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Which is better?

  1. Queen

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  2. The Beatles

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  1. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    Who among these boy band group has a lot number of fans? Which has the better music? I know plenty of songs of The Beatles and a lot on the side of Queen :) I personally love all Queen songs especially the "Somebody to love" How about you? Tell me...
  2. RandomContent

    RandomContent New Member

    I have to go Queen. Primarily due to the fact that they had a wide range of songs. For example, Another On Bites the Dust has a totally different groove compared to something like Bohemian Rhapsody. They’ve got a song for whatever mood you’re in!
    No hate on the the Beetles, though.
  3. AbeTheBabe

    AbeTheBabe New Member

    I also have to side with Queen simply because Another One Bites the Dust puts me in the greatest mood I've ever been in! The Beetles are legendary as well, but to me none can compare to Queen!! Queen for life:love::cool:
  4. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    Queen hands down. No disrespect intended for The Beatles they are legends on their own right, but in my personal opinion no band had a more diverse sound and unique style than Queen. Lead singer Freddie Mercury vocals are on a whole different level, and not mention their icon performance in Live Aid which is arguably the greatest concert performance of all time.
  5. DamianTyrell

    DamianTyrell New Member

    How interesting that in this thread Queen seems to be the unequivocal winner. Queen is certainly one of the most exciting, innovative, and genius musical groups to ever grace our charts but The Beatles are without question the better and more influential band. There would be no Queen without the Beatles. It is hard to imagine what the world of music might look like without the Beatles, they influenced everyone who came after them.
    The Beatles catalog is always much more vast and diverse, they took song writing to a whole new level. They wrote masterpiece after masterpiece. While Queen is one of the best, they cant beat The Beatles.
  6. JaneBosch

    JaneBosch New Member

    It's a tough choice, but I'm going to have to go with Queen. Freddie Mercury had an amazing vocal range. Also, John Lennon was kind of a huge jerk.
  7. rhiaxp

    rhiaxp New Member

    They are LEGENDS but I'll go with Queen.
  8. plambev

    plambev New Member

    Despite The Beatles huge contribution to music I prefer the Queen songs. They have the Rock sound I presonally like the most.
  9. dlhathaway94

    dlhathaway94 New Member

    Both The Beatles and Queen are wonderful groups. They have made notable contributions, both to music and to popular culture. Personally, I prefer Queen. I enjoy their rock and roll sound, and will admit that I am captivated by the life of Freddie Mercury. I recently sat through the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and can say that I was not at all disappointed. In fact, I was enthralled by such an intriguing portrayal of this legend's life.
  10. gailceleryo

    gailceleryo New Member

    I would go for Queen! High respect and adoration for The Beatles though. But Queen really has the greatest song of all time. Even the kids in our generation knows their songs. Their legacy still lives in us. They are such a great band and after watching the movie entitled “Bohemian Rhapsody”, I’ve learned to understand them even more, and the things they’ve went through to reach their dreams. Once they start to sing, the crowd starts to go crazy. I wish I was able to live in that era and witness one of their concerts.

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