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    Most trading platforms available on the market allow you to trade American stock. However a trader may want to invest in stock that is not listed with American brokers, in this case you would want a broker that allows you to make such trades. If for instance you want to trade Canadian stock, RBC direct investing is a good platform. RBC is part of the Royal Bank of Canada. The platform allows you to trade Canadian stock. With $9 or less sometimes, you can buy company stock and start recieving dividends on your account. You can hold accounts in different currencies, and also have the ability to choose from a variety of account types. One further advantage is that you can choose to hold a no risk practice account to help you grow your skills before you trade. Which saves you from huge unwanted losses. Стрільче, Ukraine Make link from this topic to the following address: https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/_...2_-rbc-direct-investing/Стрільче-Ukraine.html

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