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Discussion in 'Books' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    Which do you prefer, to read a story or to watch movie instead?

    For me I prefer to read a story than watching movie, it maybe sounds boring.. Maybe? Some don't like books, yes I actually don't like books unless it is a fiction story, romance etc. It makes me feel like I am free, by reading it I can escape from the reality. It makes me to have a dream and hopes in life. But it I'm also a bit alert about my self because once I met a man, they was like oh? You don't passed my standard, you don't passed my taste hahaha but I don't voice it out huh, for myself only. Hahaha
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  2. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    I prefer to read a story. There are some parts in the novel that is being changed when it is in the movies. I hate that when it happens. It makes the story not itself anymore. Like the movies of Percy Jackson, it is not the same when you read it. Also the divergent series, sometimes I just don't watch it if I read a novel of it. It just makes me disappointed.
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  3. Akipot

    Akipot New Member

    I prefer reading than watching movie. In movie, only the important highlights of the book or novel are put to the scenes. A lot of the parts of the story are not included only the important ones. I am a kind of person who read the book first before viewing its movie version and most of the time I'm disappointed with the film. Maybe it is the readers expectation that makes the movie less appealing. Because as a reader there are parts in the book or novel we are looking forward to see in the movie but the producer did not include it in the main stream. So sad.
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  4. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    Yes, why they don't put all the details in movie because it will cost a lot. If they will put the every single details of the story in the book to movie, they run out of money. And also the time, there is a maximum time limit, they think that making the movie too long make the audience bored. Some of the movie that I have watched only takes 1-2 hours, too long movies makes us bored. ❤️
  5. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Ariel Abke

    January 01, 2015



    Welcome to 2015!

    In the dawn of a new year, many people are crafting their New Years’ Resolutions. “Read more” is a popular resolution, and for a good reason! It’s no secret that reading is good for you. But how exactly does reading improve your life? And why should you make it a priority in 2015? I’m so glad you asked!

    1. Reading is good for your brain
    “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison penned this quote roughly 300 years ago, before modern science and research equipment could back up his claim. Today, however, scientific studies show that reading does make you smarter. Reading a novel, for example, increases the blood flow and improves connectivity in the brain.
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  6. StarvingBeing

    StarvingBeing New Member

    I prefer to watch it's just more interesting for me as it engages me with sounds and visuals that also make the whole story easier to understand and relate to
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  7. Ixba

    Ixba Member

    First I prefer to watch the movie. Although I am aware that the book is more complete. In case the movie is good then I will go read the book.
    I remember once I read a book and then I saw the movie. the movie was trash compared to the book, it was a thousand times more attractive.
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  8. Simple_me18

    Simple_me18 Member

    For me reading.
    • Books are life: They have soul, you are deeply connected to a character and the characters stay with you forever. Whereas movies are just an indulgence, you experience it for 3 hours and forget about it.
    • The intricate details explained in a book can never be captured on the big screen. Apart from few exceptions, movies always fail to do justice to the book
    • Books help you paint a picture as you read thereby mentally stimulating your brain and keeping it active.You come across new words that gets you curious about what it means and this curiosity helps you improve your vocabulary.Books are also a way of escaping reality. It lets you travel to a whole another world and some statistics also suggest that books have helped people overcome depression.
  9. dizzylizzy

    dizzylizzy New Member

    For me I prefer now these days to watch a movie rather than read the story! I can't believe I even admit that for in the earlier days of growing up I read so many books and then would vow that the movie made out of them, for example, would not be that good! The movies are so thrilling to watch and then, sometimes, I read a good book and just swear that it takes my mind off my daily activities and I get so into it. I do love movies and watching a good movie is well worth the time!
  10. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    Yeah.. Well we have different likes. ❤️
  11. adhuc

    adhuc New Member

    I much prefer to read something. Not that I don't enjoy and love film and television, of course, but it's so much easier for me to focus on written text.

    When I'm watching a show, I feel like I need to multitask. I can't just sit still and pay attention to the show, I feel like I'm just wasting my time if my hands are not also busy. It's a silly mindset, but its what I grew up with. That means I tend to pause the show and walk away to do something, come back and watch for three minutes, pause, and do something else.

    Or worse, I don't pause at all. I tab over into a different window, and just miss large chunks of the story because I can't focus, and wanted to look up something someone said.

    I've never had that problem with a book. Maybe because my hands are occupied with the pages, actually holding the book, along with the story being mentally stimulating. I can go hours without pause in reading a story - I often can't make it five minutes without getting antsy in a show.

    I also... there's no casting in a book. I can imagine whoever I want. I can be sensitive to sound, so there are no unexpected loud bangs, no shouts, no actors that I know have been unkind to animals.

