rap or rock song?

Discussion in 'Music' started by edcel, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. edcel

    edcel Member

    for me is rock song
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  2. NewbieGainers

    NewbieGainers New Member

    Have you heard of the Genre "Nu Metal"? this is a combination of rap and rock... I honestly wouldn't pick one over the other because you can enjoy both of them. Check out the band "Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, and of course Linkin Park." They combined rap and rock :)
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  3. joshharnwell

    joshharnwell New Member

    like someone else has stated the genre “nu metal” or some call it “emo rap” (although i believe it does not fall into that category) is a good music genre i am very into artists such as city morgue made up of members zillakami and sosmula they make great music with sosmula rapping aggressively and zillakami usaully screaming the chorus although he can also rap very well and his deep voice makes it sound that much better try listening to songs like “man down” lil gnar, “ gravehop187” city morgue and “6feet” scarlxrd
  4. ha188

    ha188 New Member

    I would say both but for rap i rather old school
  5. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    rock of course
  6. Bantoot

    Bantoot New Member

    sorry i preferred rap song, but rock is also nice:)
  7. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I like to rap than listening rock song. I love the fast beat while I'm rapping
  8. memalist01

    memalist01 New Member

    I like both. I'm more into rock during my high school period. I used to play guitar and bands that play rock music seemed cool. I toned it done after college and started exploring other genres, and that's how I fell in love with rap music. MC's that freestyle was mind blowing. Their ability to think on the spot and make it in to music was epic.
  9. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    Rap is more expressive and verbally vulnerable than rock so rap it is for me
  10. thehazel

    thehazel New Member

    Between a Rap Song and a Rock Song, I prefer a Rap Song, I can relate with the Rap Song than a Rock Song. But I listen to the both, though.
  11. alxlightwood

    alxlightwood New Member

    I listen to both. I'm nitpicky when it comes to songs, Id rather that it has a meaning to it than the catchy tune.
  12. akabaned

    akabaned New Member

    why not both? I love spoken word is somewhat in between, I would recommend giving a listen to hotel books, great guitar and deep lyrics bein more poetic than even rap.
  13. mrrefugio

    mrrefugio New Member

    personally I think it depends a lot when you were born in lopresonal I prefer rap but I can not sing some good rock songs

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