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Discussion in 'Books' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1.  James E

    James E New Member

    That depends on the genre. For example, in my opinion, action sequences are better seen than read. For other genres, I prefer to read the original work since it has some details or segments that are usually left out of the adaptation due to time or monetary reasons.
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  2. Jonathan A. Velasco

    Jonathan A. Velasco New Member

    I Choose Watch Because I love Watching Movies Very Entertaining to me, Also I Love Comedy movies Every Day I Watching Movies I Feel More Better I'm Happy to Watching I Don't Know Why, Since I'm Eleven Years of age until now, Many Movies That I can watch is a True story from Real Life, But Sometimes From Fairytails or From imagination from Creators Mine, But Still I love To Watch Very Interesting, Enjoying. Addicting, Intense at All Good satisfaction Rate One Hundred Percent I Love Watching I'm Happy it's Real From My Heart, Watch is Life.
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  3. geraldrimula

    geraldrimula New Member

    i prefer to watch movie than reading books. Why? because my eyes become blurred after long time of reading and it is not my passion to read books. n watching movie you will be entertained much more because of the nice film.
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  4. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    If we are talking about the same story, I would like to watch it first, then, read the story on a book. What I see in the movie greatly helps in visualizing what I read in the book. I actually tried reading the story on a book first and watched the movie afterwards, I became disappointed because I knew something should've happened or something shouldn't have skipped.
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  5. jannah

    jannah New Member

    For me, I prefer to watch movies because in watching movies you can see the real characters acting to their roles and you can understand the stories easily. :)
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  6. mlfreya01

    mlfreya01 New Member

    For me I prefer to read because when I read I can really understand what is the meaning of the book. But when I am watching sometimes I can't really understand what is happening to a scene especially when I can't hear anything. In reading, you can fully understand a chapter or a scene because you can repeat it endlessly. You can also read where ever you are if you have your book with you. While reading, you can also imagine the things that you are reading which can improve and enlarge your imagination.
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  7. alphamer

    alphamer New Member

    I personally prefer watching the movie only because it just takes about two hours to complete it. But when it comes to some classic stories such as Harry potter series or Fifty shades, I think reading the book would be much interesting as its so indulging. Reading gives a completely different perspective and the characters that we build in our head are someone that we can relate to. Whereas in movies, we just watch and there is no such imagination involved.

    Usually with a busy lifestyle one would prefer to just watch the movie and has no time to read books.
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  8. Jaylaw

    Jaylaw New Member

    Because reading for me can reduce stress by allowing you to enter a literary world away from the anxieties of your own life. Reading can also physically relax by reducing heart rate and soothing tension in your muscles.
    Reading throughout your life is linked to stronger brain health in old age and can slow down the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia.
  9. gtdoss

    gtdoss New Member

    One thing I find extremely frustrating is when a character is miscast in a movie, especially if I've already read the book. That being said, I much prefer reading books to watching movies or TV shows, because the book scenarios and characters in my imagination are much more interesting than any scenarios or characters in a movie or a TV show. You see, my imagination is very flexible and conditioned solely for me, whereas in the acted-out media, I'm trying to fit my mind around someone else's idea of how a character or scene would look or sound like. So although I do enjoy the occasional movie or TV show, I save my true love for books!
  10. ramraechel26

    ramraechel26 New Member

    I don't think they're comparable. Reading and watching engages different aspects of someone's way of thinking, don't you think? When asked what I prefer, it will definitely depend on various things, such as my mood, location and the weather. It's not something that I can generalize, put in black and white. A lot of variables has to be considered to enjoy each of these activities respectively. Don't you ever have that feeling when you wake up, you see the bright morning of day and feel that it's a day for reading? A day to engage your mind into creating vivid pictures in your head while you read written masterpieces. Then there's those times when you just feel like you could lay on the couch all day, with a video streaming app in front of you so you can just turn off your thinking screws and let a movie or a series feed you with moving pictures instead. However, as to what's more beneficial, I'd say reading. Simply because it wakes your imagination up and let's you be the master of your own story: written by someone else but definitely directed by you in your head.

    I guess in the end (despite all my bickering), I prefer reading my stories instead of watching them. I never experience the fulfillment that I feel after finishing a book when I finish a TV show or a movie. I suppose the time you invested in it counts for that feeling. Whatever you choice is, I encourage everyone to read more. Maybe it'll wake your imagination too.
  11. ramraechel26

    ramraechel26 New Member

    I definitely get where you're coming from! I understand that movies and TV shows tend to sway from the original story to make way for production and such (something I'm not qualified to comment on), but I have learned to avoid live adaptations of books I have read and loved so I won't have to hold a grudge over something in general. There are times though when your interest is piqued as to how they will portray the characters you envisioned. Sometimes you just want to see if someone got it the same way you did!

    Unfortunately to my friends, when I watch these adaptations, I become this annoying person who whispers "That's not how it happened in the book". It's extremely hard to stop myself. I can't force my friends to read more but I want to tell them that the story was originally made differently. I suppose it's to defend the author since getting a bad adaptation probably feels like blasphemy to the author.
  12. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I prefer reading than watching. Based on my personal observation and experience, I get emotionally attached to the characters as well as to the ideas when I read books. And it also test my patience when it comes to thoroughly understanding what I am reading. Like for me, English is not my first language. That's why I put much effort, time and attention to what I read.

    Apart from that, reading can also bring me peace of mind and allows my brain to rest even for a short period of time. Because it makes my mind focus on a certain thing which is what I am reading on that specific day or time. This also makes me remember important things in my everyday activities.
  13. pintado2001

    pintado2001 New Member

    The experience is just different. Sometimes I think a book ruins the film.

