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  1. katemajait

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    There are a lot of purposes to read, it may depends on the goal of the reader. But on top of that purposes, we are just seeking for information and knowledge that we need. Reading is a lifetime habit of every individual. Even if you got a simple text message and you read it, you want to know what the message is and that's still a purpose. Also, I believe reading is very essential to everyone even the individuals who are visually impaired.. they have their braille system to help them to read what is being written in the book and that's because they have a purpose.
  2. Mitan

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    For me, the purpose of reading to every individual is as important as your life. Reading is one of the basic skill that a person can have. The purpose of reading is to ensure that the person will gain knowledge and information because having a knowledge is very powerful. If you have enough and the necessary information in your mind, then you might become a very successful person and you will achieve your goal in life. Even those who are visually impaired people take time to learn how to properly use the Braille system in order to help them read what is being tactile written in an embossed paper. Reading is also way of communication to other people. Like if you read a book, then you are already communicating to the author even you did not talk to him personally. You will know other people's thoughts, ideas or messages through reading even if they are far away from you. But for me, the most important purpose of reading, like I said earlier, is to gain knowledge and seek information that we need in order for us to have a better life.
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    Me I love reading, specially right now. I am working for my equivalent study because I never had diploma. Books helps me a lot to learn something new, to help me improve my knowledge, to help me understand what I don't understand. Reading helps you boost your knowledge, boost your interest of something else. It will hasten your knowledge toward your goal. Like me I have different language, I don't know how to speak English before but I start reading basic dictionary, here I am now I can type and talk English wherever I go :) .....
  4. LoveWritting

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    We do all know that the purpose of reading is to get infortamation on whatever we are reading based on the perspective of the writer or the content of it. But there is more in reading. There's more underlying purpose in reading. Reading a story, an article, or a news gives us important details on what is happening around us. But it also gives the mind an idea to be connected to it and to be part of it. It left us a question of how should we react and what we need to do about it. So for me, the underlying purpose of reading is to give us purpose in life based on what and where we are right now.
  5. Aaron Montebon

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    The purpose of reading is to connect the ideas on the page to what you already know. If you don't know
    anything about a subject, then pouring words of text into your mind is like pouring water into your hand.
    You don't retain much.
    Improving Comprehension.
    Reading comprehension requires motivation, mental frameworks for holding ideas, concentration and
    good study techniques. Here are some suggestions.
    Develop a broad background.
    Broaden your background knowledge by reading newspapers, magazines and books. Become interested
    in world events.
    Know the structure of paragraphs.
    Good writers construct paragraphs that have a beginning, middle and end. Often, the first sentence will
    give an overview that helps provide a framework for adding details. Also, look for transitional words,
    phrases or paragraphs that change the topic.
    Identify the type of reasoning.
    Does the author use cause and effect reasoning, hypothesis, model building, induction or deduction,
    systems thinking?
    Anticipate and predict.
    Really smart readers try to anticipate the author and predict future ideas and questions. If you're right,
    this reinforces your understanding. If you're wrong, you make adjustments quicker.
    Look for the method of organization.
    Is the material organized chronologically, serially, logically, functionally, spatially or hierarchical? See
    section 10 for more examples on organization.
    Create motivation and interest.
    Preview material, ask questions, discuss ideas with classmates. The stronger your interest, the greater
    your comprehension.
    Pay attention to supporting cues.
    Study pictures, graphs and headings. Read the first and last paragraph in a chapter, or the first sentence
    in each section.
  6. titapaulita

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    Reading book, magazines, newspapers and blogs is one of my hobbies. The purpose of reading for me is to know the information that we didn't really know and it is also help us to explore and discovers new things that we haven't encountered before.

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