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  1. sassy

    sassy New Member

    The purpose of reading is to generate data and collecting ideas.It is to connect the ideas on the page that you already know.Adds up some information in your stored data.And aside from that you become more involved in a certain subject if you are equiped and loads of details.
  2. yenixer

    yenixer New Member

    I always read books to improve my understanding and comprehension. Everytime I read a certain book it widens my creativity and imagination. This will broaden my anticipation for the author and think of ideas and questions. For me to able to comprehend I need concentration and motivation so that I will have greater interest to what I am reading. When I able to completely grasp the information written in the pages of the book, I was able share it properly because I wanted to share what I have learned.
  3. For me, it has many purpose of reading. It can expand your vocabulary. It helps you understand things. To add our knowledge in a specific fields.
  4. Also, reading can improve your communicating skills and interpreting other language. For you?
  5. janoel

    janoel New Member

    Reading is very important to our life, this the way how we interpret things that see, with the power of reading we can imagine different thoughts on our society.
  6. Jeffpalero

    Jeffpalero New Member

    The purpose of reading are just to know what happen and to be aware in life and your surroundings. Either books, magazine or newspaper there a lesson or information you must benifit can apply in your daily life.
  7. richo

    richo New Member

    Knowing the purpose of reading is very important for us, living in this new era. Reading was already part of the lives of our greatest ancestors, where they invented this so called activity. They made their first symbols and letters in order for them to communicate to each other. It took awhile to unravel the cravings. And due to the great minds we have today, we can able to trace back the history through reading books from the past. Although we may not see or sense the greater story behind it but through reading, we could shape the world around us. The greater purpose of reading is passing on a new form of ideas where it gives impact to the world we live in.
  8. badzz

    badzz New Member

    Reading for me is something that makes you escape reality and go to places,go on an adventure of such, and sometimes gives you peace of mind.Reading also teachs us alot of things,things that sometimes blow your mind.
  9. Ceres

    Ceres New Member

    There are lots of purposes of reading. First I think is for development because, in our elementary days, our teacher helped us to read for learning and developing our skills. We also read because we need to broaden or enhance our knowledge of the things we don't know about. Lastly, we read to enjoy. Personally, I read to pass the time and if I am bored. It somehow relieves the stresses I have and it also gives me fresh perspectives. There are other purposes of reading out there but I think these three are the main reasons.


    The purpose of reading is to connect the ideas on the page to what you already know. If you don't know anything about a subject, then pouring words of text into your mind is like pouring water into your hand. ... You have a framework in your mind for reading, understanding and storing information.
  11. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    The purpose of reading is twofold; firstly, reading is a way to improve one’s knowledge – be it for the purpose of formal studies, or due to fascination with certain topics. The world we live in is vast and ever evolving, so how can we expect to keep up with it if we rely on information gleaned some 20 to 30 years ago. The answer is simple; we can’t. No matter what the source of our reading is, we are learning from the material. Secondly, reading is a form of escapism into a world far-removed from our own day-to-day existence. What better way to kill time or unwind than with a good book, a comfy couch, and a cup of tea (or wine!).
  12. Babyblue

    Babyblue New Member

    I usually read to escape reality. I like to read fictional, magical stories. When I read I imagine myself being in their world and being in the book. It is an amazing feeling, I get to feel like another person when I put myself on the author’s book. That is my main point of reading stories and novels but then now, I am already an adult. So I also read some self-help books, regarding finances, dieting, exercises and etc to be a better person all in all. To learn some skills in the process of reading self-help books.
  13. charmousity

    charmousity Member

    I read because I want to know current events and be aware of what's happening around the world. I also read because I want to increase my knowledge about something, enhance my vocabulary and improve myself.
  14. moana

    moana New Member

    As for me, I read books not only to develop my reading skills but also to engage myself in a different interesting stories. When I read, I feel like I am involve or I am the leading character of the story. I just don't love the crafted pages but I also take pride in the number of books I read.
  15. john ariel

    john ariel New Member

    Books are like food for your mind. You don't need to memorize everything!
    When you read to learn something, you have to practice it or implement it - that's the purpose of reading something to learn. When you read to pass your time, you simply read the book and enjoy your time.
  16. ocampojm14

    ocampojm14 New Member

    There are tons of reasons why people would read such article or book. Mine is that I can use it as future references in my work or maybe just to relax myself and be on my creative side. Reading is fun. It can make you go anywhere, everywhere without leaving your couch. It can make you believe with fantasies or imagine what might the future will be. Well, as what others would say, "books are powerful."
  17. Steve5

    Steve5 New Member

    Reading is the avenue of a life well spent.

    We read to better ourselves. We read to learn of our true selves. We read to be ourselves. That is what I believe. Because reading is everything. It fills our lives from beginning to end. We learn to read in our early years of childhood. And yet we learn to see life as it truly is just before we pass away.

    It's sad. But there is truth in sadness.

    Reading is beyond the mere text. To read is to learn the truth of life. Our lives as human beings. The greatest joy awaits in discovery. When we first learn of something, we feel a surge of emotion. It's this thrill of the moment that encourages us to keep going. To keep moving forward.