    So either I just watch or read but not both.
  14. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    It depends because there are individual merits to both.
  15. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    For me I prefer reading books than watching. Reading is very important to gain to knowledge.If you want to like reading books you can read daily. Watching TV is good to entertainment and enjoy. I love watching TV also.
  16. Samche

    Samche New Member

    I choose to reading books because there are so many ways to learn about reading.. knowledge,spelling,better writing skills,stress reliever,mental stimulation,so many benefits..watching tv. Is very good..too, can have a positive impact mostly on childrens. It can help them to change their behaviour and attitude in a pisitive way...
  17. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    I would always pick reading versus watching any time of the day. I believe that reading stimulates your brain more and widens your imagination. I advocate books more than the internet because kids nowadays learn through youtube but it would be really helpful if parents teach their kid to learn through books first before introducing the internet to them.

    Reading gives intricacy to the scene more than videos does. Take a book with a movie version. Read the book first before you watch the movie because you wouldn't get the same experience of reading every detail as to just watching it. Movies have a lot of limitation that books don't have. Let's teach the younger generation that books are still way better than cinematic versions of it.
  18. Dhanjit

    Dhanjit New Member

    First of all reading, a book and watching a movie are two completely different experiences. No matter what the story is, it depends on your own preferences. For example - when you read a book, you read the lines and then you create a slightly different imagination about what's the story is all about. There are often things between the lines and finding it gives immense pleasure. On the other hand, watching a movie with one of your favourites actors playing the role is a different kind of happiness. Yes, it is true that when a movie is made from a novel or a book, it tends to erase the minor details to complete it in a limited time. Basically, it is a decision that has to be made by the individual whether to read the book or watch the movie. I personally believe that both have their own ways of keeping an individual glued to it. And yes, neither every book has been turned into a movie nor every movie has a book. So there are many different aspects of the experience, exploring it is the actual thrill.
  19. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Originally Answered: Is reading a book better than watching a movie? ... Reading is more *cerebral* than watching a movie. ... Which option do you prefer: reading books or watching movies based on them
  20. Akirekire27

    Akirekire27 New Member

    I prefer to read that watching. Although, I love both. It's just that... when I'm reading, It's like I'm experiencing it firsthand. It's like, I'm the character. I'm the leading character! Not like when you're watching, there's an actress, so you can't imagine yourself to be the character. Instead, you're just admiring the portrayer. Also, in book, everything's fresh and original. It's what the author originally written. Unlike, in movies, directors needed to put away some scenes because of lack of budget, lack of equipment for that scene to happen. In my own experience also, I like to imagine my own leading partner. The face, the body, the appeal, how the author describe him/her. Books are a lot deeper than movies. Sometimes they took away scenes that are very important or the readers actually like in books but did not happen in movies. It's like you've open a new journey when you're reading a book, you're taking a beautiful and long journey. It's like an open door, waiting for you to come inside, you don't know what's gonna happen, what to expect, what the characters look like.
  21. Mikejanis

    Mikejanis New Member

    for now I love watching now because I have no books to read now my dog eat it and scattered that's why I wanna kill my lovely dog.
  22. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    For me I like to peruse in light of the fact that when I read I can truly comprehend what is the significance of the book. In any case, when I am observing some of the time I can't generally comprehend what's going on to a scene particularly when I can't hear anything. In understanding, you can completely comprehend a part or a scene since you can rehash it perpetually. You can likewise peruse any place you are in the event that you have your book with you. While understanding, you can likewise envision the things that you are perusing which can improve and grow your creative energy.
  23. peterpaulo

    peterpaulo New Member

    I used to watch TV news and a few interesting programs before going to bed. But advertising has become so frequent and lengthy that the TV has become unwatchable. I have started to read books instead. Our library provides a way of ordering books available from any library in the state (Michigan), and life is now far more pleasant than watching lengthy adverstisment on TV's.
  24. Daisy13

    Daisy13 New Member

    I prefer to read than to watch reading is more exciting than reading specially when I am reading my favourite love story because reading makes you to imagine on your minds how story goes and how the characters on that story execute the happening and also you need to give effort on reading in the story and patient but its okay as long as I enjoyed reading.
  25. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    It depends on my mood. If I am drinking coffee or tea to unwind, I prefer to read. But if I just want to lay my back and rest, watching is the best for me.
  26. Maammitch

    Maammitch New Member

    I'm sorry but to be honest I'm not a fun of reading books. I prefer to watch movies because I love watching movies. It helps me to be more engage in the story and to relate more since I'm an audio-visual person.
  27. Rudy2

    Rudy2 New Member

    Personally, it depends. I liked reading the hunger games trilogy but the movies felt underwhelming.
  28. Jflower

    Jflower New Member

    I prefer to read. Reading stimulates the brain function and enhance the memory. It allows me to have better writing skills and I acquire more knowledge. My vocabulary will expand, which results helps me to develop better writing skills, among many other benefits. It relaxes me and thereby, my stress reduction kicks in place. On the other hand, watching movies can result in a good laugh, which is also good, or hanging out with family and friends. From my point of view, I love to read instead of watching movies because of the quality and quantity of perks I achieve in doing so.
  29. boopbutter

    boopbutter New Member

    I prefer reading because it's peaceful and quiet but it's hard to find time because college really takes up too much of my time.
  30. Lhits

    Lhits Member

    Most of the time books are better than movies. Books can let you imagine the setting or events happening in the story. They are also more detailed than movies because movies sometimes leave out some important details. ... When reading books, we get more knowledge and it helps us improve our vocabulary

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