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Discussion in 'Books' started by Vernss, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Vernss

    Vernss New Member

    Everything has a reason. In reading, what is our purpose? Because we do not read only for reading's sake. In my case, I read for me to be an expert. To be an expert in this thing called life. Of course I know that reading only by itself will not make me an expert. But I believe that it will play a great part on that pursuit.
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  2. ghimey

    ghimey Member

    I read because i wanted to learn more and more. I love reading travels and culture. i wanted to know what is happening around us. Reading open up my mind ,and i become positive person. Reading is worth a million knowledge.
  3. Darrentejero1

    Darrentejero1 New Member

    I like to post on what Carl Sagan said about books.

    “What an astonishing thing a book is. It's a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you're inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic."

    This words of a great man truly resonates in my heart.
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  4. BruceAndrade

    BruceAndrade New Member

    There are a number of reasons why people read. These reasons can be different for different people, and can be different for the same people at different times. Reading can take us to times before, and beyond, our own, and to places not yet visited, or even to return to places of happy memories. A good writer can make us hear those familiar sounds, and see with that 'inward eye' once again, happy, or even sad, moments long gone.
  5. dagspotter

    dagspotter New Member

    The purpose of reading for me is to develop my English skills in writing and communication, to develop my vocabulary to expound my knowledge, and to enhance my confidence to speak in English with many people. Reading books also giving us so much information like reading articles, news, and blogs online; it gives us knowledge of what happening around the globe anywhere in the country.

    Another purpose of reading is giving us another perspective of what we see of the world around us. Every time you read different books it brought you into different time and space, places, events, and people. It's like you are in a different world of reality where your mind wanders and wonders. It depends on what kind of books are reading; if you read book like a humorous book you become happy; if you read a book like Sci-Fi you become like Scientist; if you read a book like inspirational you will feel inspired, and if you read book like a motivational book you will become more motivated.
  6. Ariane

    Ariane New Member

    I guess the purpose of reading is to make us learn new things, to make our vocabulary wider, to have the ability to imagine and dream and to gain more wisdom. I hated reading as a child and was always pressured by my parents to be a prolific reader since I started learning to read at a very young age. But I decided to find my niche which is self-development and history, which of course led me to be interested more in reading books. Reading these kinds of topics made me the person I am today, wiser and resilient enough to get through a tough day. Out of all the books that I read, I realized that It actually doesn't matter what kind of topic the book entails as long as there is a lesson that you're going to learn at the end of the day.
  7. Kathyrine F Papruz

    Kathyrine F Papruz New Member

    For me the purpose of reading is adding knowledge to your brain, to stimulate your brain and become more active in everyday living. reading take me to a place where reality can't. i love to read, it helps me answers all my questions and to feed my hunger. reading helps a lot. from the easiest to the hardest struggle in love. reading gave me comfort and cure.
  8. Sourav parija 2

    Sourav parija 2 New Member

    I beleive both ends are not met with by reading books, ordinarily speaking. Yet we cannot do away with the habit of reading in this millenium. It has been in point of fact a very intergral part of life, and it has pervaded our life deeply and profoundly.

    The problem again does not cease. The problem is choosing good books from thosuands we come upon on boos shelves in publlic libraries or in book stores.
    Some books simply confuse you and mist your vision and gets you astray and such misleading books need to be avoided.
  9. DmitryZh

    DmitryZh New Member

    For me, reading has 2 different purposes.

    A) You can read only for fun. Just take a great book of adventures,mystery or terror and it will throw you to different emotional states. You will experiment different emotions and will even arrive to a better knowledge of who you are.

    B) Reading books to expand your knowledge. It can be a book of your profession, which can qualify you for a better job or a History book, which will help you to understand better this world and your place on it.

    Reading also trains your brain making it young and agile.
  10. vinlord

    vinlord New Member

    For me the ultimate purpose of reading is to gain knowledge and feed our mind. Just like in our body, we have to eat nutriti0us foods in order for us to become healthy..So with our mind, we have to continuously feed it with new information for it to function effectively. And reading is one way or the best way to keep our mind sharp and healthy
  11. Jessa

    Jessa New Member

    The purpose of reading? For me it's one of the foundation of increasing our knowledge especially those who just started reading. Other than that, reading is also a way of distressing. There are lot of people who loves books than spending time outdoors, why? Because for them it's a pure enjoyment, a escape from reality, an entertainment that nobody can match up.
  12. mishzra

    mishzra New Member

    The purpose of reading is that you can entertain yourself or be informed of something you don't know about. Secondly, It is the gateway for learning other peoples ideologies or aspirations. The fact that you are reading another persons writing is like seeing a reflection of their soul! Lastly, It a way to past the time when you're waiting for someone or just something you do to help you fall asleep.
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  13. itsmepaw

    itsmepaw New Member

    It is important that every people can read, every people knows and understand what they are reading. That's why books are the begginers hiw we educate our selves and other people. Books can change lives. It is the key to success and achieve or goals and dreams in lifr. Books can also be a past time to take read. Books taught us how we communicate with confidence because it is our foundation of learnings.
  14. zianzaire

    zianzaire New Member

    Reading is very important to learn a lot of things, this will educate us and we can eventually use it in our daily life.
  15. amancio sales

    amancio sales New Member

    Reading forms a very important part of your Standard Grade English course. You are expected to read, though, in two different ways. You will be familiar with reading complete texts (novels, plays, poems, and so on) and writing essays discussing them. These essays contribute to the completion of your folio which is sent away for assessment before the external examinations. The other main form of reading work involves what is known as close reading. In this type of reading - which again you will know well - you are expected to read shorter extracts of literature, then answer a series of questions which aim to test your knowledge of the text.
  16. aislinn06

    aislinn06 Member

    Reading is food for the brain. It can help us learn things that our teacher can't teach us just by reading a book, blog, and articles.
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  17. Prettygirl25