    I often look at the description for shows on netflix and think, "I wish this was a book."
  12. hezam

    hezam New Member

    The nature of books has evolved. Society and technology have changed. Forcibly, our approach to reading has taken on new forms to accommodate a different way of life. I talked about the science behind reading books versus watch, and how each medium affects our brains in various ways. Although books give us new ideas, spark discussions, and explore topics in detail, the same information can be delivered in a variety of formats. When it comes to exactly how we should absorbing books.
  13. junjun-RwEM

    junjun-RwEM New Member

    I tend to give more weight on the reading. Our minds get to openly wander around just by reading a thing or two. The possibilities of creating of what you perceived is real are infinite. One’s imagination is put to test and I believe that knowledge widens just with art of reading.
  14. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

  15. musculardanger

    musculardanger New Member

    I most of the time prefer to watch movie than to read books. I'm a visual learner , so I got entertained most often with moving pictures. In books , you made yourself as the director of the story and your imagination is the limit. I love to read books , however I got easily tired of moving my eyes from left to right and top to bottom. I always feel a dull moments. Unlike watching movies that are all package. You will really appreciate the characters , effects , sound tracks and everything on it that made it perfect.
  16. chellay

    chellay New Member

    I love to do both because in reading books have an obvious advantage when it comes to details. You see what you want to, your imagination opens up. On the other hand, there are movies that are successful in bringing the very essence of the book to screen. It is an exhilarating experience to watch your loved book coming to life on a big screen.
  17. jack18

    jack18 Member

    I want Reading a book boosts your imagination . When I read a book, I have an idea of the features of the characters. I create my own person based on the details given by the author. I do not get that freedom while watching the movies. I am forced to accept the character as portrayed by the actors .
  18. russell

    russell New Member

    I prefer watching than reading books, until now I hate to read, I easily got tired and fell sleep without notice, that's why I didn't excel at school during my schools days even in college. I rather read comic books, I love pictures, helps me understand better. Books are not for me, I prefer watching you tubes than reading blogs. I hate quiet environment, I got bored easily. Watching informative movies increase my learning capability, but reading books makes no sense to me. I do believe that reading is important, widens your imagination, good for the brain and makes you smarter, but that's not me, I'm an Asian, and most of the books were written in English. It's hard to comprehend if it's not your first language. I can easily understand the language with a visual aid. People have different styles in learning, but what is important is you learn no matter if you read or watch.
  19. schesison

    schesison New Member

    Well for me, I prefer reading than watching because in movies there some parts of the story that is not there anymore. Specially in books which is written in series. They're might not be that important but it is still a part of the story line. It might be a small piece of the story but it is still the story everyone is watching, so I highly recommend for you guys to read books than watching movies. Aside from blurred eyes there are a lot of sickness you can get from watching.
  20. Im into watching because its more easy to understand and more visualize. When it comes in details its reading its because it can content the originality on it.
  21. DavidusCicero

    DavidusCicero New Member

    It depends for me I guess. I saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie and right after started to read all four plus one parts of the trilogy – and not only because of the humor but I really wondered why in that one scene Ford exclaims "Belgium!" instead of some regular profanity. Attention to details instead of adding yet another silly explosion.

    On the other hand, reading the first few parts of Harry Potter and then seeing the first movie killed all my interest in the franchise. Similar with the Walking Death… conceptually I should really like the show due to the story, but I much prefer the few comics I have read (and the telltale games) as there is less action-packed visual distraction.
  22. janisdeleon

    janisdeleon New Member

    I prefer reading since books can bring us to places and situations that movies can't. Let's just take the Harry Potter series of books and movies. When you immerse yourself in the books first then watch the movies, you will get a little bit disappointed since a lot of the scenes in the books, the movies were not able to capture. Our imaginations are able to bring us further than any movie production can. And reading is more beneficial to your brain than movie watching is.
  23. Dimple012

    Dimple012 New Member

    For me I prefer to watch movies than to read. Because you don't need to imagine, you will see the scene in the story. The movies is summarize, you don't need to read a long story. By this way everything will end faster. You will know the full story in just an hour, unlike when you read, it will take about one week.
  24. AiMisaki

    AiMisaki New Member

    I honestly don't know what to choose. Reading a book can make your imagination work and at the same entertains you. Books have so much information and it is more complete than movies. Because there are some cases that, there are some scenarios in a book that does not show in a movie. On the other hand, movies is much more entertaining, you're able to see the real actions and hear sounds and in here you don't really have to imagine the entire story 'cause it's right in front of you and you'll understand the story well just by watching it.
  25. Jmaxwell

    Jmaxwell New Member

    I like watching than reading. Reading requires a bit more of your concentration, making it sometimes difficult to entertain yourself. So funny it might sound, but this has been the in some of the books I read.
  26. c.k.sarkar

    c.k.sarkar New Member

    i like watching than reading because reading need contraction while watching does not need contraction hence i prefer to be watching than reading
  27. anvidal

    anvidal New Member

    I prefer reading than watching movie. Reading makes yourself to think , imagine and analyze. In other words, it is a work out for brain. Studies shows that there are benefits of reading, one is to prevent memory loss and prevent depression. Reading relaxes you.
  28. babyheart

    babyheart New Member

    I believe that reading a book improves brain activity and encourage a lot of imagination, even the smallest detail is described in writing, however I prefer watching a movie rather than reading a book because of the visual and sound effects created to make the movie realistic. Imagine watching a movie with surround speakers, 3D effect and a big screen, you can see every details (because visualization is a must) and hear everything thus feeling the entire movie as if you're physically there.
    And most of all, if you don't have the luxury of time to read the entire book although you really wanted to, then watching the movie for an hour or two would be the best alternative :)
  29. huangkoshu

    huangkoshu New Member

    I prefer to read than watch. Reading and watching uses the same eyes. But I think by reading, you are really putting much attention to what you are reading. You read so that you will understand and learn. Reading books or any documents requires time and attention.

    Watching television or movies can make you passive. You can just sit and watch. This is good if you like to rest. You can watch a lot of movies and relax. You can also learn many things in watching.

    The best habit in reading is reading of the word of God. Its an exercise to our eyes. But most of all we can exercise our faith through it. I hope that we take time to read it. I love it very much!
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  30. jeffreyjose48

    jeffreyjose48 New Member

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