    And the purpose of reading is to be. To be true to yourself. To live in truth and knowledge. But most of all, to culminate kindness in all.
  18. Joseph Martinez

    Joseph Martinez New Member

    The purpose of reading is to acquire knowledge and to stimulate an individual's mind. Reading can fill your mind with any information which can be useful in any given situation in your life. It is an escape from a person's everyday routine that can provide benefits whether to improve memory, to get entertainment or just reduce stress.
  19. Joe Cris Palalon

    Joe Cris Palalon New Member

    The obvious purpose of reading is to expand your knowledge and understanding about anything.
  20. Joey Bajar

    Joey Bajar New Member

    Reading will help you grow. Your personality, behavior and spiritual life will benefit a lot of positive improvements by reading books (especially quality books) and the result will manifest in your daily life. Most of the time, reading books will inspire you and drive yourself to think more positively and your life vision will gradually change into a more broad aspects of living.
  21. heartcassidy

    heartcassidy New Member

    When we were Preschoolers, we learn to read. After third grade, we read to learn.

    Though I don’t consider myself a bibliophile or a bookworm, I just love reading books for three main reasons. First, reading books fires up my imagination. It is like opening a window to another world and time, to a fantasy land, to a mysterious place and more. Second, it fills my mind with knowledge and wisdom. Primarily, it can cure ignorance. Third, I can feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness every time I read books.

    Great leaders and world’s most successful people are readers. I guess reading is also a gateway to success. What do you think?
  22. Junalyn

    Junalyn New Member

    Reading is a part of our everyday life.By reading, we can gain information or knowledge. Everyday is a learning process,the more that we read,the more things that we will know.Purpose of reading is to help us to expand our vocabulary and to enhance our skills. Reading help us broaden our ideas and to express our thoughts in our life. It make us smarter and mentally sharper. By reading books we can easily share opinions to other person. Reading help children to develop their imagination so that we should teach them that reading books is important. The purpose of reading is help us to grow as a person and help us to improve our daily conversation.Life is a never stop learning, so make it a habit to read a knowledgeable books. Reading books motivates person.
  23. Undispjuted

    Undispjuted New Member

    I enjoy the entertainment factor, as well as the opportunity to view a subject from a point of view that might be different from my own.
  24. aehranne

    aehranne New Member

    A wide reader person is a very observant person as well, some would say. But why do we read? Some use reading for killing time. Some would read just for leisure and some for education and others just read because they have no choice but to read (which usually happens in academic textbook)

    In my case, I read because. . . shall I say all of the mentioned reasons above. Yes, I read for leisure, to kill time, to be more informed and I read because I have no choice but to read or else I will Fail (in school exams). But most of the time, I read because i simply love to read. Whether its for current events or novels.
  25. OnanadIpo

    OnanadIpo New Member

    Reading is like investing in yourself; preparing yourself what will happen in the future; reading is gaining knowledge, ideas, hope and wisdom. These four that you can acquire by reading can actually save the world by rotting by ignorance. The purpose of reading for me is to save the world to become a better human person and help or teach individuals in able for them to be knowledgeable in order for them to be a good teacher of tomorrow. Whenever you read you experience the author's experience and we all know that the best teacher is none other than: the experience, so by reading a book you can learn from the mistakes of others.
  26. The purpose of reading is will help you to enhance your knowledge. Because you will able you to understand things clearer and widerer if you read. Also reading is decoding what is written to the text.
  27. sohel1977

    sohel1977 New Member

    Goals In this section you will find information about different goals, core objectives, learning lines and reference levels with regard to reading comprehension. Core objectives, reading comprehension


    The pupils learn to find information in informative and instructive texts, including diagrams, tables, and digital sources.

    The pupils learn to write content and form texts with different functions, such as: informing, instructing, persuading or having fun.

    The pupils learn to organize information and opinions when reading school and study texts and other instructional texts, and with systematically ordered sources, including digital sources.

    The pupils learn to compare and assess information and opinions in different texts.

    The students learn to organize information and opinions when writing a letter, a report, a form or a paper. They pay attention to sentence structure, correct spelling, a readable handwriting, sheet mirror, possibly visual elements, and color.
  28. estads03

    estads03 New Member

    I read for many reasons: Firstly, to further my learning about things, the world and life in general. Secondly, I read to be entertained. Lastly, I read to keep myself informed.
  29. haydencshaw

    haydencshaw New Member

    Reading is perhaps one of the most diverse forms of media in existence. While there may only be a handful of ways one can read a book, the subjects and ways that they are written are as numerous as the stars. So what then is its purpose? Reading's purpose to me is education. Whether you're reading for pleasure or profit, you usually end up learning something. If it isn't a new word that you've never seen before then it might be something about the world that you've never known, or maybe even something about yourself. Altogether I think that reading is a teacher, and while not every book may be education, it still teaches you something.
  30. Goldilocks

    Goldilocks New Member

    Learning is a continues process it never stops, you always find materials which helps you widen your understanding on different things in life you can find it books even in newspapers. Reading is a part of our daily lives, and you never notice it may have a great impact in your outlook in life, and actually have tried to apply it to real life.

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