Purpose of Reading

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  1. Purposes of reading as follows,

    1. Gaining knowledge. There is written material on a bazillion topics and reading is much faster than listening (even if you could find an expert to listen to).

    2. Gaining perspective, which itself has at least two sub-types:
    a. If I read multiple non-fiction books or articles on the same subject, each will have a different perspective; no one knows everything about anything and, even if they did, different authors will emphasize different things
    b. If I read fiction, I learn to take the perspective of the different characters

    3. Escape.

    4. Amusement

    5. Pure enjoyment at the glory of language.
  2. GanduraChururut

    GanduraChururut New Member

    Reading has a different purpose depending on the literary genre that someone reads. For literary fiction, the purpose of reading is simply to fill our minds with thoughts that we didn't expect to exist. It is flying to different places by just turning a page. It is witnessing other person's life without the involvement of a physical interaction. Reading is somehow a highest form of entertainment. Television series and movies limits someone's imagination by spoon-feeding the thought to the viewer while reading allows an individual to have unlimited contrivance to the story
    For nonfiction literature, reading is like filling a vessel with informative thoughts that could somehow reflect in our lives. Our brain serves as the vessel and our curiosity is the triggering factor that will induce us in searching the things we are curious about in the book . Although it is mostly done for academic purposes, reading nonfiction literature would widen our scope about certain things.
  3. clarkdgreat

    clarkdgreat New Member

    The purpose of reading is to enhance your knowledge on the specific topic or giving you a knowledge and idea on that things.reading is very important to in our everyday life because i believe on the saying that ,"no read no write" because if dont read you are vulnerable of the scarmmer or person that want to get what is important to you like they want your property,money,cars etc..so people reading is impotant in order to get you dream job,dream car,dream house,and most of all to know what is right and wrong.
  4. Ali Chic

    Ali Chic New Member

    Reading is essential to everyone's life. It is how we learn, how we understand, how we educated ourselves in life to grow and become our better self. If I couldn't read then I wouldn't be able to make this post.
  5. Damion

    Damion New Member

    I enjoy reading but don't have the concentration to do it for long so I'm a bit put of reading. What the best way to overcome that?
  6. Dhadasherwin

    Dhadasherwin New Member

    Reading has a lot of purpose most specially to me as a student and a future teacher. As we all know being a teacher means you have to know more, learn more and explore more that is why reading books is important to me. For me reading needs a high concentration for you to absorb knowledge that you will be able to share to your friends or even to my future students.
  7. jaybejaybe

    jaybejaybe New Member

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  8. jeji42160

    jeji42160 New Member

    I do loved to read books, especially the books where you can get more information and values, and also to improved our reading skills/communication skills and that can easily communicate others by sharing ideas & etc.
  9. mirabella

    mirabella New Member

    My purpose on reading is to know more, to enhance more my knowledge. It also helps me to relax and to be entertained at the same time. When you read, you also imagining the things happening in the story. It is like watching a movie that is full of our imagination by just reading it. Reading also makes us a good listener because when you read you also listen to your thoughts, to understand the real meaning of what you are reading.
  10. ellakassandra

    ellakassandra New Member

    For me,reading is important because it helps to develop ones mind.It helps people understand.There are many adults or individual who can read but cant understand well,and there are some also who cant read well and so understand what they have reading.Reading is an exercise to our mind.A lot of new words that we may encounter through reading.Reading is learning.Through reading we learned a lot. It is a building block of life.
  11. MissGlenSaturday

    MissGlenSaturday New Member

    If you comprehend meaning you can read. Reading is one of the skills we learn in school. When we keep on reading we learn too. It develops our way of thinking and how we apply what we read in our daily life. It develops our communication skill too. Reading informative information helps us share and communicate it with others.
  12. clinsindir

    clinsindir New Member

    Reading is one of the most basic skills a human should possess simply because we all need information to thrive in this life. We need to comprehend and apply the necessary steps to achieve what is needed, usually to obtain things. If a person cannot read he or she will live a tough life since reading is a form of communication and thus without it chances of getting the important resources for someone to live would be difficult. Just like the purpose of reading. Throughout our lives, we study things and did it by reading. Books are informative and helpful from a range of topics you want. knowledge expands and because of this, you can learn new things and skills that will help you to become a more developed individual and at the same time successful. Most of the wisest people in the history are good readers and some of them became good teachers who wrote books. Some of the students now write what his or her mentor say for later review and soon this student who reads and understand a lot might become a teacher as well and the knowledge will be passed on again. For me, the main purpose of reading is for you to succeed in life. Reading results to learning, learning results to knowledge and skills, knowledge and skills results to doing it, if you do it and fail you will try it again, if you try it again you will understand it, and understanding it and putting it into good use will equate to success.
  13. Lala Vincent

    Lala Vincent New Member

    First,I read books for leisure.It gives me great joy to read good books for example TELL ME YOUR DREAMS by Sydney Sheldon.I always stare at the ideas that such writers have with great ewe.It's just amazing how people may make things out of nothing but imagination.

    I also read books to keep myself informed and to know about other peoples traditions and beliefs.

    I also read books to keep my grammar sharp in the language of English.