    Prettygirl25 New Member

    Read, it's important way to get you a good job, Because reading is a way to understand things here in our world, Just like when we were studying when we were young, Our teachers always told us to study to read, The one who can not read will be left behind, Because our teachers want our lives to be good, so as we grow older we have a good job.
  18. Pimentelaxel

    Pimentelaxel New Member

    Reading is just like a Brain that puts into text type to be stored and ofcourse to share the Knowledge to the other readers, Reading a book is one of the important and essential things to do even if your so genius by nature or just so smart, Genius people is reading a lots and tons of books even if they are so smart enough why ? because they know that the knowledge and learnings are limitless they maybe look Genius to us but they have a lot things to learn more and more, See how the Reading important is.

    Reading is very essential things especially to those First World Country.
  19. koech

    koech New Member

    Reading is very essential in life. Personally i take my time reading so as to be informed and to also know whats happening around the world, as someone once said that knowledge is power. It also enhances creativity and enables us view things from a different perspective. Not forgetting, it greatly improves ones communication skills in english.
  20. erudite88

    erudite88 New Member

    The purpose of reading for me is to escape reality and be in the world where magic do exists. It is where you can be yourself, where you can be your own hero, where you can be on exhilarating adventure or where you cannot be haunted by real pain and sorrow. It is where you control your emotions and be whatever or wherever you want to be. It is where you feel loved and have worth.

    Another purpose is to have knowledge of things be it technical or secular. One of the joys of reading is as you read, it broadens your mind and equipped you with vast array of vocabulary.
  21. yoonaam

    yoonaam New Member

    The purpose of reading is to connect ideas of what you already know and what you don't know. Reading enhances linguistic skills. Reading without understanding is no use at all. It is just like pouring waters into your hand. It should be with understanding. But to have a deeper understanding, it doesn't require to read it only once but repeatedly. Also you should highlight, review and summarize important ideas of a certain text or topic you read.
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  22. blackrazer07

    blackrazer07 New Member

    The purpose of reading is to acquire knowledge. Knowledge from reliable authors, which to say you have to read books from authors who are capable of teaching or has the right to teach. While reading you can put your critical thinking to practice, which means you don't have to accept everything they say, you have to analyze everything thoroughly.The other purpose of reading is to entertain yourself through the imaginative work of the author. Novels bring stories to life, in which you can relate and feel that that someone knows how you're feeling. I read in a blog somewhere that reading fiction could strengthen you empathy toward others. So you may develop a skill in which you can feel what others feel.
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  23. jene1984

    jene1984 New Member

    There's a very big purpose in reading in your life. Reading expands your knowledge about things, about a lot of things in life. It widens your understanding among things, it helps you become an open minded person. I started reading when I'm in college years already, yes, I'm such a lazy during my high school days. When i started to love reading, i started also how to love writing. I love to read anything and everything under the sun but of course with interesting topic. I enjoyed reading because at times it brings me to my best fantasy like being in that scene or how does it feels when that thing happens to you.
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  24. MOMC.MC

    MOMC.MC Member

    First and foremost, i love reading so much. Since my younger days i was always amazed with a good story. I remember that whenever i went into a library, i felt i'm in paradise. Well those were the days, but now with this digital age it's more convenient for me to read on e-books. Reading is my stress buster, expands my vocabulary, stimulates my mind and somehow brings inner peace to myself. A good read or story can transport me to a different place and time, can make me more knowledgeable on what's happening to the world, can inform me about anything that can be handy in facing challenges in life and most of all, can make me sleep at night.
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  25. Jayligan

    Jayligan New Member

    The purpose of reading for me is that it will increase your capacity to perceive things in life on what the book wants to let you know. Reading is fun... Especially if you allow insight applied in your life. It will strengthen also your mental abilities where you develop your moral and of coarse your knowledge.
  26. Miyerkaba

    Miyerkaba New Member

    The purpose for me is simple, it is either to learn something new or to be entertained. I don't really much like reading books but if i were choosing 1 of those i would prefer learning new knowledge, because in the end it can help me out.
  27. I read to gain more knowledge about a specific topic.
  28. jennifergudiaga123

    jennifergudiaga123 New Member

    For me reading helps the person to understand more of what they already know. It's like swimming into the deepest sea. deeper understanding and deeper learning. Reading helps you to be the best version of yourself.
  29. carmelitaoraiz

    carmelitaoraiz New Member

    knowledge is a power..one way is to read..by reading..not only you can excercise your brain muscel youll get also learnings were you can use by your day to day life basis
  30. barqueez

    barqueez New Member

    Reading is essential in life. As everyone is always saying, "Readers are leaders". The purpose of reading is definitely to learn a lot of things. May it be to improve your self or learn about something that you may be interested in.

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