reading right now has made a total of $5.3 million.

    And in this post, I’m going to give you a step-by-step case study showing you exactly how I did it, starting from nothing.
  5. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    You can be the world’s foremost expert on square-shaped tomatoes, wake up every morning with a burning passion to educate the public on their vast superiority to normal-shaped tomatoes, and work until your fingers bleed and your eyes fall out of your head, following all the right tactics for growing a popular blog, and…

    You’ll never have a chance in hell at making any money.
  6. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Loads of competition. Whether it be my previous employers Brian Clark or Neil Patel, my good friends over at Problogger, or the gazillion other “blogging about blogging” peeps infesting the social media space, everyone was intent on snagging a piece of the pie. They also had a several year head start on me.
  7. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    1. You know what content is popular in your niche, and you write exclusively about those topics
    2. You’ve mastered frameworks proven to make your content more popular (list post, how to post, etc.)
    3. Your content delivers more value to the reader than any other post published on that topic
  8. kavitha123

    kavitha123 Member

    I write blog sometimes in the internet.Blogs are mainly useful to read some interesting topics.

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