    Some books such as RICH DAD, POOR DAD have good ideas on to how to make money and managae your funds.It helps to keep someone knowledgeable on how to be financially dependant.
  14. danchez

    danchez New Member

    Reading provides knowledge. You can travel the whole world and not move a step if you read books. It not only is entertaining but gives you knowledge. Knowledge is power and without it, you are useless.
  15. gandilahaba

    gandilahaba New Member

    I'm not a fan of reading books before but there was a time when I was so bored at my job and I don't have any choice but to read a book just beat the boredom. I found out that reading a book in a quite place from a great author would absolutely let your imagination run especially if it is telling you the details of it. The sensation and the emotion would make you feel more than watching in a movie theater mainly because that is your world and you created it and it would be the same sensation when you tell a story with full details of it. They will create their own imagination as well while listening to your story.
    What I'm just trying to say is, reading a book is healthy for your emotion when creating this imagination but it really depends on where you are. Just look for a quite place and you will alright.
  16. blackrose15

    blackrose15 New Member

    Reading, for me,is a treasure.Not a waste of time.It gives you more ideas to what you already know.You gain knowledge even with the littlest book you have.It is also an escape.If your day turned out wrong, just lie down on a sofa,in your bed in front of a breezy ocean, in the meadow or wherever you find some peace and quiet and start reading,imagine yourself as the main character of the story you're reading and it'll brighten up your day.You will find yourself loving every minute of it.
  17. Christine Seblero

    Christine Seblero New Member

    Reading is essential. We read different kinds of books and articles. The purpose of reading is to be informed or entertained. Depending on your your preferences whether you want to be informed or entertained. If you want to be informed, you may choose to read informational books or articles. If you want to be entertained, you may read books or magazines that can entertain you.
  18. juniree08

    juniree08 New Member

    Reading is very important. It's a clever thing, that will feed our minds of everything that is essential in our lives. Reading is like eating healthy foods. While reading, our knowledge will be more broad. We can learn everything on reading. Because everything now is written in a book. Yes! Everything! Well...there is an internet now. It is more convenient searching in google now a days. We don't have to go outside to buy books or magazine neither go to libraries. You see nourishing our minds of information's will lead us to a successful life., weather it is good or bad. Knowledge through reading is a significant key.
  19. sptfmusic

    sptfmusic New Member

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  20. Genevive Valdez

    Genevive Valdez New Member

    Reading is not fundamentally different than speaking, as they are both means of conveying ideas. For me, I read because I want to gain some information or just want to entertain myself.
  21. akosilester

    akosilester New Member

    Sometimes reading is a stress reliever . . and also get more knowledge and improved our mind.
  22. Jamierox

    Jamierox New Member

    Education is the key to success, if we don't educate ourselves, we may end up havinf a hard time analyzing staff. To educate ourself, 1st thing we do is to seek knowledge, and how do we seek knowledge? Thats the reason why the purpose of reading is very important to us. Reading is the key to success. The main purpose of reading is to educate us, learn more so we can be more, read more so we can gain more. Reading on the other hand gives us information and instruction to how we can do possible things. It gives us ideas and knowledge on a certain thing that we don't understand and it will enlighten our perception on that particular object or situation that we are in. It makes you a better person and more intelligent human being.
  23. SandraKim

    SandraKim New Member

    What is my purpose of reading? None. Reading is a part of our daily life. We read everything that catch our eyes even we do it on purpose or not. It is an automatic response of our body. However in a deep sense of why we read, we read for information. We read for entertainment. We read to learn. We read to be civilized and we read for survival.
  24. vin.averia

    vin.averia New Member

    Reading is almost the same as listening.

    When a persons reads, he allows himself to be taught, he opens his heart to understanding.

    A person reads to get information, to have more knowledge, to find answers, to search for an explanation, to get meaning and to search for the truth.

    The way I see it, a person who takes time to read has a sharp mind. The more we read, the wider we can comprehend.

    He who dislikes reading gets stuck on his mind's limits, and minimizes his own potential.

    A person who is eager to read, is also to learn.

    No matter what we read it all adds to our knowledge, and understanding.

    People read because we are not comfortable with what we do not know. So, we seek information, because we want to know.
  25. RachelleDeLeon

    RachelleDeLeon New Member

    Reading is a part of my everyday chore since I reached college life. Reading also makes us more knowledgeable. But for me, the importance of reading is for fun, to enjoy and relax your mind. It help soothes what you feel. Reading makes you feel what the characters are feeling in the book you read. It makes your imagination grow wider and It helps you to have a better idea.
  26. Ma.Rose

    Ma.Rose New Member

    Reading without understanding is like eating without planning to get full, it is not enough just reading a book, you have to review important ideas that can improve your concentration and techniques on how to apply it to your self and how it can benefits you in some area of your life, that is why reading with understanding creates purpose on everything.
  27. elenaalcongerardo

    elenaalcongerardo New Member

    I'm a book lover. I can't last a day without reading. I can last a day without internet but with books, it's most unlikely. For me the purpose of reading is to make my mind at ease. Aside from the fact that you can get valuable ideas or insights while reading, you can also relax and make your concentration stronger. As per research, reading will sharpen your mind. Yes I can really tell it's true, however my main reason of reading is my relaxation. It's like my meditation and escape to my predicaments in life.
  28. chinggamme

    chinggamme New Member

    I read to gain knowledge on things I find interesting or topics that I may need in the future. I also read for the escapism it affords me. Being able to lose myself in the story while gaining a bit of wisdom is one of the reasons I love reading.
  29. rossinimarie

    rossinimarie New Member

    The purpose of reading is to learning something. If you always read, you will learn a lot of things. You will be able to increase vocabulary. It's very cool to have the knowledge in some things. You will be able to get a lot of ideas.
  30. quen29

    quen29 New Member

    I read because I'm bored. I read because I want to learn something. I read because I like to feel the emotions of the character. I want to know how they handle situations. I want to know how they feel when they are inlove. I want to know how they feel when they are broken and hurt. I want to imagine them being complete. And I want to empathize with the characters.

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